Harley Quinn Combos in MultiVersus – A Comprehensive Guide

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Hey you! If you want to maximize Harley Quinn‘s damage output in MultiVersus, this guide has got you covered. We‘ll be breaking down Harley‘s best combos, techniques, and strategies to help you knock out opponents in style. Let‘s dive right in!

Harley Quinn‘s Strengths in MultiVersus

As an Assassin class character, Harley Quinn excels at singling out targets and unleashing frighteningly fast and hard-hitting combos up close. According to Reddit polls, over 70% of Harley players feel her oppressive combo potential is her biggest strength.

With excellent mobility from cartwheel dodges and Wall Jump perks, Harley can aggressively pressure enemies inside her threat range. At low percentages, she focuses on racking up damage with quick strings. Once opponents are damaged, her goal shifts to landing a powerful knockback attack like her Home Run or Up Special to secure a KO.

Harley lacks ranged attacks outside of her Prank Shot side special, so mastering combos is a must to succeed with her up close and personal playstyle.

How Combos Work in MultiVersus

Before we get into Harley Quinn combos, let‘s quickly explain how combos function in MultiVersus:

  • Attacks inflict hitstun – a stun period where the opponent is unable to act

  • You can string together attacks before hitstun ends to form combos

  • Knockback attacks end combos by launching opponents away

  • You can influence knockback direction with DI to extend or escape combos

  • Well-timed dodges and gravity cancels also let you extend combos

  • Unique mechanics like Harley‘s Confetti debuff enable advanced combos

Understanding these core concepts will help you improvise and maximize combos while reading opponent DI.

Harley Quinn‘s Moveset

To execute combos, you need to know Harley‘s moves. Here‘s a quick refresher:

Ground Attacks:

  • Whack! – Neutral Attack – Quick bat swing

  • Clown Combo – Side Attack – Series of kicks

  • Heads Up! – Up Attack – Exploding present juggle

  • Slider – Down Attack – Baseball slide trip

Aerial Attacks:

  • Aerial Pummeler – Neutral Air – Spins with bat swings

  • Flying Kicks – Forward Air – Barrage of kicks

  • Bat Slam – Back Air – Overhead bat swing

  • Confetti Grenade! – Up Air – Explodes confetti upward

  • Boxing Ringer – Down Air – Downward punch


  • Stuffie Bat – Neutral Special – Single heavy swing

  • Prank Shot – Side Special – Pistol shot projectile

  • Batter Up! – Up Special – Rising vertical bat swing

  • Jack-in-the-Box – Down Special – Popped box creates shockwave

Passive Ability:

  • Confetti – Applies debuff leading to extra damage Ignite explosions.

Now let‘s break down Harley‘s best combos utilizing these moves!

Beginner Harley Quinn Combos

If you‘re just getting started with Harley, these basic combos are a great place to begin:

  • Side Attack > Side Attack > Up Attack – Two kicks into a present juggle for solid damage.

  • Down Special > Side Attack > Up Attack – Jack-in-the-Box sets up an explosive combo.

  • Neutral Air > Side Attack – Juggle with aerial punches into kicks.

  • Up Attack > Jump > Up Air – Bounce foes off a present into more explosions.

  • Side Special > Neutral Attack > Side Attack – Start combos from range with pistol.

These simple combos teach you to string Harley‘s attacks together and manipulate vertical or horizontal knockback for extra hits. They form the foundation for more advanced combos down the line.

Intermediate Harley Quinn Combos

Once you‘ve mastered Harley‘s basics, try out these trickier combos:

  • Down Air > Side Attack > Side Attack > Up Attack – Fast fall Down Air starts an aerial combo.

  • Side Attack > Side Attack > Forward Air – Forward Air launches horizontally.

  • Down Special > Side Attack > Side Attack > Up Special – Extend juggle with Up Special.

  • Neutral Special > Dash > Down Tilt > Neutral Attack – Close distance then continue string.

  • Up Attack > Jump > Forward Air > Down Air – Bounce into aerial finish with spike.

The key is quickly chaining together attacks to manipulate Harley‘s launch angles and hitstun, while fast falling to cut aerial lag. Use platforms and well-timed dodges to extend options.

Advanced Harley Quinn Combos

Experienced Harley players can unleash devastating combos like:

  • Down Air > Fast Fall > Down Tilt > Side Attack > Forward Air > Down Air – Fast falling tightens timing.

  • Back Air > Fast Fall > Neutral Attack > Forward Air > Down Air – Lethal off-stage edgeguard combo.

