How to Get Paid for Reels on Instagram in 2023? The Definitive Guide for Creators

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As an avid Instagrammer, have you ever wondered – can I also earn real money from those fun reels that I love creating?

Well, turns out you absolutely can! Instagram now offers monetary bonuses when your reels perform well.

This post shares an extensive playbook for creators to start monetizing their Instagram presence with reels.

I will uncover:

  • Exactly how the new Instagram Reels Play Bonus program works
  • Who is eligible and how to activate your bonuses
  • How much money you can expect to earn
  • Proven tactics to create viral reels
  • Step-by-step workflow to set up your payouts
  • Tips to maximise your bonus earnings potential

So let‘s get started, friend! 😊

A Quick Primer: What is the Instagram Reels Play Bonus Program?

Launched in August 2022, this program allows eligible Instagram creators to earn bonuses for the views received on each reel they post.

It aims to empower creators monetise their original, entertaining short-form video content on Reels.

As per Instagram:

"We want to provide meaningful payouts and opportunities for creators…Reels Play bonus payments are part of that commitment."

This comes at an ideal time when both creators and viewers are increasingly embracing Reels as their go-to video content format.

Currently invitation-only, the program is open to select US-based users with public creator or professional accounts. But Instagram plans rapid global access expansion through 2023.

So how can you tap into this money-minting opportunity?

I will decode everything below. 👇

Who Can Get Paid with the Reels Play Bonus Program?

To qualify for earning reels bonuses, you must satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

Account Type & Location:

  • Public Instagram creator account or professional Instagram business account
  • Account must be based in the US as of now (expanding globally soon)

Bonus Program Invitation:

  • You need to receive an invite from Instagram to join the program
  • Invites are showing up on eligible accounts via notifications or in-app prompts
  • Can take 1-2 months after meeting other criteria

Content Rules:

  • Must create original, entertaining Reels content
  • Content should not violate any Instagram community guidelines

Monetization Policies Acceptance:

  • Have to review and agree to Instagram’s bonus program terms

Meeting these conditions allow you to start redeeming Instagram Reels Play bonuses.

Do ensure you post engaging, positive content consistently to keep receiving invites and stay part of the program.

Now onto the money matters! 💰

How Much Money Can You Earn from Instagram Reels?

The exact Reels Play bonus amount varies dynamically based on your:

  • Reels views
  • Average watch time per viewer
  • Average % of reel watched
  • Number of reels posted over activation period

However, based on Instagram’s bonus examples, here’s an approximate idea of potential payouts:

1,000 – 9,999 views: $0.01 – $0.10 per view

10,000 – 99,999 views: $0.02 – $0.20 per view

100,000 – 499,999 views: $0.04 – $0.35 per view

500,000+ views: Highest bonus rates per view

For top viral reels, you can earn as high as $35,000 in bonuses from just one reel! 🤯

But there is no fixed ceiling. With multiple trending reels, your total bonus earnings can keep growing.

Some creators are even making 6-figure incomes through leveraging Instagram bonuses at scale!

Let‘s understand the core monetization mechanics at play here.

How Do Instagram Reels Play Bonuses Work?

The overarching framework for the reels bonus model is simple:

  • You activate bonuses for an eligible reel

  • The reel starts earning view-based bonuses

  • Bonuses aggregate as views grow daily

  • When bonuses in your creator account hit the $100 threshold

    • They process for payout
    • Funds get credited to your linked payment method

Of course multiple detailed policies shape each step here:

Activating Bonuses

  • Each reel needs individually activated bonuses after uploading
  • To qualify for bonuses, a reel requires 1,000 views in 30 days
  • You can activate multiple reels to earn cumulative bonuses
  • But each reel has a bonus cap at $10,000 over 60 days

Earning Bonuses

  • Not all views entitle bonuses
  • Videos need an adequate % watch time and viewer retention
  • Inauthentic or bought views won‘t qualify
  • You can track bonus progress in Creator Studio

Getting Paid Out

  • Bonuses tally in your creator account and reflect as “Pending”
  • You cross $100 to hit the processing threshold
  • Instagram reviews and approves the bonuses
  • Payout happens monthly directly into your linked bank account / PayPal

So in a way, every reel with 1,000+ authentic views has monetization potential for your creator account!

Step-by-Step Guide to Monetize Reels with Bonuses

All set to start redeeming Instagram bonuses from viral reels?

Here is an exact step-by-step process to activate and set up your account:

Step 1: Get Access to the Bonus Program

Be eligible by having:

  • Public US-based Instagram creator / pro account
  • Positive reels track record
  • No policy violations

Instagram rolls out invites to qualified accounts over time.

Or you may receive a notification directly prompting bonus activation.

Step 2: Accept Program Terms

Visit your Instagram Professional Dashboard and find the “Bonuses” section.

Review and accept the program policies, payout terms, eligibility factors, etc. to proceed.

Step 3: Set Up Your Payout Account

Add your payment account details to start collecting bonuses.

Instagram allows payout via PayPal or direct bank transfer.

I recommend integrating PayPal for fastest processing.

Step 4: Activate Bonuses for a Reel

When uploading a new reel, turn on bonus activation in Advanced Settings.

Or for previous reels, toggle bonuses on through Creator Studio.

