How to Drop a Pin in Google Maps [2023] – The Ultimate Guide for Tech-Savvy Users

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As a data analyst and GPT expert who loves exploring new technologies, I constantly use Google Maps dropped pins to navigate, share locations, discover nearby spots and more. So I‘m excited to provide an in-depth guide to mastering pin drops in Google Maps!

What is a Dropped Pin in Google Maps?

A dropped pin is an icon (đź“Ť) that allows you to mark any customized location on the Google Maps interface. Once placed, pins unlock a myriad of helpful features:

  • Navigation to and from pinned spots
  • Finding nearby restaurants, attractions, businesses, etc.
  • Adding custom labels for organizing your pins
  • Sharing pin locations with friends, social networks, etc.
  • Saving pins to easily revisit favorite map points
  • And much more!
Google Maps dropped pin screenshot
A Google Maps dropped pin example (image credit:

As a passionate Google Maps user for years, I find dropped pins invaluable for trip planning, meeting up with friends, exploring new areas, marking parking spots, and endless other use cases. They make Google Maps much more personalized and powerful.

Next, let‘s dive into easily dropping pins in Google Maps on desktop and mobile.

How to Drop a Pin in Google Maps

Placing a pin is simple whether you‘re using a desktop browser or phone/tablet app.

Dropping a Pin on Desktop

  1. Go to
  2. Search for a location in the search bar, or pan and zoom the map to your desired area.
  3. Hover over the exact point where you want your pin, then click once. A red pin drop icon will appear.
Dropping a pin on the desktop Google Maps website
Pin-dropping on desktop Google Maps (credit:

Dropping a Pin on Mobile

  1. Open the Google Maps app on your iPhone, Android phone, tablet, etc.
  2. Search for a place or navigate the map to your chosen spot.
  3. Long press on the exact location you want to pin until the red pin icon pops up.
Dropping a pin on the Google Maps mobile app
Placing a pin on mobile Google Maps (credit:

And it‘s as simple as that! The pin will remain visible on your map until deleted. Now let‘s explore what you can do with dropped pins.

Saving Your Pins for Later

By default, pins are temporary and will disappear when you close Google Maps. But with just a few quick taps, you can save pins for easy access later:

On Desktop:

  • Click "Save" next to your pinned location
  • Choose to store it in "Favorites", "Want To Go", "Starred Places" or a custom list

On Mobile:

  • Tap the "Save" icon below the pin
  • Select which saved pin list(s) you want to add it to
  • Hit "Done" at the top right to finish saving
Saving a Google Maps dropped pin for later access
Saving a pin in Google Maps (credit:

Saved pins sync across logged-in devices and are accessible anytime in "Your Places" » "Saved". This makes revisiting favorite destinations or continuing trip planning a breeze.

Pro tip: Make custom saved pin lists like "Favorite Hikes", "Weekend Trips", "Kid Activities" to keep organized.

Sharing Pin Locations

Pins also enable seamlessly sharing locations with friends, social networks, and anyone else:

On desktop, click "Share" by the pin and copy the URL to text, email, etc.

On mobile, tap Share and send the pin directly via text, email, social media apps and more. Recipients can tap the link or open it in Google Maps to see your exact marked spot.

Sharing a Google Maps dropped pin location
Sharing a pin location with others (credit:

I often use location sharing to guide friends to where we‘re meeting up, recommend local spots, coordinate while traveling, and more. The possibilities are endless!

Adding Custom Labels for Organization

For easy reference, you can tag your pins with customized labels:

On Desktop:

  1. Click "Add a label" below your pin
  2. Type your desired label name
  3. Press enter to save

On Mobile:

  1. Tap the "Label" icon
  2. Enter your custom label name
  3. Tap "Add label" to save

Labels sync across your Google account and make pins easily searchable later under "Your places".

Adding a custom label to a Google Maps pin
A custom map pin label for easy reference (credit:

I love getting creative with labels to mark favorite restaurants, hiking trail waypoints, parking spots, and personal notes about locations. The possibilities are endless!

Discovering Nearby Places

One of my favorite pin features is discovering restaurants, attractions, businesses and other nearby points of interest.

