How to Download Instagram Videos? 13 Best Tools in 2023

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Here is my 2000+ word blog post on how to download Instagram videos using the best tools in 2023:

Do you ever come across an Instagram video that you absolutely love and wish you could save to watch later? As entertaining or interesting as Instagram videos are, the platform doesn‘t allow you to download videos directly.

However, various third-party tools and apps make it possible to download Instagram videos to your device‘s storage. So whether you want to save a cooking tutorial, a viral dance video, or a funny pet clip for offline viewing, this guide will show you 13 of the best Instagram video downloaders to use in 2023.

Before jumping into the step-by-step process of using Instagram video downloaders, it‘s crucial to understand the permission and copyright requirements around downloading videos you did not create.

While it is technically possible to download any public video from Instagram without the owner‘s consent, doing so may be illegal or violate Instagram‘s terms of service. Instagram videos are intellectual property belonging to the creator.

So it‘s always better to ask the video owner for permission before downloading their content. If you plan to share a downloaded video with a wider audience, explicit consent is a must.

As a rule of thumb, only download Instagram videos that:

  • You have created yourself
  • You have gotten direct permission from the creator to download
  • Are posted by business accounts that intend their content to be shared (with appropriate credits)

If you adhere to these guidelines, downloading Instagram videos can be an effective way to compile interesting content. Just be thoughtful about permission and copyrights.

Now let‘s look at the top 13 Instagram video downloaders to use this year.

1. InstaDownloader

InstaDownloader is a popular free online tool that lets you download Instagram photos and videos in a few quick steps:

  • Copy the link to the Instagram post you want to save
  • Paste the link on InstaDownloader‘s website
  • Click the "Download" button
  • Select to download either the video or photo file

The platform is very straightforward to use. Just ensure the content you‘re downloading isn‘t copyrighted material before saving it.

2. DownloadGram

Another excellent Instagram video downloader is DownloadGram. This free web-based tool allows you to download both videos and photos from Instagram quickly.

To use DownloadGram:

  1. Copy the link to the Instagram post
  2. Paste the link on DownloadGram‘s site
  3. Click "Download"
  4. Select "Download Video" or "Download Image" on the preview screen

Do note that DownloadGram only works for public Instagram accounts and profiles. You cannot download private videos or photos of accounts you don‘t follow.

3. Video Downloader for Instagram (Mobile App)

If you prefer downloading Instagram videos directly on your phone, Video Downloader for Instagram is an excellent free app for both iOS and Android devices.

Here are the key features of this mobile Instagram video saver:

  • In-app browser to search Instagram
  • Support for downloading multiple videos
  • Option to repost saved videos
  • Video bookmarking and favorites

To use this app:

  1. Copy the link of the Instagram video
  2. Open the app and paste the link
  3. Tap download
  4. Saved video will be available in your camera roll

However, a limitation is that this Instagram video downloader only works for public accounts.

4. FastSave

FastSave is a popular Instagram video saver app available for both iOS and Android devices.

Key features include:

  • Save Instagram photos, videos, Stories and IGTV videos
  • Multi save option
  • Create collections of saved posts
  • Reposting capabilities

To use FastSave:

  1. Install and login to the FastSave app
  2. When browsing Instagram, tap "Copy Share URL" to copy post links
  3. FastSave will automatically save copied posts
  4. To multi-save, tap the multi-save option in the app

FastSave certainly makes downloading videos and images from Instagram extremely quick and easy.

5. Video Downloader (Android App)

If you are an Android user looking for a dedicated Instagram video downloader app just for saving videos, Video Downloader is a great option.

This app comes with straightforward one-tap download functionality. Just copy the link of the Instagram video you want and paste it in this app to start downloading.

You also get choices over video quality, format, and size before saving. Overall, Video Downloader delivers an efficient Instagram private video downloader solution for Android devices.

6. InstaSave

InstaSave is another free Android app specialized in downloading videos, photos and Stories from Instagram accounts you follow and public profiles.

