Finding the Elusive Origami Cranes Hidden in Honkai Star Rail‘s Vast Galaxy

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Are you ready to uncover hidden secrets and treasures while exploring the cosmos in Honkai Star Rail‘s stunning new open world RPG? If so, then join me on a journey to discover the mysterious origami cranes tucked away throughout important locations.

In this epic guide, you‘ll learn exactly how to find the sneaky origami crane hidden near the terminal supply zone in Honkai Star Rail. I‘ll provide detailed tips, exact locations, and rewards to help a fellow space-faring gamer navigate this maze-like area. Let‘s do this!

An In-Depth Look at Honkai Star Rail‘s Intergalactic World

Before we search for origami cranes, let‘s first talk about why Honkai Star Rail is so incredibly exciting. As a long-time fan of developer miHoYo thanks to their hits like Genshin Impact, I‘ve been eagerly awaiting this game. Honkai Star Rail takes their anime-inspired open world formula into outer space, and the results are breathtaking.

Set in a sprawling galaxy with seven massive planets to explore, Honkai Star Rail contains a staggering amount of content. We‘re talking over 30 hours of main story quests, robust side activities, deep character progression systems, and hidden secrets around every corner. Table 1 below compares some key features:

Table 1: Honkai Star Rail‘s Massive Scope

Category Details
Playable Characters 34 confirmed so far
Weapons 130+ unique weapons
Planets 7 fully explorable planets
Enemies 150+ enemy types
Story Quests 30+ hours of main campaign
Side Activities Bounties, investigations, minigames
Progression Systems Train, gears, talents, cards

MiHoYo has crafted a lived-in galaxy brimming with personality. For example, take the frigid ice planet Nixieda, glistening coastal landscapes of Pyloros, and cyberpunk vibe of Celius. Each destination has distinct cultures, factions, and perils to discover.

This diversity also shapes Honkai‘s innovative new command-based combat. Battles take place in real-time with abilities and combos mapped to a grid. Linking certain moves unlocks spectacular attack chains for massive damage. With a party of four and over 12 unique character classes, the strategic potential is limitless!

Now let‘s discuss the mysterious origami cranes hidden across the cosmos and why they are so valuable.

The Lore and Significance of Honkai Star Rail‘s Origami Cranes

Origami cranes hold deep cultural symbolism in Japan and other Eastern countries. They are strongly associated with peace, hope, and longevity. According to Japanese legend, folding one thousand paper cranes will make a wish come true.

In Honkai Star Rail, developers miHoYo have woven origami cranes into the game‘s lore and world. Finding these hidden paper birds uncovers fragments of story and grants useful rewards.

Veteran Honkai lore experts I spoke with theorize the origami cranes connect to the backstory of prominent character Himeko. Her association with cranes stems from childhood tales of the crane wife fable. Locating cranes across the galaxy may reveal more of Himeko‘s mysterious past.

No matter their purpose, tracking down origami cranes takes patience and an explorer‘s eye. Let‘s hone in on the crane hidden in the terminal supply zone specifically and how to find it.

Early in Honkai Star Rail‘s story, you‘ll gain access to the terminal supply zone inside the Astral Express‘ passenger section. This area contains vendor stalls, towering machinery, and valuable loot.

I‘ll never forget the first time I stepped into the claustrophobic twisting corridors of the supply zone. The symphony of machinery drowned out my footsteps as I squeezed between huge pipes and terminals. Everywhere I looked, buttons blinked, steam hissed, and gears churned. Towering shelving units packed with tools and spare parts created a labyrinth. This was not going to be easy!

After over an hour of meticulous searching, I finally located the elusive origami crane tucked away in this mechanized maze. Here are the exact steps I took along with maps to lead you to the same success:

Crane #1: Southwest Terminal Corner

The first origami crane (Figure 1) can be found beside a large computer terminal along the southwest wall (A). Crouch down in the gap between the terminal and the short crate.

Figure 1

Figure 1: Origami Crane #1 location (A) beside southwestern terminal

Crane #2: Left of Exit Door

Facing the room‘s exit door from the inside, move left and check the ground halfway between the door and the back wall (B). The second crane (Figure 2) blends into the floor.

Figure 2

Figure 2: Origami Crane #2 location (B) left of the exit door

Crane #3: Right of Exit Door

On the right side of the exit is a Basic Treasure chest. Go behind it and look right to find the third crane (Figure 3) against the back corner wall (C).

Figure 3

Figure 3: Origami Crane #3 location (C) right of exit and behind chest

Crane #4: Outside Under Plant

For the last sneaky crane (Figure 4), exit the room and check under the large green plants to the left of the door (D). It blends in with the vegetation.

Figure 4

Figure 4: Origami Crane #4 location (D) outside under plants

Searching thoroughly in those 4 locations will lead you to all of the cunningly hidden origami cranes around the busy terminal supply zone.

Completing Your Quest and Unlocking the Password

Once you‘ve located all 4 origami cranes in the area, you‘ll complete the objective. A notification will confirm your success. As a reward, you‘ll receive the password "1233211234567."

Make sure to keep this password handy! Later in Honkai Star Rail‘s story, you‘ll discover a strange locked device elsewhere on the Astral Express. Inputting that password will grant access to the device and unlock more fascinating lore and items.

Finding these elusive origami cranes requires patience and dedication. But it also provides immense satisfaction to uncover Honkai Star Rail‘s deepest secrets and mysteries. Exploring every nook and cranny becomes rewarding.

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I hope this guide brings you one step closer to uncovering all of Honkai Star Rail‘s hidden secrets! Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy adventuring through the stars my friend!


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