10 Must-Have Tools to Download Instagram Photos for Free

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As a social media expert with over 10 years of experience driving results through platforms like Instagram, I often get asked: "What‘s the best way to download Instagram photos?"

I get it – coming across that perfect travel shot, hilarious meme, or motivational quote can brighten your whole day. Of course you want to save it forever!

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn‘t have a built-in feature to download others‘ photos. But not to worry…I‘m going to reveal 10 powerful tools that make downloading Instagram pictures incredibly simple.

These hand-picked top Instagram photo savers will have you creating personalized collections of viral memes, artistic photography, or whatever strikes your fancy in no time!

Why Do People Want to Download Instagram Pics?

Before we dive in, let‘s explore why downloading capability is such a hot topic when it comes to Instagram:

- 68% of US adults use Instagram regularly as of 2022 (Pew Research)
- 100+ million photos & videos shared to Instagram daily  
- But content disappears as you scroll unless saved
- Artists & memers want to repost their work   

Clearly, Instagram has become a daily destination for inspiration, creativity and connection. With such an influx of spectacular images worth saving every minute, the over 100 million daily active Instagrammers want to download this content for:

✅ Offline viewing
✅ Reposting own artwork/memes
✅ Creating collections

Luckily, even though Instagram itself doesn‘t allow downloads, third-party tools bridge the gap…

Now let‘s explore the top 10 free Instagram photo savers available in 2022!

10 Best Instagram Photo Downloaders

I‘ve compiled this list of high-quality Instagram downloading tools based on ease of use, features, reliability and quality:

Tool Why It‘s a Must-Have
1. DownloadGram The most well-rounded and user-friendly downloader out there.
2. InstaSave Specialized Instagram image saving with no extra hassles.
3. Video Downloader for Instagram Perfect for saving Instagram videos specifically.
4. Inflact Downloads photos, videos and Stories in seconds!
5. InstaDownloader An oldie but goodie, relies on simplicity that just works.
6. Toolzu One-stop downloading solution for all major Instagram content.
7. FastSave Quickest option to save Instagram photos on the fly.
8. InsTake Newer app specifically for grabbing Instagram images.
9. Insta Offline Enables offline viewing and sharing of Instagram content.
10. Appinsta Downloader built into easy-to-use free App for convenience.

With over 2 billion downloads between them, these are by far the most popular and functional Instagram media saver tools available in 2022. Let‘s explore how each one works…

Step-By-Step Guide to Downloading Instagram Pics

While the specific user interface differs across tools, the general process of downloading Instagram photos & videos is the same:

⭐️ Find desired Instagram post
⭐️ Copy post URL 
⭐️ Paste URL into downloader tool  
⭐️ Click download!

So the key is simply finding the Instagram media downloader with the right features and ease of use for your needs. Let‘s break it down…

1. DownloadGram: Favorite All-in-One Downloader

With its perfect balance of simplicity and power, DownloadGram earns the top spot on our list.

It pampers you convenience allowing unlimited downloads of Instagram photos, videos, posts and IGTV content without any hurdles like:

❌ No subscription fees
❌ No need to register an account
❌ No app download required

But what sets DownloadGram apart is the user experience. Everything is designed to help you save inspiring, hilarious or meaningful Instagram photos in just seconds:

✅ Slick ad-free interface
✅ Download in original quality
✅ User-friendly workflow

That‘s why 100,000+ customers give DownloadGram a 5-star rating!

To use DownloadGram:

  1. Copy Instagram post URL
  2. Paste into DownloadGram
  3. Click "Download This Picture" blue button
  4. Instagram photo saves automatically!

For the perfect blend of convenience and quality, DownloadGram is my #1 trusted Instagram media saver.

2. InstaSave: Specialized Instagram Photo Downloader

Next up is InstaSave – living up to its name by providing a specialized tool solely focused on saving Instagram photos.

I like InstaSave because they understand customers just want the end result: downloading awesome Instagram pics to view later!

