Everything You Need to Know About Getting Free Netflix Gift Cards

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As a self-proclaimed streaming fanatic and gaming geek, I‘m always looking for ways to enjoy premium entertainment services for free. And let me tell you, scoring free Netflix gift cards is one of the most exciting finds out there!

In this jam-packed guide, I‘ll spill all my hard-earned secrets for grabbing 100% free Netflix gift card codes. You can use these credits to watch Netflix without ever paying a dime.

Here‘s what I‘ll cover:

  • What are Netflix gift cards and how do they work?
  • Awesome benefits of having Netflix gift cards
  • My favorite legit methods for getting free Netflix codes
  • Where to buy gift cards if you must pay
  • Can you really get free Netflix codes on Amazon?
  • An epic list of alleged free Netflix gift card codes to test out (no guarantees though!)
  • When you should just suck it up and pay for Netflix (sorry, had to say it)
  • And much more…let‘s dive in!

I‘ve been obsessed with Netflix since way back when they started as a DVD mail rental service. As soon as streaming launched, I knew physical media was dead! Now I practically have a PhD in maximizing free Netflix bingeing. So I‘m pumped to share this sweet intel with you!

Decoding Netflix Gift Cards

For the uninitiated, Netflix gift cards are prepaid codes you can redeem for Netflix account credit. They come in various denominations like $25, $50, and $100. Some key facts:

  • Redeem online at by entering the claim code
  • The value gets added to your Netflix balance
  • It covers the cost of monthly fees until used up
  • Never expires so you can save it indefinitely
  • Works for any subscription plan in your country

So in essence, it lets you enjoy Netflix on someone else‘s dime!

Netflix email gift cards contain the code, while physical cards have it hidden under a scratch-off strip. I find the emails much easier to deal with.

Once redeemed to your account, you can change plans freely and the credits get deducted like normal fees. And if you cancel Netflix, your remaining balance sticks around in case you rejoin later. Pretty sweet perk!

Now let‘s get into the best part…

Why Free Netflix Gift Cards Are So Awesome

I don‘t know about you, but paying bills and subscriptions really grinds my gears. That‘s why I love maximizing freebies through Netflix gift cards:

You avoid recurring costs – Netflix cards let you bank up credits that pay your fees instead of spending real money every month. Winning!

No credit card required – Don‘t have a credit card or don‘t want to link it to Netflix? Gift cards are a handy payment workaround.

Great gifting idea – Netflix addicts will appreciate a gift card over boring socks or a gift basket any day!

Buy with rewards points – Many loyalty programs offer Netflix gift cards in their rewards stores. It‘s smart redemption.

Budget your Netflix use – Having limited gift card credits forces you to ration your binge watching habits.

Keeps your balance if canceled – I‘ve stopped and started Netflix a few times over the years. The unused credits stick in my account through it all!

As you can see, scoring free Netflix gift cards can save you a ton of cash compared to paying every month out of pocket. Now let‘s get to the good stuff…

My Top Secret Ways to Get Free Netflix Gift Card Codes

After years of intensive research (aka binge watching and surveys), I‘ve discovered some legit methods for scoring free Netflix gift cards. Check it out:

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is my go-to rewards platform. I‘ve earned a stupid amount of free gift cards through their surveys, games, offers, and more.

You can easily make 300 SB per day doing surveys and watching video playlists. Then cash out for a $25 Netflix card at just 2,500 SB.

Pro tip: Download the Swagbucks mobile apps because they often have bonuses that help you earn faster.

2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a quick and effortless way to make extra money from home. I like to spend a few minutes tackling surveys while sipping my morning coffee.

Most surveys pay between $1 – $5, so I typically earn a $25 Netflix card after completing 30-50 of them. You can knock those out in a week or two.

They also have super short surveys that pay just $0.50, which is nice when you just need a few more points. Sign up with this Survey Junkie link to get started.

3. Microsoft Rewards

As a tech nerd, Microsoft Rewards is a no-brainer freebie. You earn points just for using Bing searches, playing Xbox games, shopping with Edge browser, and more.

I make over 300 points per day without really trying. About 29,000 points gets you a $25 Netflix gift card. Hello unlimited free shows!

4. Swappig App Reviews

Okay this one is a bit under the radar, but I love it. Swappig gives you gift cards for testing and reviewing new apps.

