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30 Best Facebook Auto Likers in 2023 [Ultimate List]

Boost Your Facebook Engagement: A Review of the Most Effective Auto Liker Services for Facebook

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Have you wanted to have tons of likes for your Facebook posts? This article will guide you through the best places to get Facebook auto likes to promote your brand on Facebook.

Facebook Auto Likers are software whose aims are to boost your posts with likes and make it seem like many people have engaged with your posts. Although these Facebook auto likers may have other features such as commenting and sharing, their main aim is to feed a target post with as many likes as possible.

Facebook is a social media platform used by millions. It is a place where people post various kinds of stuff, such as videos and images. When you publish a post on the platform, the number of likes you can amass says a lot about your popularity on the platform. If you are not a notable individual on the platform, gaining likes and reactions on your published content may prove to be pretty difficult. That is one of the reasons why people resort to using auto likers to help increase their level of engagement. There are many of these tools available for use. Therefore, I have decided to share some of the best auto liker platforms that can help you get more likes on your Facebook posts. These sites are mentioned below in no particular order.

30 Best Facebook Auto Likers (Still Working)



4liker is one of the best Facebook auto likers that has been operating for many years now. With this auto liker, you will get a limitless number of Facebook likes on any published Facebook content of your choice. The site looks tidy and easy to navigate through with a great user interface. 4liker operates using the Access Token method, allowing it access to your Facebook account. Therefore, you will have to let it take charge of your account during the auto likes delivery process to work efficiently. Using 4liker will give you a maximum of 350 likes in one session.


Facebook Auto Likers for Hublaagram

Hublaa is another highly-rated free Facebook auto liker because you are guaranteed not to get any spamming activity. They will not make any move when they take charge of your Facebook account without your consent. And one good thing about using Hublaa is that you have much control over the likes you will be given.

You can select the location you want the likes to come from by activating the Geo targetting feature and specifying the number of likes you need. You can also get nice reactions to the Facebook content of your choice as well. With Hublaa, you can get over 350 likes in one go. This site also uses the Access token method to gain access to your account so that it can deliver your likes accordingly. You can get up to 15,000 auto likes by making a payment.


Facebook Auto Likers for Wefbee

Wefbee is said to be one of the best Facebook auto likers. One of the qualities that endear it to many is that it is fast to deliver likes and works efficiently. They have a couple of great features that you would hardly find in other Facebook auto likers. Wefbee gives a great number of likes options to choose from.

You can get posts likes, Facebook automatic reactions, comments likes page likes, status likes, Facebook auto follower, and more. Like the ones we have seen above, Wefbee is a free auto liker, and it also employs the Access Token method to deliver your preferences accordingly. Aside from its great features, Wefbee has an organized website that is easy to go through.


Facebook Auto Likers for Fbautoliker

Fbautoliker is just like Wefbee in many aspects. They have many features that you will find very interesting to use. They say that you don’t need to worry about spam as they are a spam-free site. The thousands of people who have used their services in the past are an indication that they are a reliable platform. With Fbautoliker, you can get around 350 likes in one session.

They have a unique notification feature that lets you know when you are eligible to go for another round. You can use other features aside from the regular Facebook likes they offer. You can get automatic comments, targeted likes, and more. This website also uses the Access Token method to obtain permission to access your Facebook account. They also have a downloadable app for Android devices.



If you hate complications, you will find Bugsliker very nice to use. They are a simple platform with a few features. This auto liker will give you likes from any location. Features common on other auto likers such as auto comments and geo-targeting are absent from this site.

If you are concerned with just getting Facebook auto likes, this site is good for you. They use the Access Token Method to gain access to your Facebook account like other auto likers we have seen thus far. With this auto liker, you will get up to 300 instant likes per session. If you want more likes, you can pay for it, and they will deliver. You can pay to get up to 50,000 Facebook likes at once. They also have a downloadable app for Android users.


Facebook Auto Likers for Fastliker

Fast Liker is one Facebook auto liker that will deliver your likes in an instant. This site comes with an Anti-block account feature. This means that your account can not be banned just for using their service. You will be required to let them access your Facebook account so that they can carry out your order effectively.

Fast Liker uses the Access Token method like others. However, you can easily restrict them from accessing your account whenever you want.



MachineLiker is another free Facebook auto liker that you can use to increase your engagement on your Facebook content. This site’s quality is that they are always working on upgrading their methods to keep up with Facebook’s constant changes.

For them to work with you, your account has to be 18+ because they have no hindrances as per content. MachineLiker has a premium version.



An Indian freelancer created Jioliker. It is another great option to get free Facebook auto likes. The only downside about using this site is that you can only get about 150 Facebook likes.

This will be only suitable for casual Facebook users. But if you are seriously promoting a brand on the social media platform, 150 likes will not really do much for you.



AutoLikesFree is a simple Facebook auto liker site that is based in Pakistan. This website operates like most of the other auto likers I have mentioned earlier. Although AutoLikesFree does not have many features that can make it stand out from the rest, it still does its activity efficiently.

