How To Use Instagram Reel Templates In 2023

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Instagram Reels took the social media world by storm since launching in 2020, with an astounding 231 million daily users scrolling through these short, entertaining vertical videos.

As creators, businesses, and influencers scramble to adopt this hot new format, Instagram Reel templates have emerged as an easy way to develop captivating video content—no advanced editing skills required.

But what exactly are Reel templates, and how can you harness them to effortlessly make professional videos that wow audiences? This comprehensive guide examines everything you need to know.

The Lowdown on Reel Templates

First, let‘s break down the basics:

Instagram Reel templates are pre-made video layouts containing graphics, text animations, transitions, and general frames to create the foundation of your video.

Creators design templates using tools like Canva, Adobe Spark, or Adobe Premiere Pro, then upload to Instagram as standard Reels videos.

When you come across a template Reel you‘d like to use, simply:

  1. Tap the 3 dots menu
  2. Select "Use Template"
  3. Insert your own clips into the predetermined layout

It‘s that easy to recreate the template with your custom footage.

Below runs through the step-by-step process for applying templates in detail. But first, let‘s explore why Reel templates are so powerful.

Benefits of Using Reel Templates

While early Instagram focused on static visual content, video reigns supreme today.

Over 88% of Instagram‘s feed contains video, and Reels specifically delivers the most engagement.

Mastering trends like templates sets you up for Instagram success:

Instagram reel templates benefits

Additional advantages include:

  • Visual intrigue: Templates incorporate graphics, text, effects that capture attention
  • Adapt viral trends: Use what works vs reinventing the wheel
  • Accessibility: Easy for beginners to create quality videos
  • Brand consistency: Maintain stylistic approach by reusing templates
  • Time savings: Skip tedious editing and jump right into customizing

Now let‘s get hands-on…

Step 1: Find a Template from Instagram

Instagram makes it simple to search for templates directly within the app:

  1. Tap the Reels icon on the bottom navigation bar
  2. Scroll through the endless feed of public Reels
  3. When you see one marked "Template by" use that 3-dot menu to select "Use Template"
  4. Choose "Add Media" to insert your custom clips

Pro Tip: Pay attention to required clip length and numbers needed to seamlessly fit into template

Gaining Access to More Templates

Due to Instagram‘s expansive reach, countless influencers design templates for others to utilize—which can be uncovered beyond built-in search.

Ways to find template options:

  • Browse relevant hashtags like #reelitemplates or #instagramreelstemplate
  • Check out influencer sites focused on collating templates
  • Google to locate third-party template directories
  • Follow template creators directly and browse their portfolio

Tap into the growing ecosystem of templates available!

Step 2: Customize With Your Content

Templates provide the foundation, but the customization tools transform these into unique Reels showcasing your brand.

After inserting your own video clips, kick the creativity into high gear!

Ways to make it your own:

  • Trim/rearrange clip order
  • Layer graphics/logos
  • Add text boxes
  • Modify fonts/colors
  • Insert emojis/stickers
  • Incorporate trending audios
  • Apply filters and AR effects
  • Adjust transitions/durations
  • Add voiceovers or subtitles

Think outside the box with editing possibilities to produce truly one-of-a-kind Reels.

Expert Customization Tips

Take your Reel to the next level with these advanced customizations:

  • Strategically position text for clarity and impact
  • Use stickers to draw attention to key moments
  • Sync transitions to music beats
  • Refine clip speed for smooth playback
  • Include subtle animations to highlight elements
  • Reuse templates consistently for branding

Tasteful customization aligned to your brand personality wins.

Step 3: Share and Save Your Reel

Once your new creation ticks all the boxes, it‘s time to export this template + content combo out into the Instagram world.

Final checklist before sharing:

  • Preview and adjust audio
  • Confirm ideal aspect ratio
  • Consider hashtags and tagging influencers
  • Enable "Use as Template" for distribution
  • Provide template credit to original creator

Measuring success goes beyond vanity metrics:

  • Monitor engagement rate for audience resonance
  • Review click-through traffic to website/bio/email list
  • Run A/B tests between templates and analyze data

Share the template love! Saving standout designs within the app allows seamless recreation anytime.