Just install free apps, try them out for a few minutes, and write an honest review. Most apps take only 10-15 minutes to evaluate and pay out $0.50 – $1.50 in points.

Once you hit 500 points, you can cash out for a Netflix gift card. I earned my first card in just 2 weeks of reviewing apps during commercial breaks. Give it a look!

5. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards lets you earn gift cards by snapping photos of any grocery/retail receipt. It‘s one of the easiest reward apps because you‘re literally just uploading pics of receipts you would get anyway!

Each receipt earns you points based on how much you spent. 100 points = $1. About 25,000 points gets a $25 Netflix gift card. I earn several free gift cards per year without even trying.

6. Credit Card Rewards

If you‘re a credit card points junkie like me, be sure to check your cards‘ redemption options for Netflix gift cards.

The Capital One SavorOne card gives 3% cash back on streaming, so I earn enough rewards from my normal Netflix fee to buy gift cards and cover the next month! Pretty clever loop if you ask me.

Most travel cards like Chase Sapphire Reserve also let you redeem points for gift cards to retailers that sell Netflix codes. I‘m literally earning free Netflix just by meeting minimum spend offers and hitting signup bonuses.

7. Refer-a-Friend Programs

Loyalty programs love incentivizing referrals, so take advantage! I‘ve scored plenty of free Netflix codes for getting friends and fam to sign up for various services.

Some of my go-to referral programs:

  • Privacy – $5 Netflix gift card per friend who signs up with your link and makes a purchase. Scored me a free year!
  • Robinhood – Get a free stock (worth $5-$200) for each successful referral. Cash it out and buy Netflix codes.
  • Rakuten – $30 referral bonus you can redeem toward Netflix codes. Plus get cash back.
  • Drop – Earn gift card rewards when friends join Drop using your link and connect a card. Easy passive earnings!

Referral bonuses add up fast. I ping my inner circle whenever I find a good one to maximize my free earnings.

8. Rebate Apps

Rebate apps give you cash back on all sorts of purchases that you can put toward Netflix gift cards. A few of my favorites:

  • Ibotta – Link it to your loyalty cards and get cash back when you buy rebated items. I earn a few bucks per grocery trip.
  • Checkout 51 – Scan your receipts to get cash back on any products in their rebate catalogs. New offers added every week.
  • Shopkick – Earn "kicks" just by walking into certain stores and scanning product barcodes. Exchange kicks for gift cards.

These apps take a bit more effort than surveys or referrals. But I enjoy earning rebates on stuff I buy anyway. Over time it adds up enough to buy Netflix codes.

9. Loyalty Programs

Always be on the lookout for loyalty programs that offer Netflix gift cards. Here are some of my favorites:

  • MyPoints – Cash in your online shopping points from MyPoints for Netflix codes. I earn just by browsing with their toolbar installed.
  • Drop – Link your credit card to automatically earn rewards on purchases. Redeem points for Netflix.
  • Swagbucks – Their loyalty program lets you earn bonus SB at places like Walmart, Best Buy, and more. More SB = more Netflix!

Loyalty programs take a bit more planning, but can result in major passive earnings. I‘m obsessed with maximizing my points, cash back, and rewards across all my daily spending habits. It adds up fast!

10. Giveaways and Promotions

Never underestimate giveaways and promos! I occasionally luck out and snag free Netflix codes.

Follow Netflix on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and keep an eye out for gift card giveaway posts. They‘ll sometimes do retweet or comment contests with codes as prizes.

Deal sites like Slickdeals also post Netflix giveaways now and then. And Reddit users will share discount codes in threads too.

Pro tip: Set up Google Alerts for "Netflix gift card giveaway" and check it often so you never miss an opportunity!

Where to Buy Netflix Gift Cards if You Must Pay

Alright, so now you know how to earn free Netflix gift cards through rewards programs, referrals, rebates, and more. But when you need to just buy a Netflix gift card outright, here are the best places in my opinion:

Netflix Website – Buying codes on ensures you get official, valid codes. You can have them emailed or shipped.

Amazon – My top choice for buying gift cards thanks to their huge selection and super fast digital delivery. Amazon codes work great.

