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As a hardcore gamer and horror enthusiast, I‘m excited to provide this comprehensive walkthrough guide for the chilling pixelated horror game Faith. Across three chapters, Faith delivers old-school gameplay with a Satanic twist.Players take on the role of Father John Ward, a priest armed with a crucifix tasked with banishing evil spirits and demons. With its throwback pixel art style and emphasis on collectibles and multiple endings, Faith pays homage to classic horror games while providing genuinely creepy scares.

In this guide, I‘ll walk you through solutions, tips, and strategies to complete all three Faith chapters, find every collectible, and experience the best endings. Let‘s delve into the nightmarish world of Faith and send these demons back to hell!

Faith Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Your investigation starts with a failed exorcism. Search the haunted forest and abandoned home for clues while battling sinister forces.

Into the Forest – Notes 1-8

After the opening cinematic, start your exploration by picking up Note 1 directly north. Now enter the eerie pixelated forest.

Exorcise the old well to acquire Note 2, then head south and west to locate a dead tree. Banish its cursed spirit to receive Note 3.

Continue west and south to find a puddle on the ground. Dispel the evil presence within it to obtain Note 4.

Go north and then west to discover a pile of bones. Purify the bones to collect Note 5.

Make your way northeast to the small graveyard. Exorcise the grave in the top right corner to secure Note 6.

Travel west and then north from the graveyard until you locate a pagan stone circle. Cleanse it to earn Note 7.

Return east and south to find the shed. Grab the key outside for Note 8 and unlock the front door.

The Haunted House – Notes 9-20

Note 9 requires battling the aggressive chupacabra randomly encountered in the forest. Ward it off whenever it appears.

Inside the house, grab Note 10 on the first floor and Note 11 by exorcising the family portrait.

Head upstairs to the bathroom and banish the spirit dwelling within the rubber ducky for Note 13.

In Amy‘s bedroom, pick up Note 14 by the desk and exorcise the creepy doll to obtain Note 15.

Descend into the dark basement and exorcise the bedframe and bloodstained ritual circle to acquire Notes 16 and 17.

Collect Note 18 outside the attic entrance before confronting the evil presence upstairs.

After surviving the attic and returning outside, shoot the mirrors three times to shatter them and receive Note 20.

Attic Showdown and Endings

In the attic, avoid the possessed Amy while exposing the correct doll from the five that attack.

For the good ending, directly enter the house after the attic. For the secret evil ending, use your blood to draw the pentagram outside, then enter.

Faith Chapter 2 Walkthrough

The evil has followed you home. Delve into more disturbing visions and face greater supernatural threats.

Father Garcia‘s Mission – Notes 1-2

Play as Father Garcia, warding off demons in his own basement before taking over as John again.

Starting at the stone circle, travel right and banish the deer spirit to receive Note 2.

The Cemetery – Notes 3-8

Enter the cemetery and exorcise the grave by the entrance for Note 3.

Inside the tomb, cleanse the haunted painting to earn Note 5 after defeating the Mirror Demon boss.

South of the tomb, dispel the Mist Demon to obtain Note 6.

West of the tomb, exorcise the skull and overcome the Cord Demon for Notes 7 and 8.

The Church – Notes 10-18

Collect Notes 10-12 near the church entrance, then defeat the Spindly Lady within.

Earn Notes 13-15 on the ground floor. You can also perform an evil ritual for optional Note 16.

Vanquish the dark presence in the church basement to acquire Notes 17-18.

The Sewers – Notes 19-22

Navigate the sewers while avoiding threats and locating Notes 19-22.

Hidden Sanctum

Defeat the shadow demons to reach the sealed door. Reclaim your crucifix from the basement.

Break the Seal of Alu by obtaining the mask and knife. Defeat the Alu Demon boss.


Keep Father Garcia alive in the final battle for the good ending. Perform all three evil rituals for the secret endings.

Faith Chapter 3 Walkthrough

The fate of the world hangs in the balance. Harness new abilities to unravel sinister plots and prevent a demonic ritual.

Day 1 – Notes 1-8

Collect Notes 1-7 from the house and abandoned clinic.

Uncover the clinic‘s secret basement evil to find optional Note 8.

Day 2 – Notes 9-28

Gather Notes 9-14 in the apartment building‘s foyer and 5th floor.

Eliminate the Elevator Friend demon for Note 18 after lighting the way in the dark.

Break the Seal of Alu in Lisa‘s apartment with the mask and knife.

Venture into the twisted apartments for optional Notes 27-28.

Day 3 – Notes 29-42

Obtain Notes 29-37 from the daycare and underground tunnels.

Outwit the deadly red light green light and mirror room traps.

Traverse the darkness within Maloch‘s temple for Notes 38-40.

Break the seals in Nowhere and defeat the False Saint.

The Endings

Vanquish all optional secret bosses, then enter the Crucible for the true ending.

Seal away evil in the Crucible to get the best conclusion.

Sleep through your duties on day 3 for the penalizing bad ending and Notes 43-44.

Additional Tips and Strategies

Here are some more tips to overcome challenges and survive the hellish trials of Faith:

  • Save often – Taking advantage of checkpoints and limited save statues is key. You never know when death is around the corner in Faith.

  • Search thoroughly – Investigation is integral, so search areas closely for clues, collectibles and routes forward.

  • Master dodging – Quick reflexes and nimble movements are essential. Keep dodging vertically and horizontally to avoid deadly blows.

  • Pick your battles – Don‘t get greedy trying to damage bosses. Focus on not getting hit above all else. Whittle down their health slowly if needed.

  • Clear collectibles – Ensure you grab all notes when indicated. Backtrack if you missed any before progressing.

  • Expect the unexpected – Faith delights in keeping players on their toes. Prepare for scares, ambushes and unexpected threats as you explore.

With practice and perseverance, you‘ll master Faith‘s challenging retro survival horror gameplay. But no amount of preparation can equip you for the chilling story at the heart of this demon-hunting adventure. If you dare, descend into the darkness and uncover the secrets buried within this unholy trilogy.


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