  • Up Special > Double Jump > Back Air > Down Special > Neutral Attack – Chase opponents vertically.

  • Dash > Down Light > Side Attack > Forward Air > Wall Cling > Back Air – Stylish wall combo.

  • Down Special > Side Attack > Up Attack > Jump > Up Special – Maximize juggle height.

These advanced combos require great execution and timing, but deal massive damage. Work on them in training mode to get the tight links consistently.

Using Harley‘s Confetti and Ignite

Harley Quinn‘s unique Confetti passive ability adds another layer to her combos.

Landing attacks applies Confetti to opponents. If Harley repeatedly hits them while Confetti is active, it triggers bonus Ignite damage.

Aim to Ignite Confetti with combos like:

  • Down Special > Side Attack > Side Attack > Down Light > Dash > Down Light – Ignite off Jack-in-the-Box.

  • Up Air > Neutral Air > Forward Air – Aerial Confetti into Ignite.

  • Down Light > Dash > Down Light > Side Attack > Forward Air – Low starter into spike Ignite.

Smart use of Confetti can add over 15% extra damage per combo. Make sure to extend your strings to trigger Ignite explosions!

2v2 Team Combos with Harley

Harley Quinn‘s aggressive combos translate well into 2v2 team battles. Have your teammate hold enemies in place with attacks like Taz‘s Chicken Decoy or Bugs Bunny‘s Safe then quickly follow up with Harley combos.

Example team combos:

  • Taz Chicken Decoy > Harley Down Special > Side Attack > Up Attack – Lockdown to big damage.

  • Superman Grab > Harley Down Air > Fast Fall > Down Light > Forward Air – Grapple setup into juggle.

  • Bugs Bunny Safe > Harley Down Light > Side Attack > Forward Air – Safe into spike finisher.

  • Jake House > Harley Jump > Back Air > Down Air – Extend House stun for a spike.

Smart coordination and timing allows for devastating team combos to quickly KO opponents. Harley pairs great with teammates who can trap enemies for her.

Tips for Improving Your Harley Quinn Combos

Here are some tips to help polish your Harley combo execution:

  • Use downtilt and dash frequently – This closes gaps in strings quickly.

  • Buffer inputs – Input the next move right as the previous one hits.

  • Vary DI and fast fall timings – Keep opponents guessing on follow ups.

  • Save your double jump – For maximum combo extension.

  • Watch top player VODs – Study how the pros string moves together.

  • Lab specific combos – Grind them out until they feel natural.

  • Review recordings of your matches – Spot areas your execution could improve.

  • Practice core mechanics like fast falling, gravity cancels, and dash dancing. They‘ll unlock new combo routes.

Refine these fundamentals and your Harley combos will reach new heights!

How Harley Quinn Fits into the Meta

Harley Quinn‘s oppressive combo game makes her a threat, but she isn‘t top tier in MultiVersus yet. According to stats site MultiVersus Central, Harley has only a 47% win rate in 1v1s.

Why doesn‘t she dominate? Firstly, her light weight makes her susceptible to early KOs. Secondly, zoning characters give her trouble. It‘s difficult for Harley to initiate combos against opponents who can space her out.

However, against fellow Assassins and Bruisers in close quarters, Harley overwhelms them with advantage state combos. Her matchups against characters like Batman, Taz, and Steven Universe are strong.

Overall, mastery of Harley‘s combos allows you to push her potential to the limit. But you must play smart against bad matchups and avoid getting comboed yourself!

Applying Harley‘s Combos Effectively

While combo mastery is important, kicking butt with Harley requires good fundamentals:

  • Make reads – Predict opponent habits and punish poor options.

  • Control space – Use her mobility to own the optimal threat zone.

  • React quickly out of throws – Start your own combos when opportunities arise.

  • Seek out 2v1 chances – Harley thrives in team combos.

  • Don‘t get greedy – Extending combos too far can backfire. Cash out with a KO move when you have the chance.

  • Play mindgames – Mixup DI, recovery angles, and landing options to keep opponents guessing.

If you can apply Harley‘s oppressive combos intelligently using skillful fundamentals, you‘ll be clobbering the competition and laughing all the way to #1!

That wraps up our advanced guide to mastering combos with the always entertaining Harley Quinn in MultiVersus. Let us know in the comments below if this guide helped you step up your Harley combo game! We hope it makes you an expert in juggling foes like helpless stuffed animals. Bring the pain!


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