Step 5: Share Reels Widely

Post reels at optimal times for your audience.

Cross-promote them across feed, stories, and via collaborations.

This amplifies views and bonuses.

Step 6: Track Your Bonuses

See your real-time bonus estimate and lifetime earnings in Creator Studio.

Bonuses tally dynamically as your reels get views.

Step 7: Get Paid!

Once bonuses hit $100, Instagram reviews and approves payout.

You then receive monthly direct deposits into your linked PayPal or bank account!

See – it‘s fairly straightforward! Just takes some effort creating stellar reels upfront.

How Can You Maximize Your Instagram Reels Bonuses?

The bonus amount directly corresponds to reel views.

So creating trending reels that rack up high views is key for top earnings.

Here are 8 proven ways to boost views on each reel:

1. Analyze Metrics to Identify Winning Content Themes

  • Check previous reels performance in Instagram Insights
  • Figure out top elements resonating with your audience
  • See engagement rate, shares, traffic sources, viewer demographics, etc.
  • Identify your most effective content styles, topics, audios, hashtags, etc.
  • Make more reels around themes and formats that already work

2. Feature Popular Niche Memes and Music

  • Use viral meme references in your niche that are hot right now
  • Feature trending audio clips or songs lighting up your target viewers’ feeds
  • Put your own creative spin rather than copying existing viral reels
  • Align music vibe and memes to your reel concept for contextual impact

3. Optimize Your Reels to Rank High on Discovery

  • Include the maximum allowed hashtags (30) per reel
  • Focus on mix of popular and niche hashtags
  • Add concise, engaging captions detailing the reel context
  • Helps Instagram understand your content and promote discoverability

4. Promote Reels Heavily to Followers

  • Share reel teasers and clips on your Instagram Stories
  • Also upload the full reel on your Instagram feed
  • Redirect your existing followers to check out your new reels
  • Leverage cross-posting across Instagram touchpoints

5. Tap Into Influencer Marketing Opportunities

  • Identify relevant micro and nano-influencers in your space
  • Offer them bonuses for sharing your reels as posts/stories
  • Or use platforms like Ainfluencer to streamline influencer partnerships
  • This exposes your reels to thousands of new potential interested viewers

6. Experiment with Trending Instagram Reels Creative Formats

  • Pose trends
  • Outfit change transitions
  • Duet videos responding to popular reels
  • Interactive polls and questions
  • Trending TikTok effects incorporated into reels

7. Schedule Your Launch Timing for When Followers are Most Active

  • Analyze your Instagram Insights
  • See when your followers are online in high volumes
  • Schedule reels to go live during those audience peak times
  • Ensures more users immediately see your new reels the moment they are posted

8. Cross-Promote Reels Across Other Social Platforms Too

  • Share reel links, clips, images on your other social profiles
  • Leverage platforms like Twitter, Facebook Groups, Discord servers, etc.
  • Offer value and entertainment rather than pure promotional posts
  • Expand distribution plus credited views and engagement

Implementing even a handful of the above best practices consistently can 2-3X your average reels views.

And more eyeballs automatically boost your Reels Play bonus earnings over time! 🚀

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s also quickly tackle some common questions creators have around monetizing via Instagram Reels bonuses:

How many views do you need to get paid for Instagram Reels?

  • Each individual reel requires a minimum of 1,000 authenticated views within 30 days to be eligible for play bonuses. Continue distributing your reel even beyond 1K views to keep boosting bonus amounts.

How much money does 1 million Instagram Reels views make?

  • There’s no fixed rate. But based on Instagram’s guidance, 1 million views can potentially earn between $20,000 – $35,000+ in bonuses. Top performing viral reels often tend to receive higher average payouts per view.

How long does it take to get paid from Instagram Reels bonuses?

  • Instagram makes monthly Payouts once your pending bonuses hit the $100 threshold. After their review to prevent fraud and fakes, funds get credited to your linked PayPal or bank account.

Why am I not getting paid for my Instagram Reels?

  • Your reels may not be getting adequate views per Instagram’s criteria for 30 days. Or viewership metrics like % watch time are very low. Focus on improving content quality and distribution to boost views.

I hope these extensive insights help you fully unlock Instagram Reels’ monetization potential! 💡

Let Your Creativity Flourish with Paid Reels

Reels is projected to be a $3+ billion market by 2023 – showcasing tremendous income possibilities for creators.

Thanks to launching bonus programs, Instagram empowers you to now directly benefit from this exploding short-form video boom.

So gear up to spread your creative wings fully!

Tap into your niche interests and unbridled imagination to produce a consistent stream of fun, snackable reels. Employ the pro tips above to make them truly magnetic for the platform‘s discovery algorithms.

When crafted well, reels become your 24×7 virtual salesforce – promoting your brand to fresh engaged viewers globally almost autonomously!

And the beauty lies in allowing you to simply focus on your art, while Instagram bonuses passively keep accruing as your views and audience grow. 😄

So start laying the foundations for a potential 6-figure reels passion economy business that you wholly own.

Stop leaving potential profits on the table and sign-up for an Instagram creator account today!

Then deploy the playbook above to diligently turn eyeballs into earnings with winning reels.

Here‘s to phenomenally successful 2023 ahead reelsing in those bonuses! 🥳

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