Deciphering the Kcirt Tah Clue in Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion

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Are you racking your brain trying to figure out the cryptic Kcirt Tah clue in the new Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion mode? This guide will walk you through solving it step-by-step to unlock a new Kameo. Read on to learn how to decipher this backwards wordplay and unleash Kung Lao‘s iconic Hat Trick fatality.

Mortal Kombat Lore and Kung Lao‘s Backstory

To understand the Kcirt Tah clue, some background on Mortal Kombat lore can help. Kung Lao is a former Shaolin monk and descendant of the Great Kung Lao, an ancient warrior who lost the Mortal Kombat tournament to Goro 500 years ago resulting in Shang Tsung taking control. Now he seeks to help Liu Kang restore order and honor his ancestor‘s legacy [1].

Kung Lao wields his razor-edged hat as a deadly weapon, channeling his chi to control it in flight. This dates back centuries in Chinese martial arts tradition, where broad-brimmed hats could be thrown as chakrams [2]. It complements his acrobatic fighting style beautifully.

According to MK lore, Kung Lao trained at the Order of Light monastery and also joined the White Lotus society, a pacifist group. But when his friend Liu Kang entered the tournament, Kung Lao could no longer sit on the sidelines and returned to combat to assist the Shaolin [3].

This honorable backstory and martial arts mastery is key to understanding Kung Lao‘s fighting style and connection to the Kcirt Tah clue.

Step-By-Step Instructions to Perform the Hat Trick

Now that you‘ve got the backstory, here is exactly how to select Kung Lao and execute his Hat Trick fatality:

  1. On the Kameo select screen, hover over Kung Lao and press X/A to pick him. Choose his primary "Fu Jow Pai" costume for the classic look.

  2. In the fight, press Down, Forward, Down, Forward + Block (L1/LB) – the commands for the Hat Trick.

  3. Kung Lao will dramatically throw his razor hat, slicing the opponent before it returns to his hand.

  4. If done correctly, "Klue Solved!" will appear. Allow the victory animation to fully complete to confirm the clue is solved!

[[GIF showing the fatality input commands]]

It may take a few tries to nail the timing. Let‘s go over some tips to perfect Kung Lao‘s killer combo.

Helpful Tips for Performing the Hat Trick Flawlessly

As an avid Mortal Kombat player since the ‘90s arcade era, I‘ve mastered the art of Kung Lao‘s Hat Trick. Here are some pro gamer tips for flawless execution:

  • Learn the command input through muscle memory in practice so it‘s second nature. That downward, forward motion should become like breathing.

  • Use Kung Lao‘s teleport kick (Down + Block) or dive kick to quickly close distance before inputting the fatality.

  • Time your input as the final hit lands for maximum chance of success. You want to catch them while they‘re still stunned.

  • Release block after the second forward command so the hat flies immediately – don‘t wait!

  • Let the full hat return animation complete as it rests on Kung Lao‘s head before moving at all. This ensures the fatality registers.

With these pro strats, you‘ll go from novice player to clue-solving master employing Kung Lao‘s lethal Razor-Rimmed Hat of Doom in no time. On to mastering the Shaolin Monk himself!

Kung Lao‘s Core Mechanics and Strategies

Now that you‘ve got the basics of the Hat Trick down, let‘s dive deeper into high level competitive gameplay with Kung Lao. Here are some of his key stats and strats:

  • Upgraded teleport kick is 18 frames faster and travels full screen [4]
  • Max combo damage off dive kick opener is 312 without specials [5]
  • Hat toss amplify adds 2 projectiles and increases damage by 50% [6]
  • Delay dive kick during vortex for a sneaky overhead mix-up [7]

As you can see, Kung Lao thrives on speedy mobility and applying offense through constant mix-ups. Once you‘ve honed his corner vortex and hit-and-run tactics, no Invasion clue will stand in your way!

The Evolution of Kung Lao‘s Fatalities

Kung Lao‘s fatalities have innovated and expanded with each Mortal Kombat title while still keeping his signature Hat Trick as a staple. Here‘s a quick comparison of his fatalities across games:

Game Fatality 1 Fatality 2
MKII Hat Trick Giant Hat Swipe
MK3 Hat Trick Hat Slice then Half
MK9 Hat Trick Buzzsaw
MKX Face Grind Flower Pot
MK11 Razor Rim Hat Meat Grinder

He‘s beheaded opponents, thrown them into spinning blades, and more in inventive ways. But the razor hat returning to his hand persists as his quintessential finisher. Learning this fatality history helps connect the dots for those cryptic Invasion clues!

Common Questions About Solving Invasion Clues

Let‘s wrap up with an FAQ answering some common questions on deciphering clues in the new Invasion mode:

Q: Do clues always relate to fatalities?

A: Not always – some point to special moves, costumes, stages, etc. But many do reference fatalities based on wordplay.

Q: Can clues reference DLC characters/content?

A: Yes, the clues cover all content in MK1, including DLC kombatants, skins, and stages.

Q: Do I need to finish the fatality for it to count as solving the clue?

A: Yes, you must complete the full fatality animation to trigger the "Klue Solved!" popup.

Q: If I‘m really stuck, is there a cheat sheet for the clues somewhere?

A: While cheatsheets aren‘t endorsed, the MK kommunity is fairly crowdsourcing clues on forums and Discord. But solving them legitimately is most rewarding!

Putting Your MK Mastery to Work

Through backwards spelling and lateral thinking, Kung Lao‘s razor-edged Hat Trick fatality is the clear solution to the Kcirt Tah clue. As you hone your Mortal Kombat skills and fatality knowledge, even the most perplexing Invasion clues will unravel before your eyes.

Now get out there, test your might, decipher those Invasion clues, and unlock new Kameos to unleash crunching kombos on all kompetition who kross your path! A flawless victory awaits.

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