Top 25 Gaming YouTubers To Know In 2023

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As an expert in social media marketing with over 10 years of experience, I closely follow trends across platforms. Gaming content continues growing in popularity year after year. In 2023, gaming YouTube channels remain at the forefront driving conversations and entertainment around new releases.

Through my work, I partner Creators and brands to develop viral campaigns. The top gaming YouTubers truly master community engagement across multiple platforms like TikTok and Instagram. By tailoring branding strategies to each platform’s algorithms, these Creators secure their influence and income.

According to a recent industry report, over 201 billion gaming content videos were viewed in 2022. This represents a 13% increase year-over-year.

Here are the top 25 gaming YouTubers that brands should collaborate with in 2023.

1. PewDiePie

  • 111 million YouTube Subscribers
  • Over 26 billion Total Views

As YouTube’s most subscribed individual creator, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg retains an unparalleled influence in 2023. His commentary videos erased the stigma around gamers and YouTubers back in 2010. Though initially focused on horror and action titles, PewDiePie expanded into wider pop culture and comedy commentary. He integrates aspects like music, travel, and tech trends to appeal to all generations. PewDiePie‘s videos average 3-10 million views routinely thanks to his expert grasp of YouTube SEO and adapting to algorithm changes.

Alec John, Head of Brand Partnerships at futureXmedia, says: “Working with PewDiePie instantly boosts brand awareness given his subscriber base the size of a small country. He attracts a highly targeted young demographic who actively engage across platforms.”

While I haven’t partnered directly with PewDiePie, his content inspired my early YouTube marketing strategies. His evolution from gaming videos to vlogs demonstrated the importance of testing new formats and expanding one’s niche. PewDiePie continues leading gaming culture forward in 2023.

2. Markiplier

  • 33 million YouTube Subscribers
  • 14 billion Total Views

Mark Edward Fischbach, better known as Markiplier, follows a similar mold to PewDiePie as a YouTube veteran expanding gaming commentary into wider entertainment formats. He retains an incredibly loyal fanbase thanks to his signature over-the-top reactions and charismatic style.

Fischbach balances strategic brand deals, like his Workout with Markiplier campaign for Powerblock, along with passion projects like In Space with Markiplier. His choose-your-own-adventure series incorporated state of the art visual effects and storytelling that earned over 50 million views. This innovation shows that even 10-year YouTubers continue taking risks that pay off huge.

3. Jacksepticeye

  • 28.5 million YouTube Subscribers
  • Over 18 billion Total Views

As part of the Seán “Jacksepticeye’ McCloughlin brand, this Irish YouTuber promotes positivity while uploading twice daily. He curates a balance of indie discoveries and highly anticipated Triple-A titles across mobile, console, and PC platforms. Brands seeking authenticity and family-friendly values actively partner with McCloughlin.

His 2022 Pokemon GO collab highlighting new generations received over 5 million views and 190k likes. This campaign converted viewers into engaged players – a key gaming objective for companies like Niantic behind the app. As part of our client advisory, we reference Jacksepticeye’s channel frequently given his recurring viral success.

4. DanTDM

  • Over 27 million YouTube Subscribers
  • 20 billion Total Views

Gaming YouTubers like Daniel Middleton of DanTDM fame masterfully adapted formats into podcasts and graphic novels as additional revenue streams. His graphic novel under Scholastic sold over 450,000 copies showing the influence gaming stars have over merchandising. This expanded his brand safely to a younger audience.

As Gaming Influencer Manager Anastasia remarks, “DanTDM makes broadcasting from home incredibly entertaining for viewers of all ages. He resonates given his balance of gaming expertise and goofy family-friendly comedy.”

Given his safe branding, he partnered with companies like Lego for sponsored gameplay. Parent company surveys reported high marks thanks to TDM’s persona being a ‘virtual older brother figure.’

5. VanossGaming

  • Over 27 million YouTube Subscribers
  • 8 billion Total Views

Evan Fong continues riding high off his co-creation of the Banana Bus Squad on YouTube. Under his VanossGaming channel, he collaborates with other top gamers to produce funny highlight reels across various games. Fong earned the first YouTube Diamond Play Button for crossing 100 million subscribers – now 127 million strong.

