Everything You Need to Know About the Iniquitous Baptist in Genshin Impact

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Hello fellow Traveler! Version 3.6 of Genshin Impact introduced an incredible new weekly boss that will test your skills to their limits – the sinister Iniquitous Baptist. As someone who has faced this hulking behemoth multiple times now, allow me to equip you with everything you‘ll need to locate and ultimately triumph over this abyssal abomination.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll cover Things like:

  • Exactly how to find the hidden cave where the Baptist lurks

  • An in-depth breakdown of all its lethal attacks and movesets

  • Team building and character synergies to counter each phase

  • Optimal weapons, artifacts, and upgrade priorities

  • Lore theories about this mysterious evolved entity

  • And plenty more tips from my experiences battling this vicious vine monster!

Let‘s get started so you can master the mechanics of this fight. When we‘re through, the Iniquitous Baptist will be the one seeking baptism…in flames!

Locating the Iniquitous Baptist‘s Lair

The first step is actually tracking down where this secretive boss spawns. The Iniquitous Baptist resides deep within a cave system north of Sumeru City, not too far from the new Gate of Zulqarnain structure.

More specifically, here is the route:

  1. Start from the Teleport Waypoint east of Sumeru City, on the clifftop overlooking the Gate of Zulqarnain.

  2. From the Waypoint, head south along the cliffside until you see a cave entrance nestled within the rock face.

  3. Enter the shadowy cavern through this opening – it‘s easy to miss at first glance!

  4. You‘ll find yourself in a winding network of tunnels. Follow the linear path as it leads deeper underground.

  5. After a couple minutes traversing the claustrophobic corridors, you‘ll emerge into a massive open-air arena bathed in sunlight from above – this is the lair of the Iniquitous Baptist.

Here are some screenshots to guide you to the exact cave entrance and through the tunnels:

[Insert screenshots of route to cave + cavern tunnels]

Pretty spooky right? The Baptist has tucked itself away quite well down here. But now you know the way to reach its inner sanctum.

Enemies like Fungi and standard Hilichurls will impede your progress through the caves, but they should pose little threat. Just be sure to come prepared with sufficient healing and buffs before the big confrontation ahead.

Once you enter the sunlit arena, a cutscene will trigger introducing the hulking Iniquitous Baptist in all its foreboding glory. Let‘s take a closer look at what you‘re up against…

The Iniquitous Baptist‘s Deadly Arsenal

This massive creature combination of vines and teeth is the stuff of nightmares. But we won‘t let it intimidate us! To triumph, we must analyze its full repertoire of attacks.

The Iniquitous Baptist has three major phases, each with distinct moves and abilities. It will also enter an enraged state at low HP with amped up versions of abilities. Here is a breakdown of what to expect in each stage:

Phase 1

Vine Eruption: Baptist slams down vines in an AOE, inflicting Dendro DMG. Move away from targeted area.

Tendril Barrage: Summons vines from the ground that chase player for Dendro DMG. Kite carefully to avoid.

Elemental Breath: Baptist unleashes breaths of Hydro, Electro, and Dendro DMG. Position behind it when casting.

Phase 2 (70% HP)

Toxic Pool: Creates pools of Dendro sludge that continually apply DoT. Very dangerous – avoid at all costs!

Pollen Cloud: Expels an expanding toxic pollen cloud that inflicts Dendro DoT. Outrun the perimeter of the effect.

Cross Stingers: Fires forward linear vines for heavy Dendro DMG. Strafe perpendicular to dodge.

Phase 3 (40% HP)

Buffet Lunge: Baptist rapidly dashes around arena slamming nearby targets. Save movement abilities to evade.

Spore Spew: Vomits spores into the air that track and explode on players for Dendro DMG. Crystallize shields recommended.

Elemental Maelstrom: Unleashes Dendro, Hydro, Electro chaos in a huge AOE. Ideally block or iframe this.

Once the Iniquitous Baptist drops below 30% HP it will enter its Enraged state. All its moves are amplified in both damage and area coverage. Play very evasively here – if you can stagger it out of this mode you‘ll be in good shape.

Whew, that covers a ton of dangerous abilities to watch out for! Now let‘s discuss how to counter this walking vine catastrophe.

Crafting the Optimal Party to Counter The Iniquitous Baptist

Based on my multiple victories and defeats now, I can confidently recommend the following team composition and characters against the Baptist:

  • 1-2 Dendro characters to counter its dangerous Dendro DoT effects.

  • Hydro applicators to enable Bloom reactions.

  • Electro enablers to trigger Catalyze and Spread.

  • Anemo groupers like Sucrose to Swirl elements.

  • A tanky bruiser like Noelle to break vines and draw aggro.

  • At least one strong healer to counteract the constant damage (Kokomi recommended).

Here are some specific characters I‘ve found excel in countering the various mechanics:

Dendro Traveler – fantastic Dendro application and resistance to Dendro DoT.

