Escape Simulator Gold Chamber Walkthrough

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Welcome rookie escapers! I‘m Dan the Escape Guru here to guide you through the mystifying Gold Chamber in Escape Simulator. This exotic Egyptian tomb is filled with complex puzzles and priceless artifacts just waiting to be discovered.

With my expert tips and step-by-step walkthrough, you‘ll collect all 5 golden artifacts and earn your escape mastery in no time. Grab your thinking cap, put on your puzzle-solving pants, and let‘s get escaping!

Overview of the Gold Chamber

The Gold Chamber is the third room in Escape Simulator‘s popular Labyrinth of Egypt series. As an intermediate room, it ramps up the puzzle difficulty and introduces new mechanics like counting and moving parts.

Here‘s a quick overview of the room:

  • 5 golden artifacts to find: the Ankh, Goat, Chalice, Bird, and Anubis
  • Logical but tricky puzzles involving combinations, counting, and pattern-matching
  • Helpful in-game hints available with cooldown periods
  • Gorgeous Egyptian-themed art and sound design for immersion
  • Approximately 30-45 minutes average completion time

Your goal is to locate and collect the 5 special artifacts by solving puzzles throughout the chamber. Once you have all the pieces, you can unlock the exit and escape!

Now let‘s dive into each puzzle step-by-step. I‘ll provide images and clear instructions so even first-timers can conquer this room like a pro.

Step-by-Step Gold Chamber Walkthrough

Follow along carefully with these steps to find all hidden items and beat every puzzle:

1. Ankh Artifact

The Ankh is the first artifact and the easiest to get.

  • Head to the right side of the room
  • You‘ll see a large vase on the ground and a wall switch higher up
  • Drag the vase directly underneath the switch until the vase shatters
  • Inside the broken vase is the Ankh – pick it up to collect the first artifact!

Player dragging the vase under the switch

2. Goat Artifact

For this one, you‘ll need to flex your counting skills.

  • Under the hint button are 3 pyramids of different sizes
  • Count the number of stone bubbles on each pyramid:
    • Small pyramid has 7 bubbles
    • Medium pyramid has 8 bubbles
    • Large pyramid has 3 bubbles
  • Take those numbers to the pyramid combination lock next to the hint button
  • Enter the code 783 and the lock will open
  • Collect the golden Goat artifact inside!

Pyramid clue and combination lock

3. Chalice Artifact

The Chalice requires finding a well-hidden key.

  • Go to the moving chest and look underneath it
  • You‘ll see a metal pin stuck in the ground – click it
  • A small container will open up – collect the chest key inside
  • Use the key to open the chest on the opposite side of the room
  • Grab the golden Chalice artifact from the unlocked chest!

Collecting the chest key

4. Bird Artifact

This one involves pattern-matching symbols.

  • Examine the sides of the moving chest
  • Note the pairs of symbols that are grouped together
  • Enter those 3 symbol pairs into the circle combination lock above the chest:
    • Container w/ triangle + Bird
    • Leg + Owl
    • Bowl + Lion
  • Collect the chest key from the opened lock
  • Use the key on the moving chest
  • Retrieve the shiny Bird artifact inside!

Unlocking chest by matching symbols

5. Anubis Artifact

For the final artifact, count the following:

  • Look inside the moving chest
  • Count the number of each colored gem:
    • 2 blue gems
    • 5 gold gems
    • 3 red gems
  • Head to the colored gemstone lock
  • Enter the gem counts – 235 – to open it
  • Claim the ancient Anubis artifact from inside!

Counting colored gems puzzle

6. Two Anubis Switches

You‘re almost there! Now for the switches…

  • Locate the 2 Anubis statues in the corners
  • Check the red lines on each statue
  • Turn the left switch to the 4th line from the top
  • Turn the right switch to the 2nd line
  • This will make a statue holding a bowl rise up from the floor

Anubis statues with red line clues

7. Escape with the Artifacts!

Final step:

  • Place all 5 golden artifacts into the statue‘s bowl
  • The exit will unlock once all pieces are in place
  • Congrats, you‘ve collected everything and can now escape!

Whew, you made it! With all 5 artifacts in hand, you‘ve conquered every puzzle in the Gold Chamber. Well done, escapers!

Expert Tips for the Gold Chamber

After helping thousands of players, I‘ve picked up some pro-tips for making your Gold Chamber run smoother:

  • Take it slow – don‘t rush the counting puzzles, double check your numbers
  • Utilize in-game hints – stuck? Hints will nudge you in the right direction
  • Pay attention to details – look for small objects like pins, red lines, symbols
  • Solve chest puzzles first – this gives you keys needed for artifacts
  • Methodically search – scan the whole room so you don‘t miss key items
  • Stay organized – keep track of puzzle solutions and where you find items

Follow these tips and you‘ll escape like a champ!

Why Learn Gold Chamber Strategies?

You may be wondering – why spend time learning escape room tips and tricks? How does mastering rooms like the Gold Chamber help you?

Here are some key benefits:

  • Brain training – escape rooms exercise critical thinking and logic
  • Memory improvement – you‘ll need to remember clues and puzzle solutions
  • Reduced stress – puzzles provide engaging distraction from daily worries
  • Group bonding – cooperating with others builds relationships
  • Satisfaction – escaping gives you a sense of accomplishment

Beyond these personal growth perks, developing room mastery specifically in Escape Simulator also:

  • Allows you to earn medals on your profile by beating rooms without hints
  • Lets you climb the global leaderboards with faster completion times
  • Unlocks new rooms by gaining XP and completing achievements
  • Provides replayability since rooms are randomly generated

So by taking the time to learn escape strategies now, you‘ll reap rewards for both your mind and your gaming journey!

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I‘m Dan the Escape Guru, signing off for now. Keep stretching those puzzle-solving skills and happy escaping!


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