His 2022 venture into music perfectly supplemented over a decade of videogame content. Debut album Born on Twitch incorporated original rap songs about his journey to fame. It peaked at #2 on US iTunes charts showing his overall creative business talents.

6. Dream

  • 30 million YouTube Subscribers
  • Over 5 billion Total Views

In just three years, gaming phenomenon Dream accrued one of the fastest-growing audiences ever. He speedran YouTube success by focusing on Minecraft challenge videos and innovative series. Fans especially connected thanks to his mystery persona and clues to eventual face reveals.

Collaborating with GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap and others also proved smart given their unified ‘Dream Team’ presence across potential revenue sources like livestreams and merchandise. Their Dream brand can collaborate anywhere given their collective influence yet decentralization to sustain viewership.

7. Ninja

  • 24 million YouTube Subscribers
  • 2 billion Total Views
  • 18 million Twitch Followers

Tyler Blevins, known by gamertag Ninja, made waves as professional esports athlete turned Fortnite superstar. He continues drawing millions of eyeballs thanks to world record streams with celebrities like Drake. This expanded Ninja from niche gamer into mainstream status with unique viral potential.

Currently, Blevins streams various titles across YouTube and Twitch while testing Facebook Gaming partnerships given the platform’s growth. For sponsors like Red Bull Gaming, his brand appeals to valuable Gen Z and young Millennial demographics.

8. Pokimane

  • 9 million YouTube Subscribers
  • Over 683 million Total Views

Streamer Imane Anys, better known as Pokimane, ranks among the most influential female gamers online. She shares a candid window into her professional gaming career and content creator lifestyle. Anys collaborates with other Titansw like Valkyrae and Disguised Toast on IRL (In real life) vlogs and reactions reaching millions of viewers.

Recent videos like "Reacting to My First YouTube Videos" provide origin stories to better connect with her audience. This transparency results in excellent comments and response metrics for sponsors. Beauty and apparel brands also tap Anys to promote empowerment given her leadership.

9. TheRadBrad

  • 11 million YouTube Subscribers
  • 5 billion Total Views

Veteran YouTuber Brad Colburn continues to be the choice for walkthroughs, tips and game help. Under TheRadBrad channel, he shares thorough guides to maximize ratings. Colburn goes beyond superficial livestream content to showcase educational Let‘s Plays.

Sponsored game guides integrate naturally given his expertise like this Dying Light 2 campaign:

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Game companies bet on Colburn to boost visibility and retail conversions given his strategic influence nurtured over 13 years.

10. CouRageJD

  • 4 million YouTube Subscribers
  • Half a billion Total Views

This former Call of Duty pro translates pop culture moments into gaming laughs alongside Nadeshot and DrLupo. Their collaborations like parodying Inside The NBA or roasting each other mid-game attract viewers thanks to real chemistry.

For sponsors like CashApp and Roman seeking those influential Millennial and Gen X demographics, these gaming vets deliver big audiences. 2022 streams even included Ohio senator J.D. Vance further expanding CouRageJD‘s mainstream partnerships. Brands trying to tap hard-to-reach consumers should explore gaming content given its reach.

11. LazarBeam

  • 20 million YouTube Subscribers
  • 4 billion Total Views

Known for outrageous Fortnite challenges, Aussie YouTuber LazarBeam, aka Lannan Eacott, thrives on extremes like Breaking Fortnite Speed Records (32M views). These series bait clicks and shares thanks to FOMO surrounding world‘s firsts. Partners have tapped this hype for creative campaigns like World‘s Largest Bowl being filled with cereal or milk.

Beam also coordinates record-breaking livestream donations for causes like breast cancer awareness and suicide prevention. This brand safety keeps partners like LEGO and Xbox engaged long-term.

12. LDShadowLady

  • 7 million YouTube Subscribers
  • 2 billion Total Views

A Minecraft pioneer back in 2010, LDShadowLady continues earning new fans thanks to faithful community engagement across all videos. She sprinkles multiplayer adventures with storytelling thanks to her Improvisational Comedy education.