Collei – great off-field Dendro support and ranged attacks.

Dori – sustains team HP, enables Electrocharge/Spread burst.

Fischl – automated Electro damage complementary to Dendro reactions.

Xingqiu – reduces incoming damage through rainswords and enables Blooms.

Kokomi – tanks hits while providing heals plus Hydro application.

Noelle – shields, heals, and breaks Vine appendages with Geo Claymore strikes.

Sucrose – Swirls elements and groups vines to quickly destroy them.

I‘d recommend at least having your Dendro Traveler raised, as their Burst can shred the Baptist‘s resistances. Pair them with Fischl, Dori, and a healer like Kokomi for ideal results.

Let‘s go over some key tips for each phase while keeping those elements in mind:

Phase 1: Burst down its HP while avoiding vine slams. Stay mobile and watch your feet.

Phase 2: Focus on dodging Toxic Pools and kiting Pollen Cloud. Watch for Cross Stinger tells.

Phase 3: Save stamina and movement abilities to evade Buffet Lunge dashes and Spore explosions.

Enraged: Stay alive! Heals, shields, and CC are key here.

Next, let‘s optimize your builds even further…

Maximizing Characters for Each Role

Having the right characters is crucial, but you‘ll also need them properly built and equipped to survive the Baptist onslaught. Follow these tips to maximize your setup:

Dendro: Focus on EM for Blooms and Gilded Dreams artifacts. Level Burst first. Weapons like Favonius Bow optimal.

Electro: Standard DPS with some ER. Thundering Fury works well. Level Skill first. Weapons like Stringless recommended.

Hydro: Healing Bonus or HP% goblets. Tenacity of the Millelith provides team buffs. Level Burst first. Weapons like Prototype Amber.

Anemo: Full VV shred with triple EM main stats. Level Burst first. Weapons that enhance Swirl like Sacrificial Fragments.

Geo: Defense scaling with Husk/Clam sets. Level Burst first. Serpent Spine or Whiteblind are great options.

Prioritize leveling the Burst for Dendro/Anemo supports and Skill for Electro enablers. Geo can go either way. Focus on HP%/Healing Bonus for healers and EM for react-based characters.

The new Gilded Dreams artifact set from the Sumeru expansion is fantastic for Dendro characters to amplify reactions. I farm it weekly from the Domain of Mastery.

Further Lore Implications of the Iniquitous Baptist

Now that you‘re prepared to take down this monstrosity, let‘s examine the deeper lore behind this bizarre evolved entity. What is the Iniquitous Baptist really, and what is its significance?

Many theorize it has been corrupted by the spreading blight of the mysterious Irminsul trees being destroyed across Sumeru. Perhaps it was once a guardian entity that has now fallen under the Abyss Order‘s influence.

Its strange mixture of animal and plant features raises many questions about the true nature of life born in the Dendro-rich Sumeru rainforests. Could this be an early experiment by the god Kusanali to mix life forms together?

I‘m very curious about connections between the Iniquitous Baptist and other powerful Abyss enemies like the Hydro Hypostasis and Thunder Manifestation. It almost seems crafted as their Dendro counterpart.

One thing is clear – this is no natural creature, so we cannot show mercy in banishing it back to the abyss! It must be purified by your hand, dear Traveler.

Overcoming the Baptist – Closing Thoughts

And with that, you now have all the tools needed to confront the Iniquitous Baptist and show it who‘s boss in Sumeru! Here are some final tips to secure your victory:

  • Play aggressively but smartly. Balance offense and survival.

  • Bring loads of healing, shields, and stamina recovery options.

  • Learn when you can iframe certain attacks to conserve stamina.

  • Target and destroy vine appendages early to disrupt deadlier moves.

  • Most importantly, don‘t get discouraged! It may take a few tries to master.

Stay focused, Traveler. With the knowledge imparted in this guide, you will topple the Iniquitous Baptist and redeem it from its corrupted state. I believe in you – now go unleash your full potential!

Let me know when you‘ve washed its vines clean. I may even have some new artifact luck rituals to share…but that‘s a topic for another time. Until next we meet, stay safe out there, and may the winds guide you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Iniquitous Baptist‘s respawn timers?

  • Like other weekly bosses, it takes 168 hours (7 days) to respawn after being defeated.

What Adventure Rank do I need to unlock it?

  • You must reach at least AR 45 and complete the Vimara Village questline to unlock access.

What Talent Level-Up Materials does it drop?

  • It drops Daka‘s Bell, the Anemo material, along with Laevitinn, the Geo material.

Does it drop ascension gems?

  • Yes, it drops both Vayuda Turquoise and Prithiva Topaz gemstones.

What‘s the easiest way to avoid the Toxic Pools?

  • Make sure to unlock the grapple points around the arena so you can grapple above the pools.

I hope these answers help clarify some common questions about facing off against the formidable Iniquitous Baptist! Let me know if you have any other questions – I‘m happy to offer my insights.


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