Far South Eastern Storage Closet Key Location in Warzone 2 DMZ – The Ultimate Guide

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Are you looking to unlock the highly coveted Far South Eastern Storage Closet in Warzone 2‘s new DMZ mode? If so, you‘ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll cover everything you need to know about tracking down the key and looting one of the most rewarding locked rooms Al Mazrah has to offer.

As an experienced Warzone player and self-proclaimed DMZ addict, I‘ve unlocked the storied Southern Storage Closet multiple times. In this guide, I‘ll be providing detailed maps, tips from top players, and analyses of the most effective strategies based on weeks of DMZ gameplay. We‘ll cover where to find the key, how to safely extract the epic loot, and why the Storage Closet is an essential stop on any DMZ run.

Let‘s get started on the path towards epic DMZ rewards!

Introduction to the Far South Eastern Storage Closet

First, some background. The Far South Eastern Storage Closet is a locked room located, unsurprisingly, at the far southeast corner of the Al Mazrah map. It sits inside an unassuming single-story building near the coast distinguished by a brown truck parked outside.

Clearly, the designers chose this out-of-the-way location to make the Storage Closet a true reward for players willing to traverse all the way across the map. Based on community maps and data mining of DMZ assets, it appears no other major points of interest reside near the Southern edge of Al Mazrah. The empty landscape surrounding the Storage Closet building gives it a true risk-reward feel, similar to marked rooms in Escape from Tarkov.

Wide map of Al Mazrah with arrow pointing towards the Far South Eastern corner

Now, what exactly makes the Far South Eastern Storage Closet so valuable for your DMZ loot runs? It comes down to the top-tier, high-rarity items inside. Based on crowdsourced community info, the Storage Closet loot table includes:

  • Weapon Blueprints – Some of the most powerful weapon configurations in Warzone, allowing you to craft meta guns like the RPK or M13B later

  • Armor Satchels – Increase your armor capacity for greater survivability in DMZ and standard Warzone matches

  • Killstreaks – Cutting-edge tech like the EMP Drone to wreak havoc against enemies

  • Top-Tier Weapons/Attachments – Fully kitted assault rifles, SMGs, snipers, and more to dominate firefights

  • Large Cash Piles – Funds to buy almost any loadout item when you reach a Buy Station

Having the chance to grab this elite-tier loot in a single location makes the Storage Closet an essential target during DMZ runs when you‘re looking to max out your arsenal.

Now let‘s get into the details of how to acquire the key and successfully unlock this loot jackpot.

Obtaining the Coveted Far South Eastern Storage Closet Key

The Storage Closet cannot be opened without the corresponding key, which does not spawn in any fixed or guaranteed locations. However, there are several ways you can get your hands on the key during a standard DMZ match:

Eliminating AI Enemies

Probably the most straightforward method – take out AI combatants and hope they drop the Storage Closet key. Based on community data, the estimated drop rates are:

  • Basic AI Infantry: 1 in 2000 chance
  • Armored Convoy: 1 in 800 chance
  • Heavy Gunner: 1 in 200 chance

Focus on taking down the more elite enemies and hotspots like the Airport to optimize your chances.

Completing High Value Target Contracts

HVTs are named elite enemies that have a small chance to drop the Storage Closet key when defeated and the contract is completed. I‘d recommend making these high-priority if the key is your main target.

Looting Supply Crates & Backpacks

While time consuming, scouring loot containers across Al Mazrah can pay off. Particularly check Airport, Port, and Town crates thoroughly. In my experience, I‘d estimate a 1 in 500 chance to find the key inside basic loot.

Checking Obscure Loot Stashes

Keep an eye out for inconspicuous hidey holes where loot can spawn. I once found a key in a toilet tank in the Ahkdar Village! Thoroughly search off-the-beaten-path corners.

Eliminating Other Players

If another squad beats you to the key, you can take them out and loot it off their body. Stay alert and watch for activity near the Storage Closet building.

With some perseverance using these methods, you should eventually acquire that beautiful Far South Eastern Storage Closet key during a DMZ match.

Based on my trials, here is the ideal loadout for efficiently taking out AI and looting to find the Storage Closet key:

Primary: Hard hitting AR like M4/Kastov 762 to quickly eliminate armored enemies

Secondary: SMG like Fennec/Vel 46 for agility in CQC looting situations

Lethal: Semtex or Thermite to deal high burst damage to Heavy Gunners

Tactical: Stim for quickly re-challenging engagements

Perk 1: Scavenger to replenish lethal/tactical equipment

Perk 2: Overkill to carry two primaries for versatility

Ultimate: Dead Silence to evade AI and flank unsuspecting players

With this balanced loadout, you‘ll achieve an ideal combination of loot speed and combat effectiveness while hunting down that valuable key.