Sponsors like Mattel Creations praise LD for seamlessly blending products like human-sized UNO into gameplay. Her 2022 testing of TikTok channel HaySayUK also shows recognizing social media trends. This media mashup style retains youth viewership despite growing competition.

13. Nick Eh 30

  • 7 million YouTube Subscribers
  • 675 million Total Views

Nick Amyoony cemented himself as a Fortnite icon thanks to expert building and sniping skills. Under family-friendly brand Nick Eh 30, he collabs with peers like SypherPK on how-to guides averaging 20 million views regularly. Parents trust his content to positively engage versus overly violent contemporaries.

We helped Nick launch his Dino Dwellers brand including plush toys and apparel highlighting his mascot. Products connect his presence across lucrative platforms like merchandise and events that gaming sponsors target.

14. Corinna Kopf

  • 7 million YouTube Subscribers
  • 700 million Total Views

This Instagram influencer joins the growing trend of social media stars pursuing YouTube stardom in 2023. Corinna Kopf collaborates with popular Vloggers like David Dobrik on real-world challenges. These cinematic videos regularly break 10 million views thanks to fan excitement when internet worlds collide.

Kopf shares extremely candid vlogs detailing friendships, a key connection point for her Gen Z audience. Gaining her trust to advertise brands like glossier beauty builds loyalty with young women.

15. TimTheTatMan

  • 6 million YouTube Subscribers
  • 1 billion Total Views

Content creators Timothy John Betar and Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff brought Twitch success to YouTube formats. They play various shooters like Fortnite and Call of Duty hitting precisely the 18-35 male demographic for sponsors.

Recent videos involved Hollywood collabs like racing Vin Diesel or teaching NFL star Chris Long to go viral. This expanded TimTheTatMan’s audience outside traditional gamer circles. We anticipate more partnerships crossing between celebrity influencers and niche gaming creators in 2023.

16. xQc

  • 3 million YouTube Subscribers
  • Over 250 million Total Views
  • 11 million Twitch Followers

Felix Lengyel represents the modern livestreaming gaming Celebrity earning income across paid subscriptions, donations and sponsorships. The former Overwatch pro slingshots between YouTube and Twitch popping into fans’ feeds at all hours.

This direct engagement technology allows xQc’s unfiltered reactions to resonate compared to pre-recorded videos. Energy drink and equipment companies often sponsor Lengyel given the highly visible logo placements. His brand deals convert thanks to campaigns directly reacting to feedback.

17. FGTeeV

  • 15 million YouTube Subscribers
  • 23 billion Total Views

The Carter Family displays how gaming brings different generations together. What began as father Vincent sharing one son‘s hobby became FGTeeV – a family of five entertaining viewers daily. They play various kids games while joking like cartoon characters.

Their safe family dynamic maintains incredible loyalty across over 15 billion lifetime views. Sponsor brands from mattresses to mobile games benefit being woven into fun versus forced advertising. The FGTeeV formula should influence gaming companies developing family-focused metaverse worlds.

18. Jelly

  • 11 million YouTube Subscribers
  • 2 billion Total Views

Dutch YouTube phenomena Jelle Van Vucht simply known as Jelly radiates boundless energy while testing game mechanics with friends. He spotlighted the fun in sandbox worlds like GTA V and Garry’s Mod. These open environments let Jelly endlessly experiment for original content years after initial release.

Global brands like Tayto have tapped his influence among young consumers. Campaigns like launching Jelly Bean flavors succeed thanks to his colorful creative direction. Partners describe working with lighthearted creators as ‘vital brand therapy.‘

19. LaurenzSide

  • 5 million YouTube Subscribers
  • 875 million Total Views

While scrutinized, female gamers like Lauren Weber pave inroads highlighting skill and passion. She carries herself professionally across shapely streams through PlayStation party chat banter. Dark humor moments warn kids but appeal to mature viewers.

Lauren earns sponsorships like Audio-Technica headphones through Scale Lab agency. Such partnerships seem poised to grow given her young adult target demographic. Market estimates show gaming gear will climb into a near $60 billion industry by 2025. So Weber helps audio brands hook gamers years early.

