12 Best Facebook Chatbot for Your Business


Have you been thinking of the possibility of someone else taking charge of little activities in managing your Facebook accounts? This post teaches you the top best Facebook automation bots you can use.

To some, Facebook is a place where they get to make friends and keep in touch with one another, while to others, it means much more. Facebook has grown into a marketing platform where business and ideas thrive, which generates a wide range of dividends. But attaining that level as a user where you begin to reap the fruits of your labor is no easy task.

This is due to stiff competition among users, given that Facebook is one of the foremost and the most popular social media platforms in this era. This is why you need a Facebook bot to ease your burden.

Facebook bots are programmed service tools that automatically carry out series of activities on your Facebook account as instructed on your behalf. These activities include making comments, messages, likes, sending and accepting friend requests, scheduling posts, inviting friends to join groups, pages, and events and many more.

These bots are numerous, but using the right one will ensure that you do not run into trouble with Facebook's rules and regulations. And this is why we have assembled here some of the best Facebook bots that are available out there.

Top Facebook Bots

1. Jarvee

jarvee facebook bot

If you want the best social media automation bot, you have to look at Jarvee. What makes Jarvee stand out among its peers is that it is not a Facebook-only automation tool. It extends across different social media platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr. This versatility is why they are a force to reckon with in the automation industry.

Jarvee is equipped with proxy support since it allows multiple accounts across different platforms. Though it is quite expensive and not ideal for beginners due to complexity, they are secure, deliver fast, and take charge of their client's accounts without much stress. However, they operate only on windows.

2. ASB Facebook Bot

ASB Facebook Bot

One of the most efficient Facebook bots you should know about is ASB Facebook Bot. one good thing about this bot is that it offers a free trial option, after which you may decide to subscribe to a paid plan. They also entertain a refund policy.

ASB Facebook Bot is programmed by Auto Social Bots. This means they are specifically tailored to meet your Facebook needs. Their plans aren't expensive. They can take charge of your Facebook account while you channel your efforts into other things. It works only on Windows OS.

3. FollowingLike

FollowingLike facebook bot

If you are looking for a Facebook bot that allows you to automate several accounts simultaneously, then FollowingLike is a wise choice. Their payment plans are varied and flexible too. They are set out so that their platform is easy to use, and their features are divided to ease understanding.

Aside from supporting multiple accounts, it allows you to choose the number of accounts, including from other social media platforms. They will focus more on the ones you so desire. They are a multi-platform automation tool that you can use on other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit.

4. Chatfuel


Chatfuel is one inbox-savvy Facebook chatbot that you should give a try. They can take charge of all your social interactions without much difficulty.

5. Socinator


Having an automated service tool play the role of an account manager is sometimes more profitable and cost-effective than having a human being play that role. Socinator is one automated service tool that you can trust to play that role very well.

It is also a cross-platform automation tool as it can also take charge of your brand on other social media platforms aside Facebook. Socinator is also equipped with an image downloader. It works only on Windows OS, and its plans are quite affordable.

6. Hootsuite

Hootsuite facebook

One of the reasons people use Facebook bots is to give them the breathing space to do other things. A Facebook bot that you can trust to give you such is Hootsuite. With Hootsuite, you can upload as much content as you want at a given time. They can help you plan approximately 350 Facebook future posts.

They boast of certain features that can help you create wonderful content within a short period. One other thing that they can help you achieve is generating more views for your content. This makes Hootsuite quite an invaluable tool to have in your social media kit.

7. Hootsuite Inbox

Hootsuite Inbox

The Hootsuite Inbox is a service tool embedded within Hootsuite itself. But because this inside bot seems to operate uniquely, we decided to give it a separate mention here. Hootsuite Inbox can take charge of whatever goes on in your Facebook inbox.

They help to run your conversations, be it private or public, and they do so efficiently. And they can extend their reach to other social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. Thus, if you have multiple accounts spread across several platforms, Hootsuite Inbox is ready to smooth your social interactions.

8. AdEspresso


If you want to promote your brand by using ads on Facebook, we believe AdEspresso can do you a whole lot of good. With AdEspresso, you can choose who you want to engage with your ads. They will ensure that your content meets your target audience. This is a unique way to gain exposure and grow your brand on Facebook. Thus, AdEspresso is a valuable automation tool to have.

9. Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager

This Facebook automation tool helps your business grow on the platform. They take charge of all that concerns your business on social media. They keep you up to date about your business performance, providing you with constant analysis and data on ads and other strategic matters. Another interesting thing is that your business partners can also assess the program if you so wish.

10. Mentionlytics


Mentionlytics is another unique automation tool worthy of having. It sources information on the internet about your content and those of your competitors. They generate keywords. These are all methods that can be employed to help grow your brand. Mentionlytics can work hand in hand with your Hootsuite bot.

11. Magento


This is another unique Facebook automation tool that can help grow your brand. It automatically brings onto the platform your products in their catalog looking good and attractive.



IFTTT (“If This Then That”) is another unique Facebook automation tool that helps to synchronize your content across different platforms and make them work harmoniously. A simple illustration of what they are capable of is you could update your profile status on one social media platform so that it would reflect on your profile on another platform.


What do Facebook bots do?

Facebook bots help you run a Facebook account. You can use the for a number of activities like making comment, sending messages, reacting to Facebook posts, sending and accepting friend requests, scheduling posts, etc.

Can Facebook bots carry out similar Facebook activities as a human would?

Yes. It is even more difficult to tell if an account is a bot or not, because Facebook bots can like and comment on Facebook posts as well as do other similar activities a human would do.


Automation services have become rife these days that humans orchestrate not every activity that occurs on a social platform like Facebook. In fact, some Facebook accounts are entirely run by some of these bots with little or no human interference. Bots do not sweat. They are tireless. Business brands have seen these potentials and are using them to stay ahead of their competitors.

If you want to obtain growth on Facebook by using these automation service tools, you should consider the options we have given above. However, be careful not to run into trouble with Facebook's laws and regulations concerning the use of such services.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.