16 Best Instagram Growth Services (Real, Organic Followers)

Growing Your Following: A Review of the Top Instagram Growth Services

Instagram Growth Services

Do you want to boost your Instagram engagement but don’t know the best growth service tool to use? Here, we will go over some of the best Instagram growth service tools to give your account a real boost.

Gaining visibility and relevance on Instagram has become more difficult than ever. With millions of users on Instagram, you should understand why it is so. Everyone is jostling for space, to be heard and noticed. This competition isn’t waning; rather, it keeps increasing.

Instagram has opened many doors when it comes to businesses, brands, and personalities. Hence, its importance in our social life can’t be over-emphasized, the stiff competition. Beginners are mostly the hard hit by this.

Thus, people have looked at Instagram growth tools for respite as a viable alternative to gain the following and relevance they have always dreamt of on Instagram. There are now many of these growth tools. However,  I will take you through some of the best Instagram growth services that have worked for me over the years.

Top Best Instagram Growth Services

1. Nitreo


First up is Nitreo. Nowadays, people are preoccupied with so many duties and don’t have the time to grow their Instagram account organically. An automation service like Nitreo will do much good for you if you fit into such a description.

This Instagram growth tool will take charge of your account’s activities. It will help your account grow with new followers by engaging your target audience through meaningful interactions.

2. Kicksta


Kicksta is an Organic Instagram Growth tool that works like Nitreo. They assure clients that they don’t use bots or fake followers. They promise to grow your account using their trusted and unique AI innovation that has been in the works for over five years. If you use their services and are not impressed, there is the chance to demand a refund within the first 14 days of your purchase.

This shows that they are quite flexible and trust their methods and the quality of services they offer. Kicksta has been profiled in numerous notable publications, and with a clientele list numbering over 10,000, they are a reliable platform where you can grow your Instagram account.

3. Social Boost

Social boost 

With a claim of having a happy list of past Instagram clients numbering over 23,000, Social Boost is one of the places where you should find a solution to your Instagram account’s stagnancy. This Instagram marketing service believes they are the best brand with the know-how to propel your account forward. They will help you locate your target audience, generate engagement and keep them glued to your ideas.

They promise to enhance your account with the right followers, comments, and likes. With a 4.7 rating on Trustpilot, Social Boost’s claims of having a rich list of happy clients and being the best in the league aren’t mere boastings.

4. SocialPilot


Next on this list is SocialPilot. The first thing I need to point out is that any social media growth tool in general that offers a free trial period with no obligations is a tool that you should be on the top of your list. This is because if I have nothing good to offer you, I won’t be willing to give you a free trial period of any kind. It is that simple!

SocialPilot offers a 14-day free trial, which allows you to become conversant with how they operate. It helps to schedule and upload your content on Instagram and initiate the first comment with important hashtags. It also accommodates other social media platforms.

5. Crowdfire

CrowdfireCrowdfire is not just an Instagram growth tool that believes in what it can offer; it has been tested and trusted by many brands and businesses. They believe they are the efficient tool you need to grow your account daily. Their services include helping you sort the perfect content that will intrigue your followers and keep them glued to your space.

Thus, they can help you solve that niggling visibility problem that has plagued your account for a long time. They offer auto-publishing of scheduled content and figuring out the right time to hit your target audience with fresh, insightful content. They can also help you grow on other social media platforms.

6. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout Social helps you find the perfect content that will attract your audience. They have a scheduling calendar that can include all your posting schedules regardless of which social media platform you are present in. Thus, if you have multiple accounts on different social platforms, you will find this feature very easy and handy.

They also help you with Instagram analysis and improve your engagement levels across social platforms. Sprout Social is a management tool that you will find pretty essential if you want to ease your social media activities.

7. SocialBee


SocialBee is an Instagram growth tool that can make your account buzz with high engagement and interactions. They can help create and schedule your content for publishing on Instagram. That is not all; they share your published content to help it gain visibility and more engagement.

I earlier mentioned my admiration for social growth services that offer free trials when reviewing Social Pilot; here is another that offers the same 14-day free trial. Any brand offering such is confident of its capabilities.

Other features you will enjoy from this service provider include storing useful hashtags and tagging accounts on posts and mentions. SocialBee also accommodates other social media platforms. Thus, this growth tool will be very useful if you operate on several social platforms.

8. Stormlikes


Stormlikes makes my number one list because of the undisputable services it offers. It’s always been my number for genuine, instant, and easy Instagram follower results. If you want to see more views and likes for your Instagram video content, Stormlikes has got you covered.

9. UpLeap


This has been one of my favorite growth services. Just like Stormlikes, Upleap, without a doubt, is one of the most sought-after growth service brands and businesses use to increase their followers and grow their Instagram accounts.

What’s interesting about there is the designation of a dedicated account manager to you once you sign up. If you want genuine followers for your Instagram account, it’s definitely Upleap. It finds and follows real and active followers to keep your account fully engaged.