Design Your Own Reel Templates

While Instagram‘s stockpile cements your convenience, nothing beats complete creative liberty designing fully customized templates.

DIY platforms providing control over each design element include:

Canva – User-friendly graphic design webapp perfect for beginners

Adobe Spark – Streamlined graphics/video mixer with handy collaboration features

Adobe Premiere Pro – Advanced editing software for professionals

Mastering Your DIY Reel Template

Follow these steps for total template domination:

  1. Conceptualize ideas and sketch a storyboard
  2. Gather footages and assets like logos, graphics, etc.
  3. Import elements into Canva/Spark/Premiere Pro
  4. Style and sequence the template foundation layering in clips, text, transitions, etc.
  5. Add overlays like logos, graphics, shapes to reinforce branding
  6. Export MP4 and integrate natively into the Instagram app like any other Reel
  7. Save within Canva for quick alterations and reusability

Custom templates enable consistency in your content strategy. Replicate its style for events, product launches, campaigns.

Monetize Your Reels Through Templates

Beyond basic social clout, Instagram Reels unlock tangible earning potential:

Monetize instagram reels

Let‘s explore top opportunities to profit:

Influencer Marketing Platforms

Influencer networks like Ainfluencer connect brands seeking Insta-savvy creators for sponsored collaborations.

"I doubled my sponsorship deals within a month after switching to Reels templates," says lifestyle influencer @fashioninspo. "It literally takes my content to the next level."

Consistently professional content gives you an edge to earn.

Reels Play Bonus Program

Instagram incentives further sweeten the deal.

Their invite-only Reels Play bonus pays eligible creators up to $10,000 per reel based on viewership and engagement.

Sleek templates Present you as top talent worth rewarding.

Instagram Advertising and Commerce

Once you hit key follower thresholds, ads and shoppable posts activated on Reels unlock income streams.

  • Display ads earn revenue from impressions
  • Lead users to products for direct sales cuts

Templates inherently boost impressions and store visits!

Additional Monetization Avenues

  • YouTube revenue share from repurposed Reels
  • Tipping/gifting from loyal supporters
  • Freelancing as a template designer
  • Upselling custom branded templates
  • Promoting affiliate links

Coupling smart social strategy with monetization offerings pioneers financial gain.

Reel Templates for Business Marketing

Beyond individual creator accounts, Reels templates allow companies to demonstrate expertise and resonate with target audiences.

Use Cases

  • Tutorials on using services/products
  • Testimonials from delighted customers
  • Spotlights on team members/company culture
  • Behind-the-scenes office tours
  • Product launches/updates to drive buzz
  • Industry trend explainers to establish thought leadership

Marketers use Reels to interact and build communities—not just sell.

MGY Food and Travel Fuels Engagement With Templates

Global travel agency MGY Food and Travel boosts bookings andInteraction through bite-sized Reels.

They design Canva templates spotlighting dreamy destinations—then reuse these for different locales saving vast production time.

"It‘s incredible having a templates toolkit allowing us to quickly produce consistent videos that spark wanderlust," notes their Social Media Manager.

Resulting in a 62% increase in engagement and over $250k in referral sales last quarter alone!

Consistency and convenience from templates make it effortless to convey your brand story often—the key to social media growth.

Maximizing Success With Templates

While tempting to over-rely on trending templates, balance pre-made designs with originality. Customize thoughtfully and inject your personality into Reels.

Reels template tips

Continue monitoring metrics and fine-tuning approaches for optimal performance.

Ultimately templates revolutionize graphic production, so take advantage!

The world of Instagram chronically shifts—experiment until you architect a template strategy with staying power.

Key Takeaways

Let‘s recap core learnings:

  • Templates make easy, eye-catching Reels minus intensive editing
  • Repurpose and customize to infuse your brand identity into trending designs
  • Design your own for full control aligned to content strategy
  • Monetize creations through advertising, influencer marketing, bonuses and more
  • Fuel business marketing conveying expertise and personality

Ready to step up your Instagram game with templates? Have you used Reels for marketing or monetization? Share your thoughts below!

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