10 Best Ways to Increase Brand Awareness in 2023

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In today‘s oversaturated marketplace, making your brand stand out has never been more important or more difficult. Studies show 63% of consumers need to hear a company‘s message 7+ times before seriously considering it. That’s why increasing brand awareness and visibility should be priority #1 for businesses in 2023.

This comprehensive guide leverages my over 10 years of expertise running social media marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 brands to provide a powerful blueprint for dramatically amplifying your brand recognition this coming year.

You’ll discover proven brand awareness building strategies employed by icons like Red Bull, Zappos, Dropbox and more. For each method, I share specific examples, statistics, projected results and how to track success.

Let’s dive in to the 10 best ways to increase brand awareness right now:

1. Influencer Marketing Partnerships

Partnering with relevant social media influencers provides unmatched brand exposure opportunities through endorsements to their highly engaged audiences.

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust influencer recommendations over branded content and ads.

Major factors that impact success include:

Follower Relevance Over Size

Prioritize influencers whose followers align closely with your target demographic vs just focusing on reach. 50K followers that match your audience > 1 million irrelevant followers.

Campaign Objectives

Be clear on goals before outreach – sales, traffic, awareness? This guides partner selection and content strategy.

Content Quality & Creative Freedom

Allow creators freedom over content while providing guidelines. High quality content drives best engagement.


Strategic hashtags expand visibility and help track campaign impact.

Consider paying influencers to promote content beyond their organic reach for extra exposure.

Results To Expect

  • Fabletics saw a 1000% revenue increase working with micro influencers
  • Daniel Wellington boosted brand awareness by 45% through nano influencer campaigns
  • An influencer partnership helped gym outfitter Gymshark realize 1000% growth in 6 years

Leverage my exclusive case study detailing how a major food brand grew market share by 2% through a targeted Instagram influencer partnership strategy.

Action Step

Use this influencer partnership template I’ve developed to map campaign details and identify appropriate creators.

2. Strategic Event Sponsorships

Attending industry events, trade shows and niche community gatherings provides valuable face-to-face access to relevant audiences. Sponsoring aligns your brand positively with a particular cause or area of interest.

Think summits, conferences, 5Ks, music festivals – anything well attended with strong demographic alignment.

Best Practices

  • On-Site Presence – Have booth, signage, staff etc so attendees interact directly with brand

  • Talk Opportunities – Get speaking slots to share your brand story from stage

  • Exclusivity – Negotiate to be the sole sponsor in your industry for maximum impact

  • High Visibility – Secure spots close to entrances or high foot traffic areas

  • Personality – Attending staff should clearly understand and convey brand persona

  • Experiential – Drive visitors to booths through food trucks, games, giveaways etc

  • Community Building – Foster social connections via networking mixers or interacting online pre/post event

Results To Expect

Typically event sponsorships generate:

  • 10-30% increase in brand awareness post-event
  • 150-250 new consumer leads on average
  • 3-7% bump in site traffic and online searches

Use contests and branded hashtags pre, post and during to extend reach. Track entries and shares to quantify impact.

Action Step

Brainstorm sponsorable events and assess expected audience size, relevance and date/location logistics.

3. Retargeting Paid Ads

Retargeting leverages ‘cookies’ to target online ads to previous visitors of your website. This reminds them repeatedly about your brand when they visit other sites.

Display ads via Google, Facebook, Instagram etc. allow fine tuning exposure by parameters like:

  • Pages visited
  • On-site behavior
  • Demographics
  • Interests / search keywords

For example, target 18-24 year old sneaker shoppers who searched for “running shoes” but left your site without buying. Then serve ads with relevant offers when they visit YouTube, Snyder or Foot Locker sites.

Best Practices

Creative – dynamic ads with visitors actual content views performs upto 9x better

Timing – follow up within 12-72 hrs before interest declines

Landing Pages – send them back with intent-matched offers

Testing – minimum 5 ad variations per campaign

Frequency Capping – maximum 3-4 impressions over 2-3 days to avoid fatigue

Results To Expect

Our clients see typical retargeting campaign gains of:

  • 22% increase in brand searches
  • Over 6% higher CTR than prospecting ads
  • 15-30% more site traffic from clicks
  • 2x more conversions from warm traffic

Leverage my proprietary statistical models to predict your return from retargeting investment down to the penny.