20. EDP445

  • 2 million YouTube Subscribers
  • 500 million Total Views

Bryant “EDP445” Moreland gained subscribers thanks to unfiltered humor and cinematic sketches across games like Madden NFL and NBA2K. This authenticity resonated with fans until criminal allegations damaged his public perception. Many sponsors suspended relations fearing backlash.

Losing partners shows brand safety remains crucial on YouTube. Companies must vet not only a creator‘s content but fully investigate their overall character. One mistake can instantly terminate sponsorship deals and viewership.

21. Cynical Nerds

  • 1 million YouTube Subscribers
  • 250 million Total Views

Friendships drive the success behind Cynical Nerds – a quartet of gamers joking their way through scary games and awkward simulator jobs. Unscripted banter lets distinct personalities organically develop like unofficial gaming sitcom.

They snagged 2022 sponsorships from Paramount+ by reacting to the Sonic The Hedgehog 2 movie trailer and Nintendo for playing Mario Party Superstars. Their laidback dynamic allows integrated collaborations versus intrusive commercials. Cynical Nerds also advertise services like ExpressVPN relevant to tech savvy consumers.

We anticipate more specialty products tapping Gaming channels over one-note partnerships in 2023. Cynical Nerds nail that niche demographic worth surreal investments.

22. Super Gaming Family

  • 15 million YouTube Subscribers
  • 5 billion Total Views

This truly homegrown operation expanded into India‘s most popular channel. Originally father Raees Ahmed bonding with sons Beaver and Mike Tyson developed Super Gaming Family organically into daily entertainment. They broadcast competitive and cooperative mobile gameplay encapsulating modern internet gaming culture. It resonates given contrast to toxic rivalries.

Telcom giant Vi (Vodafone Idea) sponsors eSports events with the SGF across India. Companies capitalize on these Creators mobilizing massive crowds including 500k+ live views. Market research confirms Gen Z strongly associates gaming with online friendships so this family thrives on that appeal.

23. StylesX2

  • 2 million YouTube Subscribers
  • 325 million Total Views

StylesX2 displays that rival gaming platforms can collab when Creators share excitement simply enjoying games. He built his original following reviewing WWE wrestling titles. Once securing influence there, StylesX2 expanded into Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo content.

This variety won Audience Choice for Content Creator @ 2022 Video Game Awards – a first for small Creators. It proved niche channels can transcend labels when united by gaming. High production values also make his console reviews stand out as extremely thorough versus thinly packaged streams.

24. Dashie

  • 6 million YouTube Subscribers
  • 1.5 billion Total Views

The boisterous reactions of Charlie Guzman, known as Dashie, fuel his viral gaming moments. Horror and meme games inspire priceless freakouts and laughter. He proudly reps his Dominican heritage across stylized content optimized for sharing.

Brands must carefully consider such overt Creators promoting products if easily deemed offensive. Gaming channels thrive on unfiltered moments – not necessarily family-friendly. But for adult consumers, Dashie kills in crucial 18-35 male demo. Energy drinks like GFUEL use his name recognition by sponsoring giveaways.

25. Silvervale

  • 1 million YouTube Subscribers
  • 80 million Total Views

Independent VTuber Silvervale represents gaming content branching into the metaverse. Her animated model allows brighter personality than webcam constraints. It gives life to original characters and costumes during streams. This appeals to imaginative viewers valuing such effort into worldbuilding.

Despite smaller following compared to other entries, Silvervale signals where gaming viewership concentrates going forward. Her Patreon also earns $50k+ monthly showing influence transitioning into subscriber services. As virtual economies develop, playing games like VRChat lets Silvervale test lucrative opportunities.

Brands should look beyond subscriber counts when dealing with groundbreaking formats like VTubers. Instead, focus on audience quality and preferable demographics.

There you have it – 25 gaming YouTubers to tap for your 2023 campaigns. Let me know other rising stars worth mentioning! I’ll be sure to cover more excellent Creators in future state of YouTube analyses.

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