Hashtags 101: Inspiration and Examples for all Blogging Niches


If you want your hashtags to grow your account you might need to invest a little effort into tailoring your set and finding what works best for you.

Using hashtags is a proven way of getting your Instagram account more successful. We have published a post Instagram Hashtag Research: Strategies for Beginners, so you might want to check that out too.

If you want your hashtags to successfully grow your Instagram account, or other social media network account as well, you might need to invest a little effort into tailoring your set and finding what works best for you. This is what encouraged me to start writing this post. With having a guide on how and where to start from in your search for perfect hashtags (that work!), it will be a lot easier.

Where to Use Hashtags?

There are evident differences in opinions among experts. Some are convinced that it should be in your main caption area, and others say that should be in your first comment. If you are very careful about your post aesthetics, you might want to put them in the comment section.

But if you do that, you have to keep in mind that you will lose a minute or two (or even more) while you type them in, and your post will already be published. Doesn’t matter? Actually, it does. Every second count for your post to stay at the top of the “latest post” section. So, you might want to consider that if you are not a fast typer.

How to Choose Them?

How to Choose sashtag

There are so many different niches that blogging can cover, that it is almost impossible to list them all. In the post I mentioned at the beginning of this text, we explained how to choose hashtags:

Among your 30 hashtags (and yes, put them all) you should have approximately 1 or 2 product/service hashtags, more than 2 niche hashtags, more than 2 branded hashtags, more than 5 community hashtags, a relevant location hashtag, and a special event or holiday hashtag, if it is possible.

But what does this mean? Simply said: add a few hashtags which have a high density (they are used a lot). That will probably be product/service hashtags and niche hashtags. For example, let’s say you are a fashion blogger. You’ll put #fashionblogger and #fashion. These are highly used hashtags, and if you use just these kinds, your post will get lost in there.

This is why you’ll want to use some low-density hashtags, like location or community hashtags. That may be #portugalfashiontopblogger which is used only 1400 times. That is extremely low and it will help you narrow down your niche to a smaller audience.

Why would I do that?

Because you don’t want your post to get lost, right? As I said, if you use only popular hashtags, nobody will notice it. By choosing tight communities and putting your post also there, by tagging it properly, it will get noticed. That will give it a necessary boost (which you’ll get from engagement) to stand out in a much bigger field also.

So, let’s take a look at some of the greatest hashtags in the most popular niches, that may give you some inspiration.



Blogging is a pretty wide expression and you might have to find additional hashtags to narrow it down. Maybe some of the other chapters of this post can help you find your niche.


Blogging Beauty

Along with these general hashtags, we’ll list for you, you might want to add a few that will name the brand you use (if you do). Or, the products and techniques.


Fashion Blogger

If you are in the fashion niche, always tag a brand that you are wearing. You may be surprised how often your content can be reposted by those brands. They just love user-generated content! And it’ll be a great boost for you.

P.S Check the brand’s website and social media before you do. Maybe you can find branded hashtags they use.


Blogger Lifestyle

Lifestyle is a combination of fashion and beauty, but also much more. It is a way to describe everything you do, from using your favorite makeup products, to where you go, what you do, and what you eat.



Self-care and motivation can also be a very wide niche. You will also need to go beyond general and narrow it down, just like with blogging. Use just a few from the list of our examples, and the rest needs to be adapted to smaller communities.


Blogger Food

With food blogs and posts it is important to tag the food you eat and the place where you eat. Although using a location is a good idea, also put in a restaurant hashtag.


Blogger Travel

Although travel bloggers have been a little on the bench this year, I have noticed that they’ve found a way to keep their followers happy. They put and old photos of their travels, visit locally, or finding some other creative way to not leave their audience waiting. With the hopes that traveling will be back to normal soon, here are some examples of the best hashtags in that niche.



Instagram is a perfect place for photographers. It is completely dedicated to visual content, and by using the right hashtags, you can get more eyes on the photographs you create.

Metahastags Homepage

I hope this helped you to find great hashtags for whatever blogging niche you’re in.xx If you want to find some more specific ones, you can use the Hashtag Generator like Meta Hashtags. If you have found any hashtags that you would like to share, please leave a comment below.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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