Thus, if you want to make your post have some form of credibility with likes, using their free services will be helpful to you.



M-Autoliker is a Facebook auto liker that can provide you with likes as many as 500 on any Facebook post of your choice. They assure users that their activities won’t cause any harm to your account since they are not spammy. Aside from automatic likes, you can also obtain Facebook reactions of your choice.

To get you started, they will need to have access to your account so that they can deliver your requests accordingly. M-Autoliker says that they have helped many people gain exposure through their auto likes and other features and that millions love them.



FBAutoReactions is a Facebook auto liker app that only came into existence not too long ago. However, this does not mean they are inefficient in any way. I have seen a couple of people who used the platform and expressed satisfaction with the service they got. They have a good-looking website, and it is easy to navigate through.

Aside from auto likes, FBAutoReactions also offers other features such as reactions for Facebook content. They will need access to your Facebook account to operate well, which is pretty much the method of most Facebook auto liker services.



LikesGroup is one of the best Facebook auto likers on this list. Using their free services can get you up to 200 likes on any Facebook of your choice. This may look too small because you will require thousands of likes on your published content if you are promoting a business. Therefore, if you require more auto likes, you can pay, and LikesGroup will deliver them to your preferred Facebook destination. And like other auto likers, you will have to let them access your Facebook account so that they can deliver your order smoothly.

One good thing about LikesGroup is that they have a downloadable app compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. Their website is attractive, and you can easily navigate through it to get the information you want.



FBSearchIndex is an auto liker for Facebook that provides you with more than just auto likes. They can also provide you with fresh Facebook followers for your account and credible fans for your Facebook page. With FBSearchIndex, you will get a maximum of 125 likes on any Facebook post of your choice.

They also offer you around 35 fans for your Facebook page, and if you want new followers for your Facebook account, you can get up to 105 new followers. And as usual, these numbers will be too small for any brand that wants to catch the eye on Facebook. But I believe you can pay to get more of their services if you need them. I have seen a couple of customer reviews from those who have used their services in the past and judging by those, I believe they are worth their salt.


Facebook Auto Likers for FreeLiker

FreeLiker will provide you with other features such as Facebook comments aside from auto likes. This is a platform dedicated to providing free Facebook auto likes for users of the social media giant. If you want your posts to attain great status, you will find their free services very helpful.

You will find FreeLiker’s website user-friendly and simple to navigate through. They can help you get new followers on Facebook by posting in Facebook groups and pages.


With the services of, you can get as many as 350 likes on your Facebook post. And they do not provide auto likes only; you can also receive about 50 Facebook reactions at once. However, when using to improve your standings on Facebook, you can only get these free engagements on a single post for 15 minutes.

This means, after every 15 minutes, you can repeat the process to get more likes and reactions from them. This is very interesting. I believe that those operating normal Facebook accounts will find this platform’s free services very useful. To work effectively, you will need to grant them access to your Facebook account.

16. Auto Liker for Facebook 1.0 on Softpedia

Facebook Auto Likers for Auto Liker

Softpedia’s Auto Liker for Facebook 1.0 is another auto liker that can make your Facebook posts look attractive with free likes. This is auto liker is a downloadable app that you can install on your mobile device. And I am a bit surprised that their services are free.

Softpedia’s Auto Liker for Facebook 1.0 is an exe file which means you don’t need to worry about any virus attack. It will occasionally conduct scans to detect any bug infestation. Softpedia’s Auto Liker for Facebook 1.0 is one of the best free auto likers that anyone who wants to improve their Facebook post’s engagement level will find welcoming.


Facebook Auto Likers for Apental

Don’t let the .org domain name fool you into thinking it is some kind of establishment. Apental is a Facebook auto liker that works efficiently to add gloss to your Facebook posts.

This auto liker exists as an app compatible with Android devices only. You will have to download the APK file and install it on your device. Once it is up and running, you will have to provide the app with access to your Facebook account to deliver your likes effectively.


Facebook Auto Likers for CrazyLiker

CrazyLiker is a Facebook auto liker that shares many similarities with a couple of other auto likers on this list. There are a few that look almost exactly like others. I honestly don’t know if such is deliberate, or perhaps, there is a marketing strategy behind it.

However, I found nothing to make CrazyLiker stand out from the rest we have seen thus far. The website, user interface, and features are typical, and the methods are as well. But it is always good when you know you have an alternative to try out if another one does not work out the way you want.


Facebook Auto Likers for FollowingLike

FollowingLike is another platform you can try if getting auto likes for your Facebook posts is something you want. They have a decent website and a good user interface, although most features share similarities with some other sites on this list.

Provide them with access to your Facebook account and watch the specified Facebook post surge in popularity with likes. They will instantly deliver your order as soon as they can access the target post.


Facebook Auto Likers for RockySite

Although RockySite claims to have been operating since 2013, their website indicates that they were only founded sometime in 2015. They have a simple website with the right tools good enough to help you gain more auto likes on Facebook.

