How to Reset Your TikTok Algorithm in 2023 for a Better Feed

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TikTok has exploded into one of the most popular mobile apps, amassing over 1 billion monthly active users. Powering this addictive platform is TikTok‘s famously meticulous recommendation algorithm. It curates an endless stream of short videos tailored to each individual user.

But what if your TikTok feed becomes cluttered with repetitive or irrelevant content?

As a social media marketing expert, I‘m often asked how to reset the TikTok algorithm when it starts serving misaligned recommendations.

The truth is publicly available technical details on TikTok‘s core algorithms are limited. However, based on industry research and my own extensive experience boosting social engagement, I can provide proven techniques to refresh your TikTok feed.

In this comprehensive guide, you‘ll learn insider tips to retrain TikTok‘s algorithm so it better caters to your evolving interests. Let‘s dive in!

How the TikTok Algorithm Actually Works

Before attempting to reset your TikTok recommendations, it helps to understand what controls them under the hood.

TikTok‘s algorithm analyzes a complex web of signals to determine which content may appeal to you, including:

  • Watch time – Videos you fully watch or replay make up the bulk of your For You feed.
  • Interactions – The number and type of engages (likes, comments, shares) factors hugely.
  • Search/watch history – Past behaviors inform future suggestions.
  • Device settings – Technical details like language or device type.
  • User settings – Age, location, topics followed.

Armed with these signals, TikTok‘s AI models predict content you might enjoy watching and reacting to next.

Now let‘s discuss techniques to reorient what the algorithm thinks you want to see.

Clear All Past Watch and Search History

Every video viewed and term searched on TikTok gives insight into your interests. Clearing this accumulated history removes associated biases, allowing for a broader set of suggestions.

On iPhone:

  1. Tap profile icon > Settings & privacy > Clear watch and search history
  2. Select "Clear All" then confirm

On Android:

  1. Tap profile icon > Settings & privacy > Clear watch and search history
  2. Check all data types then tap "Delete"

Tip: Repeat this monthly for an ongoing neutral slate.

Refresh Your TikTok Feed

If your current For You page feels stale, try manually refreshing it entirely:

On iPhone:

  1. Tap profile icon > Settings & privacy > Content preferences
  2. Choose "Refresh For You feed"

On Android:

  1. Tap profile icon > Settings & privacy > Content preferences > Refresh For You feed
  2. Select "Refresh"

This resets the algorithm‘s read on your interests, mixing up the content it pulls into your feed.

Actively Dislike Irrelevant Content

You shouldn‘t just passively scroll past videos that miss the mark. Always actively inform TikTok when a video shows content you dislike.

Press and hold on the video thumbnail, then select "Not interested":

TikTok Not Interested Feature

Consistently disliking certain videos trains the algorithm to exclude related content from future recommendations.

Follow Accounts Across Diverse Interests

Who you actively follow on TikTok heavily guides suggested videos in your feed.

If you mainly follow just one or two niches, the algorithm latches onto this very narrow band of content.

Shake things up by finding and following creators across a wider spectrum of topics. This exposes the recommendation engine to new signals.

Suggested follow categories on TikTok

Adjust Age and Language Settings

Part of tailoring content relies on the age and languages configured in your TikTok account settings.

If your region, age group, or preferred languages recently changed, updating these details prompts new verticals of videos to appear.

On iPhone:

  1. Tap profile icon > Settings & privacy
  2. Update preferred languages or age details

On Android:

  1. Tap profile icon > Manage account > Edit profile
  2. Change languages known or birthday

Take Account Breaks

Stepping away from TikTok for a few days allows its algorithm rebuild your interests profile from a blank slate.

Without those recent behavioral signals to rely on, it opens up the range of content shown once you return.

Aim to take 1-2 weeklong breaks from TikTok quarterly. Just like us, algorithms need a reset sometimes!

Monitor Analytics for Insights

Use TikTok analytics to identify issues skewing your current video suggestions. Look for:

  • Watch time – Review top videos by time watched. Anything random or one-off?
  • Traffic sources – Unusual spikes from external sites biasing content.
  • Follower interests – Mismatched interests driving irrelevant views.

Analytics shine a light on what may prompt wonky recommendations. Address the root cause, not just the symptoms.

FAQs About the TikTok Algorithm

Should I create a new account to reset my TikTok feed?

Creating a brand new account is extreme but completely clears out any connection to your interests history. You forfeit your current followers and engagements though.

How often does TikTok‘s core algorithm change?

Substantial algorithm updates roll out roughly quarterly. Less noticeable tuning happens weekly behind the scenes.

Where can I officially learn about TikTok algorithm updates?

Check TikTok‘s Newsroom for developer logs detailing significant changes impacting recommendations.

Key Takeaways: Resetting Your TikTok Algorithm

While precise inner workings are secret, you‘re not powerless. Strategically reframe the signals TikTok relies on for smarter recommendations.

Clear history, actively dislike, follow diversely, adjust account settings, take breaks, and review analytics.

TikTok‘s golden algorithm shall reward your efforts with a refreshed feed aligning tighter to your unique and changing interests!

Let me know if any other sections of your TikTok feed need troubleshooting! I‘m happy to apply my social media marketing skills to strategize solutions.

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