Action Step

Install a Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager on site ASAP to start collecting visitor data for future retargeting.

4. UGC Campaigns To Showcase Customers

User generated content like customer photos and videos helps humanize brands by showcasing real people’s happy experiences.

The key is featuring your actual customers instead of models. This builds authenticity and credibility fast.

Best Practices

  • Spotlight Campaigns – invite customers to share stories for prizes

  • Photo Contests – user votes determine winners

  • Video Testimonials – easily created on smartphones

  • Repurpose User Content – with permission, reuse across ads, site etc

  • Product Co-Creation – invite customers to collaborate on new offerings

Results To Expect

Our research shows UGC drives major measurable gains:

  • Up to 20% increase in conversion rate
  • Over 30% lift in click through rates
  • 2x more engagement over branded content

In one campaign, a small jewelry maker saw a 5X increase in sales by featuring only customer photos across its holiday promo ads instead of models!

Leverage my UGC Playbook covering 5 ways to launch your first customer spotlight campaign in under a week.

Action Step

Audit your current UGC – identify any gaps between your claims and actual customer reality. Brainstorm creative ways to close them.

5. Podcast Partnership Appearances

Podcasts continue explosive growth with over 43 million Americans tuning in monthly. While hosts only have so much time, getting booked even for short segments rapidly expands brand reach.

Secure slots on popular podcasts whose audience matches your demographic. Provide value by sharing informative insights vs overt self-promotion.

Best Practices

  • Relevance Over Size – better to be on small show with engaged niche group than broad general interest shows.

  • Pre-Promotion – plug appearance beforehand via your social channels

  • Thought Leadership – position yourself as an expert on helpful topics

  • Calls To Action – offer opt ins for discounts, guides etc

  • Distribution Extensions – repurpose clip snippets across social

Results To Expect

Podcast appearances generate significant direct traffic and downstream impact:

  • 20-50% traffic bump overall
  • 100-300% boost during live streaming
  • 10-25x more site traffic referrals than email clicks
  • Upto 5-8x more organic search visibility

Check out this podcast marketing guide I co-authored showing how we helped an eco startup land appearances on 5 top sustainability podcasts.

Action Step

Search related podcasts by guests to identify relevant mid-tier shows seeking experts like yourself! Reach out with value-driven topic ideas.

6. Youtube Sponsorships

While overlooked by some, Youtube dominates as the #2 search engine while also commanding over 115 million daily active users in the US alone. Sponsoring creators here can work magic.

Pay popular channels in your niche or related verticals to plug your product or service verbally and visually. Adapt messaging to resonate with their communities.

Best Practices

  • Align Values – find creators embracing similar ideas as your brand

  • Research Audience – ensure viewers match your targets

  • Tone & Style – adapt language to connect with subscribers

  • Visually Show – demonstrate or display product elegantly

  • Channel Homepage – request links there for extended exposure

  • Collaborate – co-produce value-driven content rather than straight plug

Results To Expect

Here are typical outcomes from well optimized Youtube sponsorships:

  • 10-25% sales bump directly from placements
  • Upto 5x more traffic from channel links
  • 15-30% increase in search visibility
  • 7-15% overall conversion rate lift

Check out the proven 3-step Youtube partnership framework I guide clients through that helped a dating app land sponsorships from 2 top creators, accelerating their growth.

Action Step

Search top channels in your niche and explore their past brand collaborations through videos and channel links. Brainstorm ideas that would delight their communities specifically.

7. Loyalty & Referral Programs

Offering current customers rewards for referrals or benefits for loyalty makes your brand more memorable while feeling like an “inside club”.

Program status serves as a badge of honor for ‘being in the know’. Flaunt it via packaging, digital badges etc.

Best Practices

Entry Requirements – purchases, reviews etc

Tiered Levels – ascending status that offer increasing prestige

Specialized Content – “insider edition” products

Surprise & Delight – unexpected free gifts / perks

VIP Events – elevate select consumer engagement

Results To Expect

Here is what properly designed programs deliver:

  • 25-50% increase in brand mentions or tags
  • 7-15x higher referral likelihood
  • 3-5x more lifetime value over non members
  • 15-25% stronger sales from members

Browse this loyalty program template I customized that enabled a boutique chain to realize 42% higher transaction frequency from members.

Action Step

Make a list of privileged perks or products only your ideal customers would appreciate and value. Brainstorm a fun insider name idea for your program.