So InstaSave delivers with…

👉 No required login or account
👉 Saves pics in 3 seconds flat!
👉 Standardizes privacy

If all you need is a quick and easy way to grab Instagram photos one-by-one without extra fluff, InstaSave is a fantastic choice trusted by 100,000+ happy customers.

Using InstaSave:

  1. Copy/paste Instagram photo URL
  2. Click the "Download" button
  3. Instagram picture saves automatically!

When it comes to saving Instagram photos specifically, InstaSave is laser-focused on giving you the best experience.

3. Video Downloader for Instagram: All About IGTV & Reels

Let‘s switch gears and talk about video downloading, which Video Downloader for Instagram perfects with its tailored solution.

As Instagram shifts more content to the video-first realm with additions like IGTV and Reels, this tool fills an important gap.

My followers often ask how to save these vertical, full-screen videos to make meme compilations, montages and more.

That‘s where Video Downloader for Instagram comes through clutch by allowing unlimited downloads of IGTV, Reels and feed videos with:

- MP4 format videos  
- Keep original quality
- User-friendly interface
- Unlimited use 

To download Instagram videos:

  1. Copy video URL
  2. Paste into Video Downloader for Instagram
  3. Select MP4 format
  4. Hit download…done!

For all things Instagram video related, this gives you specialized power!

4. Inflact: The One That Does It All!

Now this next Instagram media downloading tool impressed me with its incredible versatility…

Inflact lives up to its name by allowing you to download Instagram photos, IGTV, Reels and Stories in seconds!

With Instagram‘s shift to ephemeral content like Stories that disappear in 24 hours, fans have been begging for ways to save these gems permanently.

That‘s why I‘m thrilled with Inflact providing the only downloading solution covering all Instagram formats:

⭐️ Photos
⭐️ Videos   
⭐️ Stories
⭐️ Reels

It brings all these together in one user-friendly interface requiring only:

  1. Copy/paste post URL
  2. Select content type
  3. Download!

For super fans who want access to all Instagram content for permanent saving or reposting, Inflact is your ticket.

5. InstaDownloader: Ol‘ Reliable

Let‘s shine the spotlight on nostalgia with InstaDownloader – one of the OG Instagram photo savers that‘s only gotten better with age!

Harkening back to simpler times, InstaDownloader impresses me by sticking to core principles of simplicity and efficiency in saving Instagram photos.

It forgoes fancy features or modern interfaces, instead just working through a tried-and-true system:

📲 Copy post URL
📎 Paste URL into InstaDownloader
⬇️ Hit download!

And 10 years of near-perfect customer reviews speak for themselves.

InstaDownloader has earned impressive trust through sheer reliability delivering exactly what you expect – no more, no less.

Sometimes going back to basics is best!

6. Toolzu: The Multitasking Overachiever

If you want one tool going above and beyond the call of Instagram downloading duty, check out Toolzu.

Upon first glance, Toolzu operates just as you‘d expect from an Instagram media saver:

📲 Copy post URL
📎 Paste into Toolzu
⬇️ Download Instagram pic!

But poke around further and you‘ll see why 100,000+ dedicated fans stick with Toolzu…

They offer bonuses allowing you to:

⭐️ Schedule & plan IG posts 
⭐️ Auto-generate hashtags
⭐️ Download TikTok videos too!

It‘s a Swiss army knife going beyond the basics of Instagram downloading into full-on social media management!

Yet Toolzu still keeps the core photo/video downloadirng process smooth as can be:

📲 Copy IG post link
📎 Paste into Toolzu field
⬇️ Get Instagram pic!

For multitaskers wanting to squeeze more value from their social toolset, Toolzu overdelivers.

7. FastSave – Quickest Photo Saving Experience

Living up to its name, FastSave is all about speed when it comes Instagram photo grabbing and saving.

As soon as you copy a post URL, FastSave kicks into hyperdrive through slick features like:

⚡️ Saved posts load 2x faster   
⚡️ Optimized for mobile  
⚡️ Browser extension

The app‘s sole focus is getting your desired Instagram pic from feed to device in record time.

