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IPRoyal Review 2023

IP Royal Review

Are you looking to make use of IP Royal proxies but don’t have much information about the proxy service provider? This article has got you covered. This article provides you with a detailed review of IP Royal to have a grasp of its residential proxies and its entire functionality.

The sheer number of available proxy services makes it difficult to even narrow down the options to a manageable number.

This proxy provider is among the newer providers to enter the proxy industry, and its website claims that it offers some of the finest proxy services available.

Are they being honest with us, or is this simply another empty promise from a competing service?

That’s my question as I ventured into making extensive research about their services to determine whether or not their proxies are real or not.

First, let’s consider looking at what IP Royal is.

Overview of IP Royal

IP Royal Overview

Although the IPRoyal proxy service is not among the most well-known, it has carved out a respectable niche for itself.

Static residential proxies, 4G proxies, sneaker proxies, proxies from data centers, and more are all available from this supplier.

I can confidently attest that IP Royal’s home service is one-of-a-kind due to the novel manner in which it obtains proxies.

The sheer number of proxies available in the pool is limited compared to the larger providers’ millions of Its; however, it should be sufficient for most users’ needs.

They provide proxy support for a wide variety of regions, provide both sticky and rotating proxies, and work well with a wide range of frequently visited websites.

How IP Royal Works

The residential proxy service provided by IPRoyal is based on a simple concept. They, like other home proxy services, have no say over which IP addresses are utilized while processing client requests.

IPRoyal is a P2P network that is both ethical and rewards its users, in contrast to other P2P networks that engage in unethical practices to acquire IP addresses for their pool.

They have a business called IPRoyal Pawns that pays people for their internet protocol address and connection to the internet in return for acting as proxies.

I spoke with a service contact who confirmed that they obtained their internet protocol addresses from this provider.

When using their proxies, your traffic will not go through a direct connection to the services you need.

Instead, they are sent to the IPRoyal service, which locates a free IP address in its pool and then forwards the user’s request to the desired destination.

This will hide your genuine IP address from the website or service you are interacting with.

There is no limit to the number of internet protocol addresses you can use from their pool since IP rotation is supported.

Pros of IP Royal

1. Simple Setup and Usability

In order to use their proxy service, you may have to jump through a number of hoops.

Using the IPRoyal service’s proxies requires no technological knowledge on your part.

The method of utilizing their proxies is similar to using any other proxy service, so those who have used proxy servers before should have no trouble adapting.

The proxy information, such as password, username, port, and proxy address, can be found on the user dashboard after registration, account discovery, or direct plan payment.

For the time being, IPRoyal does not offer IP authentication; users must instead rely on the straightforward username/password method.

2. Wider Outreach

Due to the increasing regionalization of online content, a proxy service that can accommodate users from different regions is highly recommended.

If you’re set on exclusively using proxies from a certain region, though, you need simply remain with a service that offers support for only that area.

Support for several locations is helpful, however, for jobs that need to get information from a wide variety of sources.

When it comes to coverage, the IPRoyal service has you covered. Over 195 countries in Africa, Asia, South and North America, and Europe are all connected to the network. The amount of IP addresses it has for these nations, nevertheless, is different.

Zambia, Yemen, Western Sahara, and Vietnam are the top locations in terms of the total number of internet protocol addresses.

This is in line with the locations where the profits from the IPRoyal Pawn service would be most welcome.

3. Provides Sticky and Rotating Proxies

When compared to competing residential proxy services, IPRoyal’s IP pool ownership structure is identical.

The IPs in their pool are not theirs; hence they cannot manage them. Because of this, they don’t provide authentic static proxies.

Proxy IPs are dynamic and will often change to meet your needs or if the IP you were given becomes unavailable.

The standard states that you must change your IP address every 24 hours.

If you’re fortunate, a single IP address will provide you with half of that.

Sticky proxies, on the other hand, would keep the same internet protocol address for a time, allowing for covert account administration.

This service provider offers rotating proxies, which switch IP addresses at regular intervals.

IP Royal’s fast IP change at any moment you choose is another useful function linked to IP rotation that you will learn to appreciate.

Whether using the control panel or the API, you can quickly have your IP address updated.

The proxies have a wide variety of applications thanks to the availability of both static (sticky) and dynamic (rotating) proxies, the former of which can be used for activities like account administration while the latter is ideal for web scraping, which requires a constantly changing IP address.

4. Affordable Prices for Small Businesses

Without question, a company’s price structure will play a major role in a marketer’s final decision over which service provider to choose.

There’s a common misconception that residential proxies are more costly than their data center equivalents.

But it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get one, especially with services like IPRoyal.

Among the list of residential proxies that really operate, IP Royal’s prices are among the most reasonable you’ll find.

Bandwidth-based pricing is a 7 USD/GB premium. Nevertheless, the price per gigabyte drops to as low as 1.75 USD for orders of 10 terabytes.

5. Obtains IP Addresses in an Ethical Manner

The uniqueness of this service provider lies in the fact that it utilizes a special method to get the internet protocol addresses that it then employs to route its customers’ data.

While it may be true that no other service provider uses the same IP address, this does not make it the only one.

While this is morally acceptable for some providers, the terms of service for the third-party apps in which proxy services embed their software are often buried in the fine print and may go unnoticed by the device owners.

They don’t do that with IPRoyal; if your gadget happens to be utilized as an exit node, you’ll be informed and reimbursed.

