Uncovering Hidden Riches: An Expert‘s Guide to Finding All Buried Treasures in Genshin Impact‘s Veluriyam Mirage

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Greetings, fellow adventurer! Have you heard about the mystical Veluriyam Mirage realm introduced in Genshin Impact‘s latest Version 3.8 update? This new temporary area is shrouded in intrigue, challenging players to decipher cryptic riddles that lead to lost antique treasures. As a treasure hunting expert and veteran Genshin Impact player, I‘m here to help you locate every single buried chest hidden across this foggy domain!

A Quick Primer on Genshin‘s New Veluriyam Mirage Realm

Let‘s start with a quick overview of this fascinating new area for some context. The Veluriyam Mirage becomes accessible to Travelers at Adventure Rank 18+ who have completed the Liyue quest "Song of the Dragon and Freedom." This major update added the mirage realm east of Liyue Harbor, recognizable by its eerie violet fog and glowing blue mushrooms.

According to legend, the mirage is a kind of intersection between the real world and afterlife, reflecting the nostalgia, dreams, and lamentations of lost souls. Spooky! But this makes it the perfect setting for a treasure hunt since the chests contain mementos from the past.

The Veluriyam Mirage also introduced new outfits for Klee and Kaeya, along with special events featuring dungeon challenges at the mysterious Dunyu Ruins. There are even achievements, furnishings, and TCG cards themed around this nostalgic kingdom.

Now, let‘s get to the good stuff: discovering all those buried treasures!

Interpreting the Riddles is Key to Finding Hidden Chests

The key to success is deciphering the cryptic riddles provided by an NPC named Idyia at her booth. She gives the first verse upon entering the Veluriyam Mirage:

"A sweet mist permeates all, gazing towards the dancing lamplight."

Cracking the code of these clues is crucial to locating the concealed chests. Based on my experience finding all 10 hidden treasures, here are some tips:

  • Read each line carefully and visualize what it‘s describing

  • Pay attention to keywords like directions, weather, buildings, light sources

  • Explore the environment while picturing the clues in your mind

  • Think outside the box – solutions might involve sitting, waiting for night, etc.

  • Talk to spirits – they often provide extra hints about nearby secrets

Trust me, even vague riddles make sense when you put them in context of the surroundings. The thrill of finally interpreting a hint and unearthing the treasure is so satisfying!

Step-By-Step Instructions to Obtain the First Buried Chest

Allow me to demonstrate how this works by guiding you to the location of the very first hidden chest. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough:

  1. Start at the southern waypoint across the river from Idyia‘s booth

  2. Face north towards the ruined village and look for a lamp on a table

  3. Cross the river by hopping across stones or swimming over

  4. Approach the table and sit in one of the three chairs near the lamp

  5. A Precious Chest will appear under the table – open it to get Primogems, Mora, and artifacts!

See what I mean? The riddle refers to a "dancing lamplight" which matches the flickering lamp on the table. Getting close and sitting triggers the chest to spawn. It‘s sneaky but logical!

Maximizing Your Treasure Hunting Loot

Now for some expert tips to help maximize your earnings from these hidden chests:

  • Use Treasure-Finding Characters like Qiqi, Razor, and Klee who can track down loot

  • Equip Treasure Compasses to reveal chests on mini-map

  • Unlock Sakura Tree Rewards to increase Compass effectiveness

  • Complete the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual for a free Chest-Locating Seelie

  • Return at different times of day if a chest isn‘t appearing

  • Activate mechanisms like pressure plates, levers, or interlocking gears to reveal some

  • Light up Mushroom Lanterns to dispel mist and uncover more terrain

  • Mark chest locations on your map to avoid rechecking spots

Follow these tips and you‘ll be raking in loads of Mora, Primogems, artifacts, and other valuables in no time!