After dropping a pin:

On Desktop:

  • Click "Nearby" » "Restaurants" (or other category) to populate map pins
  • Click any pin for more details like reviews, hours, streetview, etc.

On Mobile:

  • Swipe up the menu from the bottom
  • Tap "Restaurants" or other category to populate pins
  • Tap any pin, then "Details" to view more information
Searching for nearby restaurants based on a Google Maps dropped pin
Finding nearby restaurants from a pinned location (credit:

I love leveraging this to uncover new spots in unfamiliar neighborhoods, find pitstops during road trips, or locate attractions near my destination. The possibilities are amazing!

Getting Directions To or From Pins

Pins also enable quick and easy directions to/from any location:

On Desktop:

  1. Right click on your pin
  2. Choose "Directions To Here" or "Directions From Here"
  3. Enter your starting or ending point in the search bar
  4. View route options

On Mobile:

  1. Tap the pin and hit "Directions"
  2. Select "To Here" or "From Here"
  3. Enter your other location
  4. View route recommendations
Getting directions from a Google Maps dropped pin location
Getting directions to or from a pinned spot (credit:

I use pinned directions to navigate to saved parking spots, route myself to pinned landmarks when traveling, guide visitors to events, and endless other use cases.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Here are some power user tips for mastering dropped pins:

  • Find coordinates: Right click a pin on desktop or tap it on mobile to see the latitude and longitude. As a data geek, I love this for capturing exact points!

  • Measure distance: Right click and drag a pin to another point to see the mileage. Handy for travel planning.

  • Voice commands: Say "drop a pin" to place one hands-free on your phone. Great when navigating or exploring.

  • Embeddable maps: Generate a shareable map with pre-pinned points for websites, events, businesses etc. I use this for my blog and presentations.

  • Shared maps: Collaborate by having friends/family drop pins on custom Google Maps for trip planning, house hunting etc. Really helps coordinate!

  • Compare to Apple: Apple Maps has pins too, but lacks Google‘s expansive discovery features and data around pins. I greatly prefer Google‘s robust ecosystem.

  • Troubleshoot issues: If pins aren‘t working, check location services, update the app, clear cache and reopen. Tech tricks of the trade!

Recent Google Maps Pin Updates

Google is continuously improving pinned locations, with recent new features like:

  • Saved pins automatically organizing by proximity on a map
  • Enhanced AR Live View directions using pins
  • Restaurant wait times and takeout/delivery details on pin listings
  • Indoor venue maps with pins in airports, malls etc.

And much more. I‘m excited to see Google Maps pins gain even smarter capabilities soon!

Use Cases for Dropped Pins

Pins have so many helpful applications beyond navigation, like:

  • Marking parking spots in unfamiliar areas
  • Planning trips and destinations in advance
  • Meeting up with friends confidently at crowded events
  • Remembering favorite restaurants, cafes, sights etc.
  • Exploring and learning new neighborhoods
  • Logging hiking trails, fishing spots, biking routes etc.
  • Sharing travel tips, warnings, recommendations in groups
  • Researching areas and real estate when house hunting
  • Ordering food delivery to exact park/beach spots, buildings etc.
  • Setting location-based reminders for errands, tasks, etc.

I‘m constantly discovering new ways to utilize Google Maps pins in my daily life. They‘re invaluable!

Accessibility Features

Google Maps offers helpful pin accessibility options like:

  • Voice commands to place pins hands-free
  • Text-to-speech reading of pin details and directions
  • High contrast modes for improved visibility
  • Increasing pin icon size
  • Braille display compatibility

I always appreciate technology that empowers users with disabilities. Check your device settings to customize accessibility needs.


As a Google Maps expert and avid user, dropped pins are an indispensable feature that enhance my navigation, discovery, location sharing and more. With this in-depth guide, you can now master pin placements like a pro too!

Key takeaways:

  • Pin placing is simple on desktop and mobile
  • Save pins to revisit favorite destinations later
  • Share pinned spots with friends and social networks
  • Add custom labels for easy organization
  • Discover nearby attractions and route directions
  • Use pins for everything from travel to daily errands

So get out there and explore your city, guide friends to hidden gems, plan adventures, and unlock the full potential of Google Maps with dropped pins! Let me know if you have any other pin tips and tricks to share!

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