How To Repost On Instagram In 2023? The Ultimate Guide

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Reposting is an art.

Get it right – and you can tap into an ocean of amazing UGC while crediting creators.

Get it wrong – and you‘ll wish you could delete that post faster than you can say ‘copyright infringement‘.

But have no fear – I‘ve been in the social media game long enough to know all the reposting rules and strategies that will set you up for engagement gold.

Whether you manage an inspirational quote account, a viral meme page or even a personal profile, this complete guide will give you the blueprint for reposting success on Instagram in 2023.

Let‘s get into it!

Why Is Reposting On Instagram So Important?

I‘ve managed over 5 million dollars in social ad spend for Fortune 500 brands. Trust me when I say – original content is not the only content.

82% of your audience‘s feed is filled with content from people they don‘t even follow. So reposted content done right can help you:

  • Reach New Audiences: Reposted content gets you in front of your existing audience‘s network

  • Improve Engagement: Fresh UGC makes people far more likely to like, comment & save

  • Strengthen Relationships: Crediting creators makes them more likely to engage with you

But the benefits don‘t stop there…

Reposting also enables you to:

  • Showcase content you may have missed but find entertaining or informative
  • Comment on hot topics and give your unique perspective
  • Entertain your audience with a diverse range of visual styles

With the latest Instagram updates, reposting correctly has never been easier.

Step-By-Step Guide To Reposting Content On Instagram

Instagram now allows seamless content sharing directly within the app itself. Here‘s exactly how to utilize those features:

Reposting Photos & Videos To Your Feed

  1. Tap on the three-dot icon above the post

  2. Select “Share Post” from the menu

  3. Choose “Share to Feed”

  4. Edit the caption & tag the creator before posting

Pro Tip: Check the creator’s bio to see if they have a preferred crediting format

Reposting Photos & Videos To Your Story

  1. Tap on the paper airplane icon below the post

  2. Choose “Add post to your Story”

  3. Customize by adding stickers, text or effects

  4. Share the final story

Your followers will be able to see the original poster’s handle on the reposted story.

Reposting Reels To Your Feed Or Story

  1. Tap on the paper airplane icon below the reel

  2. Select “Share to Feed” or “Share to Story”

  3. Edit with text, effects, stickers etc.

  4. Post the reel with credit to the creator

And that’s all there is to natively reposting posts, stories and reels within Instagram in 2023!

Reposting Stories You Aren’t Tagged In

Want to repost stories from private accounts or ones where you aren‘t tagged?

Use these easy options:

1. Third-Party Repost Apps

iOS and Android apps like Story Reposter, Snapgram and Regram allow you to browse stories from various accounts and repost them directly.

They make it as easy as:

  • Searching by username
  • Selecting the story
  • Adding your custom text/effects
  • Posting to your profile

2. Manual Screenshotting

Don‘t have access to repost apps? Here‘s a manual method:

  • Take a screenshot of the story on your phone

  • Crop it to remove anything unnecessary

  • Upload as photo/video to your own story

While not as fast, screenshotting still gets the job done!

Best Practices For Ethical Instagram Reposting

While reposting opens up great opportunities, it also comes with responsibilities.

Follow these professional practices recommended by Instagram:

  • Always credit creators verbally and with tags

  • Obtain explicit permission before sharing personal/copyrighted content

  • Avoid editing original content without permission

  • Add value viaoriginal commentary and perspectives

  • Follow local copyright laws and regulations

  • Respect privacy and ethical boundaries

Stay on the right side of these rules, and your audience will love what you repost!

Choosing The Best Repost Apps In 2023

Beyond Instagram‘s built-in features, third-party repost apps open up even more flexibility:

App Pros Cons Rating
Repost for Instagram Feature-rich editing tools, scheduling, analytics Pricing is relatively high 4.8 • 10K+ reviews
Story Reposter Specifically made for stories, additions like hashtags & music Limited post reposting functionality 4.5 • 100K+ reviews
Regram Save posts without watermarks or lower video quality Android app can be slow and buggy 4.3 • 500K+ reviews

Based on ease of use, features and user feedback – Repost for Instagram comes out on top for all-purpose reposting.

Key features that make it a powerful tool:

📈 In-depth analytics on reposts

🗓 Auto-scheduling for optimal timing

🖌 Design editing for branded content

✅ Permission and copyright protections

And with over 10,000+ five-star reviews, you know it‘s a high quality product!

Check out the app here to supercharge your reposting!

FAQs About Reposting On Instagram

Still have some questions about the wonderful world of Instagram reposts?

Here are answers to 5 top questions:

🤔 Can you get banned for reposting content?

No, reposting is allowed as long as you follow ethical practices!

🚫 Is it illegal to repost a YouTube video to Instagram Reels?

Technically no, but always credit appropriately!

🤳 Can private accounts see if you repost their stories?

Yes, they‘ll get an automatic notification when you repost their story.

⬆️ Does reposting help increase Instagram followers?

Reposting expands reach which can lead to follower growth but focus on engagement first.

🙏 Should I ask the creator before I repost?

It‘s not mandatory but appreciated, especially for artists or copyrighted work.

And that‘s a wrap!

By now, you should know the A to Z of reposting content the right way on Instagram in 2023.

Remember – repost genuinely entertaining and informational content with proper credits, and watch your profile thrive!

Have an awesome time sharing great posts from across the ‘Gram!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.