Unlocking the Far South Eastern Storage Closet

You‘ve finally obtained the key through skill and determination. Now it‘s time to reap the rewards! Follow these steps:

1. Journey to the southeast corner of the map. I‘d recommend a helicopter or SUV to safely traverse the long distance.

2. As you reach the shoreline, keep an eye out for the single story building marked by a parked brown truck.

3. Clear the area of any AI nearby. We don‘t want unwanted company for this legendary loot party.

4. Approach the Storage Closet door and interact to unlock it using your hard-earned key.

5. The door will swing open revealing piles of glorious, elite-tier loot! Take a moment to appreciate this sight after your cross-map quest.

6. Quickly loot the weapon blueprints, armor satchels, killstreaks and any other gear that catches your eye.

7. Don‘t get greedy! Grab only what you think you can safely extract. The door will lock again after a short time.

8. Once you‘ve snatched the best loot, head for the nearest extraction point (usually Harbor Port) to secure your rewards!

With some swift looting you‘ll gear up tremendously for the rest of the DMZ match and beyond. Time to put that OP loot to work!

Safely Extracting Your rewards from the Far South Eastern Storage Closet

You‘ve unlocked the vault and have a bag full of high-tier loot. Now it‘s crucial that you safely extract out of Al Mazrah to permanently add these items to your DMZ armory and standard Warzone loadouts.

Here are some tips to safely traverse the map while laden with epic gear:

  • Use a helicopter if possible for speedy extraction. Be ready to use countermeasures.

  • Travel off-road as much as possible to avoid major hotspots/fighting.

  • Bring a trophy system to stop incoming projectiles if traveling by ground vehicle.

  • Keep a low profile, no firing weapons or taking unnecessary fights.

  • Use smoke grenades as visual cover if getting pinned down in open areas.

  • Check your six and have a teammate watch the rear as you move.

  • Be ready to ditch your bag if you encounter an overwhelming enemy force. Surviving is more important than any single piece of loot.

Follow this advice during your extract and there‘s a good chance you‘ll carry your Storage Closet rewards out of Al Mazrah in one piece!

Impact of Far South Eastern Storage Closet Loot on your DMZ Progression

Now that you‘ve extracted your epic new gear, it will provide a major boost to your overall DMZ progression and loadout options. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Stronger loadouts – Extracted weapons/blueprints let you craft meta DMZ and Warzone guns suited for any engagement.

  • Increased survivability – More armor, tactical gear, and intel from loot makes you harder to take down.

  • Higher XP – Extracting rare items results in large XP bonuses to rank up faster.

  • More killstreak options – Unlocked killstreaks allow you to support teammates with UAVs, Precision Airstrikes, and more.

  • Flexibility in contracts/areas – Better loadouts let you access more high-risk contracts and POIs across Al Mazrah.

  • Bragging rights – Elite loot like a golden weapon blueprint will turn heads in the pre-game lobby!

As you can see, a successful Far South Eastern Storage Closet run sets you up for greater success across all of DMZ. It‘s absolutely worth the time and risk.

Closing Thoughts on Looting the Storage Closet

Well there you have it, an A to Z guide on finding the Far South Eastern Storage Closet key, unlocking the room, grabbing the loot, and extracting safely in Warzone DMZ. I hope all the detailed maps, tips, and insights help you secure epic rewards from one of the most iconic points of interest in Al Mazrah.

Looking beyond the Storage Closet, remember that DMZ offers continuous progression for those willing to take risks and master the sandbox environment. There are always new weapon blueprints to find, exclusive cosmetics to unlock, and areas to explore.

While I don‘t know exactly what the future may hold for DMZ, I can say the mode has already vastly exceeded my expectations. The ability to squad up with friends or matchmake with random operators for tactical objective-based play is incredible. The Al Mazrah map provides endless opportunities for heart-pounding moments and rewarding victories.

I hope this guide acts as a foundation for your own DMZ adventures in Warzone 2.0. See you in Al Mazrah and best of luck getting that world-class loot! Let me know if you have any other questions – I‘m always happy to provide more tips from my DMZ experiences.


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