RockySite’s methods are similar to those I have mentioned on this list already. There is nothing different about this site, except that their brand name sounds like a fan page created for the Rocky movies.


Facebook Auto Likers for Like4Like

Like4Like comes with a different approach to the auto likes field. They provide auto likes for Facebook users. Aside from that, they accommodate other popular social media platforms as well. Like4Like, as the name applies, uses an exchange strategy. To get likes, you will have to like another person’s post recommended by the site. Once you do this, the gesture will be automatically returned to the content of your choice.

Thus, you can gain likes for your Facebook posts by liking another post provided by the platform. This strategy is a good one, and many Facebook users with time on their hands will find it helpful. However, I don’t think it will be a good fit for anyone who actively wants to promote a business on Facebook. You will have to spend a great deal of time liking posts before you can accumulate a sizeable number.


Facebook Auto Likers for FollowLike

FollowLike shares many similarities with many other auto likers on this list. I can’t find much to differentiate them from others, except they have their own brand name website and are part of the internet family. However, as I said earlier, it is good to have other alternatives when it comes to social media promotion and marketing.

If one doesn’t work well for you, you can always try another. Thus, you can increase the likes on your Facebook posts by visiting FollowLike’s website and using their free services.


KPLiker is another Facebook auto liker app that you can try. They have an app that is compatible with Android phones only. You can find the app on the Google Play store and install it on your mobile device. It may come as a surprise that such an app is on the Google Play store.

This is because many are skeptical about how these auto likers operate. Perhaps its existence on the Google Play store indicates its credibility.



MG-likers is another Facebook auto liker that works exactly like a couple of others. They have a simple website, though. And you can easily navigate through and find whatever information you are looking for on the site.

You can try their services to increase your Facebook posts’ likes through this method. There is not much to say about this auto liker, except that they have a plural brand name despite being a single entity.


Facebook Auto Likers for PCLiker

PCLiker also does not have much that is different about them. They claim that they can get you up to 10,000 likes on your Facebook posts in a day. Some of the problems I know people have with auto likers is that most of them make claims that they can’t keep or the service delivery may be poor.

Also, strategies may not be efficient enough to keep your account safe from trouble. But giving PCLiker a try may work out well for you. Well, you can’t know if you don’t try.


Facebook Auto Likers for ABLiker

ABLiker is another auto liker for Facebook. There is a unique feature here worth mentioning. This Facebook auto liker comes with an anti-Adblock filter.

I don’t know how effective that may be, but it is good that an auto liker finally has something to separate it from some of the herd. Aside from that, their website is simple and not packed with so many confusing features typical of some sites.


Facebook Auto Likers for Cyberlikes

Cyberlikes has a website that shares similarities with a couple of others on this list. In fact, you could easily mix it up with another. I don’t know if these similarities are deliberate. There may be some form of alliance between many of these Facebook auto likers on this list, for all I know.

That would be a better explanation for the similarities. However, Cyberlikes has some affiliated features for a couple of popular social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. In addition to that, they have a downloadable app and only works on Android devices.




GetFBAutoLiker is another website dedicated to providing auto likes for Facebook users. If you want to get some engagement on that awesome Facebook post of yours that isn’t getting the proper attention, you can try out this auto liker and see how it goes.

Although, when I had a look at their website, I felt it was the duplicate of a couple of auto likers on this list. I still can’t understand why a couple of websites will look so similar. The fact that they are providing the same service is not an excuse. But if they are truly related, then that should explain it. However, that should not deter you from trying them if you want to.

29. RoyalLiker

Facebook Auto Likers for RoyalLiker

There is nothing here that I didn’t see in others, except that they have got a royal brand name and own a website all to themselves. They are another brand offering auto likes for Facebook.

You can try them to see if they will be a good fit for you and give you the likes you need on your Facebook posts.


Facebook Auto Likers for Official-Liker

Official Liker clinched the last spot on this list. Though tagged ‘official,’ I think they still have a lot to do to be worth the tag.

This doesn’t imply they aren’t good at what they do; however, currently, I feel they aren’t at the top of the game yet. You can still get auto likes for your Facebook content from them. You can visit the official website to have a feel of their service.


1. Can I get Facebook auto likes for free?

Yes, you can get Facebook auto likes for free. Most of the brands we have listed in this article offer free Facebook auto likes.

2. Is it safe to get Facebook auto likes for your posts?

It is not safe. This is because Facebook does not accept automation, and it may get your account into trouble with them. Also, most auto likers provide you with fake engagement metrics that would have little or no significant effect on your social media presence.


That is the list of some of the Facebook auto likers I could find on the internet. Some of them have downloadable applications, while most of them are web-based.

The problem with auto likers is that most of them provide you with fake engagement metrics that would have little or no significant effect on your social media presence. Some may end up getting you into trouble with social media platforms, most of which frown upon automated activities.

That is why most people are afraid to use them. This is not to say that there aren’t a few that actually work. However, ensure you verify an auto liker as thoroughly as possible before trying to use its services.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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