Buried Chests vs Floating Chests

It‘s also helpful to understand the two main treasure chest types you‘ll encounter during your fortune hunting adventures in the Veluriyam Mirage realm:

Buried Chests

  • Found under or inside objects after solving puzzles

  • Contains best loot and highest primogem amounts

  • Must be dug up or interacted with to appear

  • Tied to Idyia‘s quest and riddle clues

Floating Chests

  • Found out in the open or inside buildings

  • Typically contains less rewards than buried chests

  • Respawn over time after collecting

  • Provide resources like Mora, XP books, artifacts

Chest Type Primogems Mora Artifacts Other Loot
Precious 30-50 10k-30k 1-2 Talent Books, Weapon Ascension Materials
Luxurious 10-15 5k-10k 1 Hero‘s Wits, Mystic Ore
Common 2-5 1k-5k Food Ingredients, Local Specialties

As you can see, the precious buried chests give far greater rewards!

Bring the Right Party and Tools

Here are some recommendations on party members and gear that will prove useful during your treasure hunting expeditions:

Recommended Characters

  • Anemo (Venti, Sucrose) – clearing fog, reaching high places

  • Geo (Ningguang, Zhongli) – solving pressure plate puzzles

  • Electro (Razor, Keqing) – activating mechanisms and switches

  • Healers (Qiqi, Barbara) – staying alive in the fog

Suggested Weapons & Artifacts

  • Sacrificial & Favonius Weapons – passive skills that reset elemental skill

  • Elemental Starter Artifacts – regenerate energy for bursts

  • Instructor/Exile Artifact Sets – provide team-wide elemental bonuses

For puzzles involving elemental monuments, make sure to have the corresponding elemental damage-dealers in your party. Charging up their bursts beforehand gives you bursts ready to activate the monuments.

Unlocking Deeper Lore and Hidden Areas

There‘s much more to discover about the history and culture of the Veluriyam Mirage by finding all the treasures. Here are some key story insights you‘ll uncover:

  • The treasures belong to Idyia, helping her regain memories of her past life here

  • This was once the City of Lost Light, now blanketed in corrupting fog

  • Spirits of past citizens linger, unable to move on due to regret

  • The nation was destroyed by a cataclysm 500 years ago

  • The Dunyu Ruins house the keystone to lift the fog and guide spirits

Many chests are also hidden inside the Dunyu Ruins domains. Completing these timed challenges rewards you with more relics and mirage-themed artifacts.

There are even sections of the map that remain shrouded until certain quests are finished. Plus some chests only appear at specific times of day or under special weather conditions. Stay observant and keep revisiting areas!

Evaluating Your Gains VS Other Reward Sources

To put the payouts of these precious chests in perspective, here‘s a comparison of what you can earn from other activities:

  • Daily commissions: 60 Primogems, 5000 Mora

  • Spiral Abyss floor 9-12: 600 Primogems, ~50k Mora

  • Ley line blossom: 100k+ Mora, Hero‘s Wit

  • Weekly bosses: talent materials, artifacts

The precious chests in Veluriyam Mirage offer similar or better rewards than most of these regular farming methods. And unlike one-time domains, the chests are permanently available until collected.

Considering the finite duration of this event, spending time treasure hunting is highly worthwhile. The Mora, artifacts, and talent ascension materials will be hugely helpful for advancing your account. Not to mention those delicious Primogems!

Time to Grab Your Shovel and Get Treasuring!

That covers the key tips and background info you‘ll need to successfully hunt down every last buried treasure in the Veluriyam Mirage. I hope breaking down the riddle solutions and providing specific character/gear recommendations gives you the confidence to start digging up hidden chests.

Just remember the clues provided by the spirits and Idyia. Let your imagination visualize the environment described in each verse to pinpoint the location. Don‘t get discouraged if it takes a try or two to uncover the chests – that makes it even more rewarding when you finally acquire the loot!

I wish you the best of luck in assembling primo-rich treasures that will help strengthen your party. Now get out there, follow the poetry and your instincts, and start unearthing fortune and glory, brave adventurer! The Veluriyam Mirage awaits…


Written by Alexis Kestler

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