You can also enjoy its free trial, which only lasts for 3 days. Afterward, you are required to select from its range of monthly or yearly subscriptions.

10. Media Mister

Media Mister

Every growth service has its uniqueness. Media Mister makes my list of the top best Instagram growth services because of its ability to grow multiple channels at once. I will recommend this social tool to anyone who wishes to grow multiple channels simultaneously for his brand.

Another thing I like about Media Mister is its affordable and low-cost plans. You’re going to find this social tool beneficial for your brand.

11. Followersup


This is very similar to Media Mister. Followerup prides itself on its ability to grow not just its Instagram account alone but also other social media platforms TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube. If you desire to cover for a long period, Followersup has responsive and active customer service to guide you in case of any mishap.

12. Flock Social

Flock Social
Flock Social is an Instagram growth tool you can trust. They say grow your account using real accounts and followers. Among their services is helping you determine your target audience and generating engagement realistically. I visited their website and found lots of glowing feedback from people who have used their services. They have good ratings as well, and I believe they are reliable.

Thus, if you want a brand that is well-versed in the ways of Instagram to grow your followers and move your account forward, you should use Flock Social.

13. Social Clout Club

Social Clout Club

Social Clout Club fits the bill if you want a trusted hand in the social media management biz to transform your Instagram woes. They say they are the safest and most reliable platform to help your Instagram account succeed. They will make your account buzzing with traffic with real engagement.

They trust their strategies and do not employ bots, spam, or fake followers. Thus, they will provide your account with real engagement.

14. Instaboom


Who wouldn’t want a constant huge supply of Instagram followers? I certainly will want that. That is what Instaboom says they can do for you if you choose them over others. They have a unique strategy backed by artificial intelligence to propel your account into the limelight. These trusted strategies, they assure, will improve your relevance and exposure on Instagram.

And they also promise that their methods are safe and won’t put your account at any risk. With Instaboom, you can reduce your tasks since it takes charge of your account, offering automatic likes, follows, views, comments, and more.


15. Goso


Goso is the last on this list. They are a unique Instagram growth service in that their packages are monthly, unlike those who offer instant services that you can purchase at once, and that will be it. I believe that their idea is to help grow your account in the long term; that is why their packages are fashioned that way. If you are buying Instagram followers, the package can be administered over a specific number of posts throughout that month. You can also purchase Instagram likes, story views, IGTV views, and more.

Their failed Vanity likes 2.0 package has been refined and upgraded to a new one called the Viral Powerlikes package. Even though I am yet to try this new version to verify its reliability, I think it will fare better than its predecessor. Visit their website for other updated packages if you want to try them.

16. Instaforce

Self-defined as a human-reliant Instagram growth service, Instaforce is the service for you for real and instant Instagram followers. They are a brand that doesn’t use bots or automation; they organically grow your account. They say their methods will get you the right Instagram followers to positively impact your visibility and relevance. They were established in Aalborg, Denmark, in 2016.

With more than 2000 clients and a great money refund policy, Instaforce seems to be the force your account needs to push it out from stagnancy. They promise to offer advanced optimization, statistical reports, analytics, manual growth, etc.  They say that they don’t use bots and will not put your account at any risks and that their strategies can help you get between 400 and 1200 followers monthly.

17. Ampfluence


Ampfluence is another Instagram growth service with the right strategies to help your account grow. They are regarded as a unique automation tool. They say they are run by real humans and do not use bots. Therefore, your account is safe and secure. Their services are cheap and affordable, and they have a great money refund policy in place. Their customer support is also impressive.

Ampfluence wants to help you find the right audience interested in your ideas and brand. Their services include targeting, consultation. They assure prospective clients that their methods will bring the needed results.

FAQs about Instagram growth services

What are Instagram growth services?

They are various social tools that provide alternative and easier ways to manage, enhance and grow your image on Instagram. They offer services such as full management of your Instagram activities such as content creation, post scheduling, and publishing.

Other services include direct interactions with your target audience, offering of Instagram followers, likes, views, and other engagement metrics for purchase, and much more.

Is it safe to use Instagram growth services?

Yes, it is safe. However, there are risks attached. Some of these growth services are not genuine, while some make use of bots that can get your account shadowbanned, suspended, or blocked. Hus, I urge you to double-check any Instagram growth services before using them.

How can I gain more followers on Instagram?

Gaining more followers on Instagram can happen in many ways. The easiest is patronizing some of these Instagram growth services listed in this article.

Management services may take longer to get you the followers you want, but buying from growth services that readily offer such packages can get instant followers.

However, there are risks, as earlier said. Thus, the best way to stay out of trouble is by growing your account yourself.


That is the list of some of the best Instagram growth services. These services work with different strategies and methods. Thus, ensure you research and determine the one that has what your Instagram account is lacking.

I will especially advise you to check if they offer free trials and make good use of that to check out the reliability and efficiency of their strategies before paying for their services.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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