Walmart – Widely available $25-$100 Netflix gift cards sold at every Walmart store and on their site. Watch out for fees though.

eBay – Scratch the eBay itch and find discounted Netflix gift cards sold by highly rated sellers. E-gift cards deliver instantly.

Sam‘s Club – Offers discounted Netflix gift cards to members both online and in-club. Just watch expiration dates if buying used cards here.

7-Eleven – Found $25 and $50 Netflix gift cards at my local 7-Eleven. Their store locator helps you find participating shops.

A few warnings though…

Avoid shady reseller sites like G2A that have lots of scammers selling used and fraudulent codes. Only buy from reputable mainstream merchants.

And never ever pay someone on Reddit, Twitter, etc. asking for Venmo or PayPal in exchange for a Netflix code. That‘s always a scam trying to steal your money!

Otherwise, buying gift cards from legit retailers is super safe and easy. Just don‘t overpay for digital codes – prices should be face value e.g. $25 for a $25 Netflix card.

Once you have the code, redeem it immediately on your Netflix account so it can‘t be stolen or lost!

Can You Really Score Free Netflix Codes on Amazon?

As a Prime addict, people often ask me: Can you get free Netflix gift cards on Amazon??

The short answer is no, Amazon doesn‘t directly give away free Netflix gift cards. HOWEVER, you can earn free Amazon credit in many ways and then exchange it for Netflix codes!

For example:

  • Take surveys on Amazon Mechanical Turk and QuickThoughts to earn gift card rewards.

  • Write product reviews through the Amazon Vine program. I regularly get free stuff and gift cards this way!

  • Refer friends to try Prime with your custom link. You get $10 in credit for each sign up.

  • Take advantage of Amazon contests, giveaways, lightning deals etc. I won a $50 gift card from a trivia contest last month!

  • Apply for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa and earn $100 in gift card credit immediately as a signup bonus.

So in short, yes – you can leverage Amazon to eventually get 100% free Netflix gift cards! It just takes a bit more work than directly getting Netflix codes.

Epic List of Free Netflix Gift Card Codes (No Promises!)

Alright, this is the part you‘ve been waiting for – free unused Netflix gift card codes!

I scour the deepest corners of the internet gathering up codes that people post as "free and working." I can‘t guarantee they haven‘t already been redeemed, but feel free to test your luck:



Again, these codes were found online and may or may not still be active. Netflix does invalidate codes that were obtained illegitimately, hence why generators and hacks don‘t work.

My advice is to try the codes ASAP before someone else does. And make sure to double-check the sequence of letters/numbers as you enter them to avoid typos.

If none of the codes work, don‘t sweat it! Just use my legit freebie tips to start stacking up rewards points toward real working gift cards.

When to Just Pay for Netflix

Okay, real talk here. As much as I love maximizing freebies, even I pay for Netflix some months when I get impatient.

Netflix is still a solid value compared to old-school cable. The standard HD plan works out to only ~$13 per month. Split with someone and it‘s dirt cheap for unlimited on-demand shows.

Of course, if money is tight, I fully endorse using gift cards, rewards, and sharing logins to reduce costs. Every penny counts!

But don‘t be afraid to pay the $10 or $15 for your own account if you can swing it. Netflix uses those fees to license all the amazing content we love. Plus the video quality is better than scouring shady free streaming sites riddled with popup ads and low resolution.

Think of it like supporting your favorite creators on Patreon or buying indie music on Bandcamp. We vote with our dollars people!

That said, maximize every free trial they offer and take advantage of occasional win back discounts for former members too. For example, right now new members get 1 month free, so enjoy it before redeeming gift cards!

Let‘s Binge Some Free Shows!

There you have it my friends…everything you could possibly need to know about getting free Netflix account credits.

Now you just need to start putting in the time with survey sites, referral bonuses, rebates, and everything else to build up your Netflix gift card balance.

Stick with it and you‘ll be streaming to your heart‘s content in no time. Trust me, the free rewards points add up faster than you think!

Got any other tips or tricks for scoring free Netflix gift cards? Hit me up @netflixfreeloader on Twitter and share with the community!

Let the binge watching commence. Just pace yourself so those credits last – no finished full seasons in one weekend! Need help finding a new show to watch? Check out my Netflix favorites here.

Now go on child, go forth with your free gift cards and soak in the Netflix glory! See you in the comments.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.