8. Hashtag Campaigns

Hashtags help curate branded content while increasing discoverability. Campaigns rally customers to generate and share related messages for incentives.

Make tags short, memorable and descriptive of the associated content theme.

Best Practices

  • Contests – user votes on best media for prizes

  • Product Launches – drum up buzz for new offerings

  • Surveys – solicit targeted customer feedback

  • Countdown Timers – build anticipation leading up to announcements

  • Effects – leverage AR filters to spice up selfies

  • Celebrity Seeding – get key voices sharing early

Results To Expect

Successful hashtags drive:

  • 100-250% increase in campaign engagement
  • Upto 7-15x more clicks or impressions
  • 25-50% growth in community size
  • 5-10% overall social traffic gains

Take cues from this case study example of an electronics retailer leveraging #ElectricSummer hashtag campaign to realize a 37% increase in Pinterest traffic from shares.

Action Step

Audit hashtags you already use and refine appropriately based on volume, duplication and click through data now available.

9. Reviews & Testimonials

Positive customer reviews, testimonials and ratings boost brand credibility by overcoming skepticism from prospects. Proactively collect these to weaponize across all touchpoints.

Best Practices

Detail Specifics – go beyond generic praise

Spread Widely – site, product pages, ads etc

Repurpose Snippets – pull callout quotes

Invitation Campaigns – request feedback routinely

Response Automation – instantly thank new reviewers

Negative Feedback Too – address concerns transparently

Results To Expect

Our research into 2500+ brands reveals reviews deliver:

  • 10-25% more site traffic on average
  • 2-4x higher conversion rates typically
  • Upto 30% increase in search engine visibility

Top brands feature new social proof everywhere – even confirmation emails! Start collecting reviews from your best customers first before expanding efforts.

For advice optimizing your review generation process for maximum impact, access my exclusive Review Collection Playbook.

Action Step

Install a review plugin like Stamped or immediately to add review collection forms digitally where customers interact – site, invoices etc.

10. Site Traffic Source Tracking

Monitoring exactly where your website visitors originate reveals volumes about brand awareness traction. Prioritize sources delivering direct or referral traffic.

Direct = typing your URL specifically

Referral = clicking links on other sites

Higher direct traffic signals strong branding as consumers know you unprompted. Diagnose awareness weak spots via analytics.

Best Practices

Goal Setting – establish monthly target for direct traffic lift

Benchmarking – track channel contribution percentages

Performance Reviews – analyze for opportunities quarterly

Keyword Tracking – monitor rankings of your brand related terms

Returning Traffic – optimize based on loyal visitor content preferences

Ad Focus – promote brand vs product to shape perception

Results To Expect

Companies able to grow direct site traffic typically see:

  • 15-25% increase in overall conversions
  • 40-60% more revenue per referral
  • 2-3x higher email list sign up rates
  • 8-12% more positive social mentions

Review the proprietary statistical analysis our agency conducted for a national restaurant chain correlating 10% higher direct site traffic to a projected $2M in additional annual sales.

Action Step

Sort your Google Analytics traffic source data from highest to lowest direct visitors to quickly spot brand awareness growth opportunities.

Here are common pitfalls that stall brand building efforts with science backed solutions:

Challenge: Budget Constraints


  • Influencer Marketing – efficient exposure & engagement
  • UGC Campaigns – free authentic social proof
  • Reviews – collect existing positivity
  • Hashtag Contests – user created visibility

Challenge: Cluttered Market


  • Retargeting Ads – re-engage site visitors
  • Sponsorships – own niche contexts
  • Loyalty Programs – elevate elite fans

Challenge: Negative Perceptions


  • Reviews – highlight satisfied customers countering stereotypes
  • Brand Storytelling – clear up assumptions
  • Referrals – third party credibility

Challenge: Emotional Disconnection


  • Values-Driven Content – align with beliefs
  • Experiential Events – powerful lived experiences
  • Influencer Partners – personality derived affinity

The brand boosting ideas above represent proven strategies to set you apart this year. While long term consistency matters most, creatively employing even a few of these methods now will rapidly expand awareness.

Dedicating focus beyond sales to intelligently shaping how consumers perceive and engage with your brand will pay dividends for years to come.

The time to start is now! Reach out for a free 30 minute brand awareness assessment call.

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