What is Linktree: The Shortcut to Amplify Your Online Presence in 2023

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The Meteoric Rise of Linktree

Launched in 2016 by three Australian entrepreneurs, Linktree has grown from a simple link aggregation tool to a powerful online platform used by over 23 million creators, influencers, businesses and artists across the world.

But how did this happen?

Here are some key milestones in Linktree‘s impressive rise:


  • Linktree founded and launched by Alex Zaccaria, Anthony Zaccaria and Nick Humphreys
  • Gains over 3000 users in under 24 hours of launch!


  • Integrates link shortening via Bitly improving user experience


  • Launches Android and iOS mobile apps to manage Linktree on-the-go
  • Raises $3.5M in seed funding to boost growth


  • Userbase grows to 5 million
  • Featured in CNBC‘s Top 100 Startups list


  • Expands product with new sections – Linktree Shop, Details and Menu
  • Enables creators to add donation/payment links and sell merchandise
  • Named in Fast Company‘s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in Social Media
  • Raises $10.7M Series A funding


  • Userbase crosses 23 million mark by end of year
  • Partnes with ecommerce platforms like Spring and Shopify
  • Launches music distribution via Linkfire integration

As you can see, Linktree experienced massive growth in just 5 years – from idea to globally relevant platform.

But the rise doesn‘t stop here. Linktree continues to add new features for creators and businesses every few months.

How Linktree Stacks Up Against Competition

While Linktree is the most popular option, newer players are emerging in the link-in-bio space promising advanced features.

How does Linktree compare? Here‘s a quick rundown:

Tool Free Plan Limit Analytics Video Support Payments Pricing
Linktree Unlimited links Basic No Yes Free – $15/month
LinkinProfile 100 links Advanced Yes No $4.99+/month
TapBio No limit Basic No Yes $6+/month
Milkshake 1 link Advanced Yes No $9+/month

As you can see, Linktree holds strong as the most well-rounded option in terms of core features, extensive creator usage and value.

The advanced analytics and video support offered by competitors are great value additions. But Linktree counters with its diverse monetization enablers.

For a free option, Linktree packs an unbeatable punch!

Now let‘s see how top creators are leveraging Linktree effectively.

Advanced Linktree Usage in Action!

Linktree powers profiles of creators across domains – from multifaceted business moguls like Gary Vee to artists like Selena Gomez.

But how exactly are they using it? Let‘s check out some real-world examples.

Example 1: Adam Neumann, Entrepreneur/Investor

Adam Neumann's Linktree Profile

Breaking this down:

  • Clear personal photo and branding
  • Links organized into logical sections
  • Combines external referral links and internal content
  • Email subscription + updated post section
  • Simple yet visually striking

This helps Adam consolidate his web presence and drive his followers to key destinations like his personal blog, investment portfolio etc.

Example 2: MrBeast, YouTuber/Entrepreneur

MrBeast's Linktree Profile

What works here:

  • Links and icons customized to brand colors
  • Highlights priority initiatives like charity, merch store etc upfront
  • Strong calls-to-action for each section
  • Encourages following across multiple social media

This simple yet effective Linktree helps boost awareness for MrBeast‘s philanthropy while driving sales.

Want to quickly gain authority and improve SEO for your Linktree?

Build backlinks!

Here are some easy ways to earn quality links:

  • Interview/Podcast Mentions: Ask guests to link back to your Linktree in show notes

  • Guest Articles: Secure contributor spots for popular blogs in your niche. Embed Linktree link.

  • Roundup Mentions: Pitch your work to creators compiling related roundups and lists.

  • Broken Link Building: Find 404 pages and replace with relevant content + Linktree link

  • Link Reclamation: Reach out to sites that mention but don‘t link to your content. Ask to add Linktree link.

Consistent backlink building compounds traffic and authority over time. Don‘t miss this easy boost!

Now let‘s explore monetization models…

Creative Ways to Monetize Your Linktree

Linktree offers several built-in monetization avenues like affiliate links, product sales, donations etc.

But creators have devised some clever money-making models using Linktree beyond just selling merchandise.

Here are a few awesome examples.

Access Gating

Sell access to exclusive content and resources

TikTok educator @MinimalMomLife added a paid access link in her Linktree locking certain blog posts, printables, discounts etc. behind a subscription paywall.

This turns her free blog readers into a recurring revenue stream.

Lead Generation

Capture leads for products/services

Health coach Samantha Lines uses her Linktree profile to grab leads for her coaching programs.

She incentivizes subscribers to input their email to access a free workshop masterclass. This enables targeted follow-up selling relevant products.


Monetize through ads and sponsorships

YouTuber Shelbz Way added banner ad units within her Linktree account using the free Bread link feature. Brands pay for placement while she monetizes the traffic.

As you can see, you‘re only limited by your imagination when leveraging Linktree commercially!

Managing Your Linktree: DIY vs Agency?

Between creating content, engaging followers across networks and monetizing – maintaining your Linktree can get time consuming.

So should you manage everything solo? Or hire a Linktree specialist agency?

Here‘s a quick comparison:

Factor DIY Hiring Agency
Cost Free (Your Time) $500+/month
Expertise Self-taught Industry veterans
Customization Total control Collaborative input
Scalability Limited scope Specialized resources

When DIY makes sense: If you‘re on a tight budget but have decent design skills and time to manage updates.

When to get help: If rapid growth demands specialized bandwidth, an agency brings strategic perspective plus additional capabilities.

Assess where you stand across these factors to decide what works!

Linktree has cemented itself as one of the handiest tools for consolidating your web presence – helping creators and businesses unify their brand across networks.

With an intuitive yet customizable interface, extensive analytics, diverse monetization integrations and immense community adoption, Linktree ticks all the right boxes.

It streamlines the entire referral and discovery process for your audience – letting potential new followers easily dive deeper across your online destinations seamlessly.

So focus on amazing content creation, and let Linktree handle showcasing it in the best way possible! Supercharge your online reach.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.