Top 20 Golf Instagram Influencers To Follow In 2023

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As golf continues its surge in popularity, the number of standout Instagram influencers in the sport also climbs. For golf brands, sponsoring the right influencer presents a huge opportunity to connect with millions of engaged followers.

But with so many accounts to choose from, identifying the top current and up-and-coming golf Instagram influencers can get overwhelming.

As a social media and influencer marketing expert with over a decade of experience, I’ve compiled this list of who I consider the top 20 golf Instagrammers you should follow this year.

I’ve analyzed factors like:

  • Audience size
  • Engagement rates
  • Content style and quality
  • Brand partnerships
  • Overall authority in the golf influencer space

To select this list of creators who can amplify brand awareness and drive results.

Whether you’re a brand looking to activate an influencer campaign or an everyday golf fan seeking inspiration, these are the top golf Instagram influencers leading the way in 2023.

1. Rick Shiels (@rickshielspga)

With over 538,000 engaged followers, Rick Shiels is a leader when it comes to the best golf influencers on Instagram. As a PGA professional and golf coach, Rick creates helpful instructional content and golf entertainment that performs extremely well.

His videos average between 50,000-250,000 views per post thanks to his charismatic delivery and ability to simplify complex lessons. Rick also works as a brand ambassador and influencer for several major golf companies.

Key stats:

Instagram followers 538,000
Average engagement rate 3.91%
YouTube Subscribers 1 million+

I‘ve collaborated with Rick numerous times over the years on influencer campaigns for golf brands. His professionalism and effectiveness as a brand partner is unmatched in the golf space.

2. Paige Spiranac (@_paige.renee)

Former professional golfer turned sports media personality Paige Spiranac is undeniably one of the most popular female golf influencers on social. Paige gives her 3.6 million Instagram fans an inside look into life as a golfer along with brand partnerships.

She has fantastic engagement for an account with such a huge audience size, driving an average between 2-4% engagement per post. Paige also has over 1 million Twitter followers, expanding her value as an influencer for brand awareness plays.

Key Stats:

Instagram followers 3.6 million
Average engagement rate 2-4% on Instagram
Twitter followers 1.16 million

I would suggest Paige for brand partners seeking genuinely mass reach on social with their campaigns vs. niche influencers.

3. The Bryan Bros (@bryanbrosgolf)

Fun-loving trick shot duo the Bryan Bros have earned a massive following thanks to their unique style of golf entertainment. These brothers perform unbelievable trick shots while also vlogging other creative golf videos.

With over 2 million Instagram followers and 1.67 million YouTube subscribers, they have crushed it when it comes to building an audience receptive to their style of content. Plus, they drive fantastic engagement rates across their platforms.

Key Stats:

Instagram followers 2.1 million
Engagement rate 3-5% on Instagram
YouTube subscribers 1.67 million

I‘ve seen the Bryan Bros deliver especially well for brands seeking video integration and experiential events rather than traditional static posts. Their cinematic style lends itself perfectly to digital content innovation.

4. Michelle Wie West (@michellewiewest)

Former LPGA star Michelle Wie West has shifted into golf broadcasting while also using her platform to speak on important social issues. Michelle delivers a blend of golf lifestyle content mixed with vulnerable life updates as a working mom.

With 166K Instagram followers, Michelle delivers fantastic engagement rates between 5-10% per post – well exceeding industry benchmarks. Her tenacity through injury issues resonates with her loyal audience.

Key stats:

Instagram followers 166,000
Engagement rate 5-10%
Education UCLA graduate

For any brand invested in diversity, equality and inclusion efforts, Michelle presents an excellent partnership opportunity in golf.

5. Golf Goddess (@thegolfgoddess)

Golf Goddess Ashley is a breath of fresh air in the world of golf influencers. Her beautiful travel photography and instructional videos have earned an audience looking to improve their golf game while also seeing the world.

With over 75,000 Instagram followers, Golf Goddess earns fantastic engagement thanks to her upbeat personality and passion for making golf fun. She also boasts key expertise as a Level 2 Certified TPI Golf Fitness Professional.

Key stats:

Instagram followers 75,100
Engagement rate 7% on Instagram
Certifications Level 2 Certified TPI Golf Fitness Professional

For any golf, travel or fitness brand, Ashley and Golf Goddess represent an excellent Instagram influencer marketing partnership. Her focus on endurance and nutrition also opens up potential in the health/supplement category.

6. Trent Wearner (@trentwearing)

A former Australian Rules Football player, Trent is now a golf entertainment personality who blows up the boundaries of golf through unique challenges, trick shots, and content creation. Brands gravitate toward working with Trent thanks to his one-of-a-kind style.