Cons of IP Royal

1. Has a Small Pool of IP Addresses

The limited size of its Internet Protocol (IP) pool is a further issue I have with this service source.

There are several proxy providers in the residential proxy industry, and their IP address pools range in size from two million to one hundred million.

There are almost 2 million IP addresses on the IPRoyal service, making it the market leader in this context.

The United States and the United Kingdom, the provider’s top two destinations, have little demand for their internet protocol addresses.

2. Poor Proxy Speed

Many customers value quick connections when choosing a service.

Consider delaying your purchase until they fix the slowness of their service if speed is crucial to you.

This is not to say that the speed is terrible, however. In my experience using the proxies, the speed is satisfactory.

If you’re the thorough kind who also wants to put the proxies to the test, you won’t be pleased with the quickness.

When testing IP Royal’s residential proxies with the Speedtest, I got nothing.

The utility takes some time to locate the best server, and then it fails miserably.

When I tried a new proxy, it started working; when I went back to the same one, the problem persisted.

Therefore, I was unable to determine the actual speed, but it did function.

IP Royal Pricing Review

IPRoyal Pricing and Plan

When deciding on a service provider, cost should be a major consideration.

There’s a common misconception that residential proxies are more costly than those housed in a data center, but IPRoyal has got you covered there, too.

You won’t find better deals than the ones we’ve compiled, which start at just 3 USD per GB of bandwidth (which works out to be fairly reasonable) and include unlimited traffic.

If you need a residential proxy but are on a limited budget, go no further than IP Royal’s offering since you can rent the necessary bandwidth for as low as 1 gigabyte.

This sum, however, will be depleted quickly without an upgrade or backup plan in place, so be sure to sign up for one of our premium packages instead.

They provide a price structure and four main services:

  • Residential Proxies: begins at 0.80 USD per gigabyte
  • Datacenter Proxies: begins at 1.30 USD per proxy
  • Sneaker Proxies: begins at 0.80 USD per proxy
  • 4G Mobile Proxy: begins at 90 USD per proxy

How to contact iproyal

To contact IPRoyal, you have several options:

  1. Use the popup chat box on their website
  2. Fill out the question box in the “About us” section on their website
  3. Send an email to [email protected]

For matters regarding their Acceptable Use Policy, it is recommended to contact them via email at [email protected]
. If you need assistance with a tailored package for your needs, you can schedule a call with them through their business pricing page

Where you can buy IPRoyal proxies

You can buy IPRoyal proxies directly from their website at and
They offer various types of proxies, including residential proxies, static residential proxies, datacenter proxies, sneaker proxies, and mobile proxies.
The pricing for these proxies varies depending on the type and the amount of traffic or number of proxies you need.

IP Royal ISP Testing Review

Now let’s talk about the interoperability of these IPRoyal proxies with other internet-based services.

Proxy servers located in a data center or those in people’s homes? According to the data shown on the IPRoyal website, the company makes use of residential proxies.

However, this is the pitch you’ll hear from any service provider. Many proxies advertised as being from residential locations are actually from server farms.

The fact that residential proxies can be assigned by ISPs is a major plus. As a result, they are generated by genuine internet users.

To check whether the proxies IP Royal offers are residential or not, you can use IPinfo.

IPinfo enables you to find out the exact type of proxy a proxy provider offers. When you use IPinfo, it will clearly state the type of IP as follows: “Type: ISP” This implies that the proxy is, indeed, a residential proxy.

Final Verdict: Is IP Royal Legit or Scam

Having reviewed its peck and disadvantages, it’s reasonable to say that IP Royal is legit and trustworthy.

It is a cheap proxy service with a wide variety of proxies to choose from.

Some other proxy providers don’t provide premium residential proxies, data center proxies, or specialized proxies such as sneaker proxies, but IP Royal does.

It has an intuitive design that even newcomers can quickly master, and its customer service is top-notch.

Also, the IPRoyal team is available around the clock, so you never have to worry about missing a beat if you need to contact them about a serious problem.

In all, I agree that IPRoyal is a fantastic choice that deserves serious consideration for a wide variety of applications.


Q. Is IP Royal reliable?

IP Royal is 100% a reliable proxy provider. Proxy servers are valued for their ability to protect corporate anonymity. When using an IPRoyal proxy, sensitive company information is rendered undetectable and anonymous. This additional safeguard lessens the frequency and severity of hacker attacks and other security breaches.

Q. Is IP Royal customer service functional?

Yes, of course. IP Royal has a functional and effective customer service system who are ready to help you overcome any issue you may have about the service. They are highly responsive and supportive.

Q. What are IP Royal’s use cases?

IP Royal’s residential proxy service is not tailored to perform any particular function. So, it’s not like those shoes or those proxies for online games. The proxies provided by IPRoyal are generic and designed to work in any situation. You can use the proxy for web scraping or crawling, brand protection, and management of accounts.


All your proxy necessities are available at IPRoyal. It offers assistance with corporate operations thanks to its distributed network of servers. If you’re interested in making money without actively doing anything, IPRoyal Pawns is another option.

IPRoyal allows you to exchange certain functionality for enhanced performance, in contrast to other new proxies, which provide a more restricted toolbox.

One thing about IP Royal is that it has some kinks to work out in terms of user interface and selection of proxy selection.

However, what gives it the edge over others is cheap pricing when compared to its rivals, who either have a lesser amount of available Internet Protocol addresses or provide services that are less satisfactory overall.

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