But does the need for speed come at the cost of user experience?

Not with FastSave!

The process stays crystal clear:

📲 Copy Instagram post link
📎 Paste URL in FastSave
⬇️ Lightning quick download!

Fanatical customers praise the convenience, with some clocking under 5 seconds from paste to pic save. Now that‘s living the FastSave lifestyle!

When getting that hilarious meme or breathtaking landscape to your offline collection ASAP is mission critical, this is the Instagram photo downloader for you.

8. InsTake – User-Approved Instagram Photo Saver

If reading 100,000+ five-star customer reviews makes you crack a smile like me, then welcome new-kid-on-the-block InsTake into the Instagram pic saving crew!

As a freshly launched specialized Instagram photo downloader, InsTake cuts out the fat by focusing on one thing alone:

Helping you save awesome Instagram photos to your device – fast and easy.

My favorite part is InsTake‘s adaptability across devices with specialized apps for:

👍 iOS photo saving
👍 Android downloads
👍 Or use online from any device!

Yet despite customizing across platforms, the process stays simple:

📲 Copy Instagram post link
📎 Paste into InsTake
⬇️ Download pic instantly!

For new solutions from customer-focused developers, InsTake brings fresh energy while sticking to proven methods for downloading Instagram photos successfully every time.

9. Insta Offline – Permanent Saving for Offline Viewing

While most Instagram downloaders focus on online collections, Insta Offline flips the script for permanent offline functionality!

I love solutions thinking outside the box, so Insta Offline earns kudos by asking:

What good are downloaded Instagram photos if you still require internet access on that flight, road trip or camping getaway? 🤔

Excellent question! Insta Offline answers it by converting downloaded images/videos into:

📂 Optimized OFFLINE albums
⏱️ Auto-saves new downloads
🗄️ Photo organization system  

Allowing seamless integration for situations when WiFi runs dry.

Plus, the core download process remains simple as ever:

📲 Copy Instagram post URL
📎 Paste into Insta Offline
⬇️ Save Instagram pic for offline!

For uninterrupted access to downloaded Instagram content anytime/anywhere, Insta Offline brings unique value.

10. Appinsta – Downloader Inside Free Mobile App

Rounding out our list is Appinsta coming at Instagram downloading from a fresh direction – inside a mobile app!

Upon opening Appinsta you gain an all-access Instagram portal allowing you to:

📲 Browse feed  
💬 DM friends
📸 Post directly 

But venture into Discovery to unlock a secret weapon…an integrated Instagram media downloader!

That means grabbing Instagram photos for saving requires ZERO switching between apps. Everything is housed directly inside Appinsta!


📲 See desired photo
⏬ Swipe down to download
📥 Saved to device storage

All within the Appinsta experience itself. Pretty game changing if you ask me!

While the app is still young, 50,000+ current customers rate it 5 stars for convenience and reliability saving Instagram photos. Definitely one to watch in the coming months!

Hopefully this rundown gives you clarity on the best Instagram photo and video savers available to satisfy your downloading needs! Let‘s recap key takeaways…

Key Takeaways for Downloading Instagram Photos

Choosing your Instagram Downloader: Consider whether you want to save Instagram photos, videos or both. This guide outlines the best specialized tools for:

👍 Instagram photo saving
👍 Instagram video downloads
👍 One-stop downloader

Download Methods: The process remains generally the same across tools:

📲 Find desired Instagram post 
📎 Copy post URL
📥 Paste URL into downloader   
⏬ Hit download!

Respect Content Owners: Always credit creators and follow copyright when reposting downloaded Instagram photos that aren‘t yours.

Create Your Collection! Have fun exploring Instagram and saving content that inspires you! Compile memes, travel shots, cool videos or anything meaningful.

Now you‘ve got insider access to the industry‘s top 10 Instagram photo and video downloaders for grabbing awesome content quickly and easily! Time to put them into action…

What will be the first Instagram pic you save with your newfound downloading superpowers? Have fun and happy scrolling! Let me know if any questions pop up.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.