How To Become A Wig Influencer? The Ultimate Guide In 2023

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Wigs are an increasingly popular way to transform your look and express your style. As social media opened the doors for influencers in every industry, wig influencers have carved out an engaging niche educating and empowering audiences.

If you have an unrelenting passion for wigs and are looking to monetize it, you’re in the right place.

In this comprehensive guide as a social media marketing expert, I’ll walk you through exactly how to start your journey as a wig influencer step-by-step. From building wig expertise to growing your audience, let’s dive in.

An Introduction to Wig Influencers

As a social media authority in the hair industry focusing on wigs, I’ve seen this community thrive first-hand.

But what exactly is a wig influencer?

A wig influencer is an individual who has established credibility and influence in the wig space through social media.

They provide tremendous value to their engaged community by:

  • Educating on different wig types, materials, terminology
  • Creating transformations showcasing various styles
  • Sharing detailed application tutorials and tricks
  • Reviewing new releases and collections
  • Revealing insider brand partnerships and collabs
  • Responding to audience questions and concerns
  • Staying on top of the latest styles and trends

The most popular wig influencers have built an audience reaching millions over time. They possess serious expertise when it comes to wigs that gives them sway amongst consumers, brands and within the community.

Top influencers have leveraged their authority to secure sponsorships, launch product collabs, get free products to review and make wig influencing a lucrative, full-time job.

In fact, leading wig influencers can make anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000+ per year. The earning potential as you grow is immense.

As someone passionate about wigs, I’m thrilled this industry has opened up such incredible opportunities.

Now let’s get into exactly how you can join their ranks and kill it as an influencer!

The Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming a Wig Influencer

If creating engaging content centered around your love for wigs sounds like your dream job, strap in.

Here is the detailed plan of action:

Step 1: Immerse Yourself in All Things Wigs

Before anything else, dedicating time to intensely educate yourself on wigs is pivotal. Devour as much knowledge as possible by:

  • Learning terminology: lace fronts, frontal, wig grip, melt, baby hairs etc.
  • Researching materials: synthetic vs human hair differences
  • Understanding construction elements: monofilament top, density, elastic band, cap size etc.
  • Exploring styling techniques: wet vs dry application, best practices for brushing, proper storage etc.
  • Studying various wig types: headband wigs, U-part wigs, HD transparent lace wigs etc.
  • Investigating wig trends: bob cuts, vibrant colors, effortless waves etc.

Follow leading wig brands like Outre, Mayvenn Hair, UPWIG, Wigisfashion, Sensationnel and more.

Immerse yourself in wig hashtags across platforms observing what’s resonating.

And connect with top wig influencers like Tokyo Stylez, Perfectly Kells and Game Changer Wigs to learn from the best.

The goal is to transform yourself into a certified wig expert – that’s what builds authority and trust with audiences.

Step 2: Determine Your Niche and Platform

As your knowledge grows, reflect on your unique interests and strengths within the wig space.

Narrow down a specific niche and platform to initially center your content around.

Some examples of wig influencer niches include:

  • Synthetic wig reviews and styling guides
  • Frontal wig transformations for beginners
  • Detailing affordable Amazon wig finds
  • Specializing in short colored wig looks
  • Focusing on wig care tips and tricks

When it comes to platform, visually-focused ones like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube tend to work very well.

YouTube is fantastic for in-depth tutorials. Instagram allows you to showcase beautiful transformations through posts and reels. TikTok’s quick videos are perfect for bite-sized tips and behind-the-scenes content.

Determine where your talents shine brightest and start there! As you grow your audience across platforms, you can expand your niche over time.

Step 3: Consistently Produce High-Quality Content

Content is king when trying to build an audience and establish expertise around wigs.

Set a regular content production schedule for yourself. You need to keep infusing value if you want to keep and grow an audience long-term.

Map out content ideas centered around your niche that would resonate like:

  • Before and after wig transformation photos/videos
  • Step-by-step application tutorials
  • Testing and reviewing new wig releases
  • Quick tips for achieving various texture looks – wavy, straight, coily curls etc.
  • Responding to audience FAQs in Q&A videos
  • Unboxings and first impression videos of products
  • Trendy wig style ideas based on what’s currently popular
  • Comparisons of wig brands, prices, longevity etc.
  • Daily/weekly vlogs highlighting your current go-to wig

Deliver content that educates, entertains and inspires. Value-focused content that genuinely helps people is the key to winning as an influencer.

Step 4: Strategically Partner With Relevant Brands

As you produce great content and gain a following, you become very attractive for brand collaborations.

Brand sponsorships, giveaways and partnerships give you the additional credibility, exposure, products and revenue to scale your influence and earnings.

Many brands even offer free products in exchange for sponsored social content and reviews.

Do your research and create a list of wig brands that align with your niche and audience. A mix of emerging and established brands works very well.

Here is a list of some of the most popular wig brands right now:

  • Outre
  • Mayvenn Hair
  • Wigisfashion
  • ContestaRocks
  • Sensationnel
  • You Go Natural
  • Model Model
  • West Kiss Hair

You can directly connect with brands seeking influencers through platforms like Ainfluencer. It allows you to conveniently discover and pitch relevant brands at scale.

As you grow to 100k+ followers, brands will start actively reaching out to partner as well.

Step 5: Interact Deeply With Your Community

While high-quality content is crucial, community interaction cements influencer success.

You must go above and beyond engaging with your audience consistently:

  • Respond to every comment – hearing directly from you has a huge impact
  • Like and engage with user-generated content – reposts and shares help expand your reach
  • Ask questions to spark conversation – this increases comments and surfaces questions to address in future content
  • Share personal snippets via stories – gives your audience a peek behind the wig scenes to connect more deeply with you

This type of consistent, authentic engagement converts casual viewers into loyal brand champions that have your back as you grow.

As a wig expert and influencer, you need to be deeply plugged into what styles, colors and techniques are emerging.

Dedicate time every week to really understanding what’s trending by:

  • Monitoring hashtags like #wigcheck, #wigsnatched, #wigcrush across platforms
  • Seeing what leading wig influencers are wearing and reviewing
  • Checking Google Trends for rising wig search demand
  • Perusing the new arrivals section of major wig sites for product releases

Consistently infusing trending styles and evaluating new releases ensures your content stays relevant. This fresh, on-pulse content will fuel non-stop audience growth.

Let‘s Recap:

If you commit to truly mastering all dimensions of wigs, immerse yourself in community trends, produce consistent value-focused content, leverage partnerships and deeply engage with your audience – you can build yourself into an authoritative wig influencer.

The earning potential both financially and in terms of impact is immense if you stick to the plan.

I hope this comprehensive guide provided you clarity on exactly how to begin your journey as a successful wig influencer. Please let me know if you have any other questions in the comments!

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