The InstaSave app automatically detects when you copy a link from Instagram using the "Copy Link" option. You can then directly paste this link in InstaSave and tap on download.

Your saved photos and videos get stored in your Android device‘s local storage for easy access anytime. Do note that InstaSave currently only has an Android version.

7. IGTV Video Downloader

For downloading longer-form vertical videos from Instagram‘s IGTV platform, this IGTV Video Downloader is an excellent web-based tool.

To use it:

  1. Copy the link of the IGTV video from Instagram
  2. Paste the link on IGTV Video Downloader‘s site
  3. Click download to save the video file to your device

You also have format and quality options when saving the video. This makes retrieving long IGTV videos easy. But of course, only download an IGTV video if you have the creator‘s explicit consent.

8. StorySaver

StorySaver allows you to download ephemeral Instagram Stories and highlights from public accounts and profiles. This free app works seamlessly by auto-detecting any Instagram Stories you view in the main Instagram app.

So you can download Stories with just two easy steps:

  1. Watch the full Instagram Story on the Instagram app
  2. Open StorySaver to find the auto-saved Story ready for download

This provides a handy way to retrieve funny, informative, or entertaining Instagram Stories to your camera roll.

9. InstaOffline

Don‘t want to download any apps? InstaOffline is a website you can use to download Instagram videos without creating accounts or signing up.

Using this Instagram video downloader is very simple:

  1. Copy and paste the link of the Instagram video
  2. Click the download button
  3. Select quality and format if needed
  4. Download the video

As InstaOffline is a third-party website, make sure to only use it to save videos you have permission to download.


Another web tool that supports easy Instagram video downloads is

To download an Instagram video using

  1. Copy and paste the video link
  2. Click the download button
  3. Select quality and format
  4. Download the video file

SaveFrom allows downloading videos from various platforms like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and more. But stick to downloading only legally permissible Instagram videos.

11. KeepSaveIt

If you want an online tool that works for downloading videos across Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other platforms, KeepSaveIt is very versatile.

Plus, it comes with handy video conversion features along with the downloader. Here is how KeepSaveIt works:

  1. Choose Instagram as the source platform
  2. Paste the video link in the text box
  3. Select video quality
  4. Download the video

The benefit is that KeepSaveIt caters to various social media sites for downloading in a standardized format.

12. InSaver

InSaver provides an iOS and Android app exclusively focused on saving Instagram posts. So whether you want to download a video, photo, or Story, InSaver simplifies the process in one app tailored for Instagram.

The features include:

  • Cross-platform app
  • Intuitive auto-fetch of copied Instagram links
  • One-tap download process
  • Reposting capabilities

To download posts:

  1. Copy the Instagram post link
  2. Open InSaver and link will auto-populate
  3. Tap download

InSaver even boasts advanced analytics about saved posts so influencers can learn what content performs best.

13. W3Toys

The final Instagram downloader on our list is W3Toys – another versatile web tool that supports various social media platforms.

W3Toys makes downloading Instagram videos simple:

  1. Choose Instagram as the source
  2. Paste video link
  3. Select download quality
  4. Download the video

Beyond just Instagram, W3Toys allows saving content from TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and more. The standardized process makes it very user-friendly.

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Download Instagram Videos Responsibly

I hope this detailed guide on the top 13 Instagram video downloaders for 2023 gives you plenty of options to safely save and store interesting Instagram videos you come across.

Just remember to avoid copyright infringement by:

  1. Getting the creator‘s permission first
  2. Only downloading your own videos
  3. Using legally shared commercial content

Respecting creators‘ ownership of their Instagram videos creates a healthy ecosystem for you to share entertaining, meaningful content with attribution.

If you have an actively engaged Instagram following yourself, influencer marketing platforms like Ainfluencer provide excellent opportunities to profit from your content. Look into becoming an influencer today!

Have any other questions on downloading from Instagram? Let me know in the comments!

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