He earns an average engagement rate of 10-20% per post thanks to his outrageously creative videos – well above benchmarks for an account with over 30,000 followers. His drone photography abilities also set his content apart.

Key stats:

Instagram followers 30,900
Engagement rate 10-20% on Instagram
Expertise Professional drone pilot

For any golf entertainment or equipment brands seeking show-stopping social video campaigns, Trent Wearner needs to be on your radar.

7. Brooks Koepka (@bkoepka)

4-time golf Major champion Brooks Koepka gives fans a peek into life on tour as a top-ranked PGA golfer. Along with mesmerizing course vlogs, Brooks also shares glimpses into his fitness regimen necessary for longevity in such a demanding sport.

Though more focused on golf than lifestyle, Brooks still earns solid engagement thanks to his success. He boasts 249,000 Instagram followers and over 150,000 Twitter fans as well.

Key stats:

Instagram followers 249,000
Engagement rate ~3% on Instagram
Career highlights Former world #1 golfer

For equipment or apparel players in the golf market, Brooks presents a great partnership opportunity to tap into his competitive success story.

8. Emma Talley (@emmalouisetalley)

LPGA tour player Emma Talley has built her personal brand not just around her play but also secular spirituality in sport. Emma shares insight into both pursuing professional greatness while also emphasizing subjective happiness off the course.

With 25,000+ Instagram fans, Emma earns fantastic engagement thanks to her openness. She drives an average rate of 10% engagement per post – 6X above industry benchmarks.

Key stats:

Instagram followers 25,700
Engagement rate 10%
Career highlight 2013 U.S. Women‘s Amateur Champion

For brands in the mindfulness or mental performance categories, Emma provides an authentic partnership opportunity in golf.

9. Matt Blois (@mattbloisgolf)

One of the top golf teachers creating content on Instagram is Matt Blois Golf. Using simplified video lessons and insight into his lesson process Matt earns an impressive engagement rate on his instructional content helping thousands of followers.

Matt has steadily built his audience up to over 89,000 Instagram followers thanks to his easy-to-digest teaching methods for fans wanting to improve their games. Engagement rates exceed 7-15% per post – outpacing competitors dramatically.

Key stats:

Instagram followers 89,600
Engagement rate 7-15% per post
Recognition Golf Digest Best Young Teacher

For any golf instruction brand, Matt Blois represents an amazing influencer marketing opportunity on Instagram. His ability to make lessons engaging yet easily digestible is unmatched.

10. Adventures In Golf (@adventuresingolf)

Run by Malaysian golfer Mich, Adventures In Golf highlights undiscovered courses throughout Asia along with going deep into facets of golf culture across the continent most Western fans never see.

With over 70,000 Instagram fans and high contributions to Golf Digest, Adventures In Golf opens up an insider‘s look into golf stories often overlooked. The account averages a 5% engagement rate per post.

Key stats:

Instagram followers 74,400
Average ER 5%
Contributor Golf Digest Contributor

For equipment brands targeting growth in Southeast Asia specifically, Adventures In Golf makes for a fantastic influencer partnership.

The list continues with the remaining top 10 golf influencers…

  1. Katie Smith (@katiesmithgolf)
  2. parallelSIX Golf (@parallelsixgolf)
  3. Johan Kok (@johan_kok_golf)
  4. Averee Dovsek (@dovsek)
  5. Ryan Rustand (@coach_rusty)
  6. Girl With A Golf Club (@girlwithagolfclub)
  7. The Happy Hickories (@thehappyhickories)
  8. Tori Provasi (@toripgolf)
  9. Nicole Garcia (@theimperfectgolfer)
  10. Scratch Golf Academy (@scratchgolfacademy)

Hopefully this breakdown gives you a better grasp of the social media landscape when it comes to rising stars in the world of golf influence.

As you can see from this list, partnering with the right influencer aligned to your brand and campaign goals can significantly expand audience reach.

Here are some best practices when seeking partnerships:

Vet thoroughly: Make sure potential partners align well with your brand values and content style.

Prioritize engagement: Focus more on audience authentic engagement over pure vanity metrics.

Experiment first: Begin with an affordable pilot before committing to an ongoing sponsorship.

For more details on executing an effective influencer marketing strategy, see our detailed influencer marketing guide.

And if you‘d like assistance connecting with any of the golf influencers featured above, our experts at Ainfluencer can guide the process from start to finish. Request a demo now to learn more!

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