Top Hotel Influencers to Collaborate With in 2023

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Influencer marketing has become an indispensable strategy for hotels looking to organically expand their reach, inspire potential guests, and drive bookings.

This guide will explore 25 top influencers making an impact in the hospitality space – but first, let‘s look at why partnering with hotel influencers is so valuable for properties looking to boost their visibility and credibility this year.

Why Collaborate with Hotel Influencers?

The power of influencers stems from their ability to connect with niche audiences on an authentic, emotional level – something traditional advertising often lacks.

92% of consumers trust recommendations from others over branded content according to a BrightLocal consumer survey. Influencers can be that trusted voice.

More specific benefits include:

Expanded Reach

Tapping into existing engaged audiences allows hotels to get their brand and content in front of more potential customers. Even a single influencer post can introduce a property or destination to tens or hundreds of thousands of accounts.

Inspiring Storytelling

Compelling narratives and visuals that bring the property to life are crucial to capturing audience‘s attention and interest these days. Influencers create content that helps audiences visually experience staying there.

Drives Direct Bookings

Many influencers promote special offers and booking links driving tangible actions. The use of unique tracking links helps hotels attribute reservations directly back to collaborations.

Authentic Promotion

User-generated content directly from an influencer‘s visit resonates more than polished marketing images alone ever could.

Highly Targeted Audiences

From luxury travelers, to families, adventurers and beyond – niche influencers allow hotels to reach highly specific demographics with relevant messaging and offerings.

Now that we‘ve covered the immense value influencer marketing brings hospitality brands, let‘s explore the top creators making an impact in this space right now.

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