How to Go to the Fane of Ashvattha in Genshin Impact – A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

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Do you want to uncover the secrets of the mystical Fane of Ashvattha in Genshin Impact? This ancient temple holds clues about the history and lore of Sumeru. Reaching the hidden entrance requires activating Dendro powers, battling enemies, and navigating challenging terrain.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through exactly how to access the Fane of Ashvattha, including detailed directions, tips, and background information. Follow along below to fully experience this intriguing questline for yourself!

Introduction to the Aranyaka Quests and Fane of Ashvattha

The Fane of Ashvattha is part of Genshin Impact‘s Aranyaka quest series, which explores the rich lore of Sumeru‘s rainforest region. By helping forest spirits called Aranara uncover lost knowledge, you‘ll learn more about the history and powers of the Irminsul trees that sustain all life here.

Unlocking the Fane is key to progressing the Aranyaka story. Inside you‘ll meet a mysterious scholar named Arama who guides your journey. She holds secrets about the ancient sages and gods of Sumeru‘s past. Visiting the hidden Fanes across the forests will reveal more about this history.

But finding the entrances takes some work! The Fane of Ashvattha is hidden in a cave behind Vissudha Field, one of the first major areas you‘ll explore in Sumeru‘s main questline. Let‘s break down the steps to access this lost temple.

Step 1 – Begin at the Vissudha Field Waypoint

Our journey starts at the Vissudha Field Waypoint, which you‘ll unlock automatically by speaking to Rana and Prana after arriving in Sumeru. This windswept plateau has stunning views of the surrounding forest and rivers far below.

When you‘re ready, open your map and teleport to the Vissudha Field Waypoint. Then turn east towards the sheer cliff face. Look for a large waterfall cascading in the distance – that‘s our destination!

Equip a glider character like Venti for easier access. Heal up and prepare for combat before proceeding. The area ahead contains elite enemies that pose a real threat if you’re not prepared with the right elements and gear.

Step 2 – Glide Down the Cliffs to the Waterfall Cave Entrance

From the Vissudha Field Waypoint, run towards the cliff edge to the east until you reach the precipice. Then activate your glider and gently float downward at an angle towards the waterfall.

Be careful not to plunge straight down – try to land on one of the branches extending out from the cliffs for a safe descent. Another option is aiming for the rocky outcropping in the middle of the waterfall.

As you get close, you‘ll see the entrance to a cave nestled behind the cascading water. But take caution – a Hydro Fungus lurks near the cave mouth, ready to attack.

I recommend gliding to the left and landing on the tree branch. This provides more cover to engage the Hydro Fungus from range. Once defeated, you can safely enter the cave. Light your torch and be prepared to fight more elite enemies ahead!

Step 3 – Follow the Lighted Path to the First Dendro Totem

Inside the initial cavern, you‘ll find glowing mushrooms lining the path forward. Follow the mushrooms to a larger chamber on your left.

Use caution here – a group of annoying Dendro Samachurls may be chanting spells. Take them out quickly with Pyro attacks before they can shield themselves. Once clear, continue forward into the side chamber.

You‘ll notice a Dendro totem glowing brightly on the wall. Interact with it to activate the Dendro element. This is the first of four totems we need to find to unlock the Fane.

Step 4 – Clear the Vines to Reach the Next Chamber

After activating the first totem, exit the side chamber and you‘ll see the path ahead is blocked by thick vines covering a wall. To clear them, you need to channel Dendro‘s power.

Look upward for a target above the vines. Equip a bow user like Collei or Dori and hit the target with Dendro shots. This will make the vines disappear, opening the way forward.

Alternatively, you can use the Traveler‘s Dendro abilities or skills like Tighnari‘s charged shots to hit the target. Either way, the vines will recede after being struck by Dendro, letting you progress.

Step 5 – Locate and Activate the Second Dendro Totem

Follow the path until you reach a larger chamber with a sealed green barrier on the far side. To lower this Dendro shield, we need to activate a second hidden totem.

Check the rocky walls to the left and you‘ll notice some climbable vines. Carefully make your way up the wall – I recommend using a tall character like Zhongli to avoid falling.

Follow the path at the top and drop down to the lower ledge. Here you‘ll find the second Dendro totem. Interact with it to remove the nearby barrier.

Step 6 – Defeat the Fungi and Continue Through the Barrier

With the barrier lowered, we can now cross the flooded chamber. But first you‘ll need to defeat some nasty Fungi enemies that spawn in this area.

Try to draw the Hydro Fungus onto dry land so you aren‘t constantly inflicted with Wet status. Use Dendro on the Electro Fungus to lower its defense, then pummel it with Pyro attacks.

Once both fungi are down, head through the opening where the barrier was blocking access before. Stay alert as you follow the path deeper inside the cave.

Step 7 – Harness Dendro Again to Clear Obstacles

As you go deeper, the path ends at a menacing stone entangled in roots and vines. To clear the way, you need to channel Dendro energy once more.

Look for a prompt saying "Summon Dendrograna" and interact to gain the Dendro element. Then attack the stone to destroy it.

Further ahead, you‘ll face a second root-covered stone. Rinse and repeat – summon Dendrograna again and smash the stone to continue forward.

Step 8 – Locate and Activate the Third Dendro Totem

The path brings you to a larger cavern with water on the floor. Stay vigilant for more Fungi here. Search the outer walls of this area for a cracked wall you can destroy.

Behind the cracked wall is a small opening with the third Dendro totem inside. Activate this totem to unlock access to the final one you need.

Step 9 – Return and Find the Fourth Hidden Dendro Totem

From the third totem, retrace your steps to return to the previous chamber with vines on the walls. Earlier we climbed the vines on the left side to reach the second totem.

This time, grapple up the vines on the right wall. Follow the path to the upper ledge, where you‘ll find the fourth and final Dendro totem. Interact with it to activate all four totems.

Step 10 – Drain the Water to Uncover the Fane Entrance

With all four totems activated, return to the flooded cavern chamber at the bottom level of the cave. Look for a large cubic stone with markings on it.

Interact with the strange cube to begin draining all of the water. This may take 30 seconds or so as water levels lower dramatically. Soon the entrance to the Fane of Ashvattha will be revealed!

Step 11 – Enter the Fane of Ashvattha

With the water fully drained, walk to the back wall of the cavern to uncover the entrance to the Fane of Ashvattha. Your navigation markers will also guide you to the correct spot.

Inside you‘ll find Arama again, who confirms we‘ve reached the Fane at last. This completes the intricate process of unlocking the Fane‘s entrance by harnessing Dendro powers.

From here, your journey to unravel the secrets of the Fane is just beginning! Take time to explore this wondrous ancient temple and take in the sights. And be ready for the next steps of the Aranyaka quests ahead.

Helpful Tips and Tricks for the Fane of Ashvattha

Here are some final tips to help you safely navigate to the Fane:

  • Pack healing and revive items in case tough enemies overwhelm you

  • Level up bow users like Collei to more easily activate distant Dendro totems

  • Equip Pyro characters like Yanfei to counter elite Fungi

  • Co-op makes puzzles and combat easier if you‘re struggling

  • Save frequently in case you fall at tricky platforming spots

  • Activate the Vissudha Field Statue of The Seven for regional bonuses

  • The Fane stays unlocked once you‘ve opened it, so revisit anytime!

Let me know if you have any other questions about finding this fascinating location. With the right party and a little persistence, you‘ll be exploring the Fane of Ashvattha‘s ancient secrets in no time. Enjoy this memorable adventure in Sumeru!


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