How to "Loot a Dropped Supply Drop" in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ – The Ultimate Guide

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Looking to get your hands on high-tier loot locked inside those tempting supply drops in Warzone 2‘s DMZ mode? You‘ve come to the right place. I‘m going to walk you through everything you need to know to complete the mission of looting a dropped supply crate.

As an experienced DMZ player with hundreds of hours under my belt, I‘ve mastered the tactics required for tackling this lucrative but challenging objective. By following my comprehensive guide, you‘ll be gearing up with rare loot in no time. Let‘s get into it!

Overview: DMZ Faction Missions and Supply Drops

For those new to DMZ, here‘s a quick overview. DMZ introduces a new faction mission system with five tiers of jobs you can take on for rewards. You‘ll start with the Legion faction and unlock more factions as you rank up.

Completing missions earns you XP, weapon blueprints, Intel, and most importantly – cash! Cash allows you to purchase and upgrade your loadout weapons, equipment, and cosmetics.

As you progress through the tiers, the missions become more difficult but offer greater rewards. One great early mission is looting a supply drop.

Supply drops contain rare loot but can only be accessed by shooting down the aircraft carrying them. That‘s where SAM sites come in handy!

Step 1: Locate and Capture a SAM Site

Surface-to-air missile (SAM) sites are your ticket to getting ahold of supply drops. Let‘s discuss how to find and capture one.

Locating a SAM Site

Open your Tac Map and zoom into the sectors. SAM sites appear as missile icons circled in red.

I recommend heading to the SAM site located southeast of Sarrif Bay early on. Sarrif Bay provides a central location to push to other sectors once you‘ve captured the site.

Approaching and Capturing the SAM

Once you‘ve pinged a SAM site location, make your way there. Be prepared for resistance, as these are hotspots for activity. Use suppressed weapons and cover to avoid alerting other players.

Head to the computer terminal and activate the "Capture SAM Site" prompt. Now comes the hard part – defending this area while the 30 second capture sequence completes!

Set up mines or claymores ahead of time to help fortify. Be ready for enemies trying to take the SAM site for themselves. Winning this battle is crucial for reaping the rewards soon to come.

Tips for Capturing SAM Sites

  • Go after under-the-radar sites other players are less likely to target

  • Use an SUV for fast traversal between cover spots

  • Toss smoke grenades to conceal movements

  • Equip cold-blooded to avoid AI detection

  • Play with teammates who can provide overwatch

Step 2: Destroy an Aircraft with Your SAM

Once you‘ve captured your SAM site, the fun really starts! Here‘s how to use it to wreak aerial havoc:

Activating and Defending Your SAM

The SAM will automatically lock onto and fire at passing aircrafts overhead once it‘s under your control.

Defend the area while your SAM is primed and ready to fire. Having your newly acquired missile site stolen right before it shoots is a devastating feeling, trust me.

Use cover and place proximity alarms to avoid getting ambushed. If you lose the site, hope is not lost – head to your next closest SAM site and repeat the capture process.

Confirming a Successful Hit

After a few minutes, if all goes well, your SAM will open fire and smash into an aircraft flying by. Watch for smoke and debris when it makes impact.

Once the plane is hit, a supply crate icon will automatically appear on your Tac Map with the drop location. Time to get your loot!

Fun Fact: SAM missiles deal 150 damage and can destroy lighter aircrafts like helicopters in a single blast.

Step 3: Loot Your Supply Drop

You‘ve secured a SAM, shot down an aircraft, and now the precious spoils are there for the taking. Get your supply drop loot by:

Tracking the Supply Drop Location

Check your Tac Map and ping the supply crate marker that appears after the SAM takedown.

If it‘s far, use an SUV or helicopter to cover ground quickly. The icon will despawn after 2 minutes so you need to act fast.

Opening the Supply Crate

Once you‘ve arrived at the crate‘s location, approach it and hold the button prompt to open the crate. This usually takes around 10 seconds.

Be ready to defend yourself, as the open crate is a temptation for any nearby enemies. The drop is also marked publicly on the map.

Scoring the Loot!

With the crate open, collect your hard-earned prizes! Supply drop loot consists of killstreaks, weapon attachments, armor, and rare weapon blueprints. The better the rarity, the better the rewards.

What you can find in supply drops:

Loot Item Rarity
Armor Plates Common
Killstreaks Uncommon
Weapon Attachments Uncommon
Weapon Blueprints Rare
Exotic Weapon Blueprints Ultra Rare

Supply Crate Tips

Focus on the white crates rather than the yellow ones – only white crates count for completing the supply drop mission.

If you have issues opening the crate, try changing your Use Button settings to "Tap to Reload" instead of "Prioritize Interact". This can help with any activation delays.

Unlock More Drops By Chaining SAM Sites

Once you‘ve mastered capturing and looting from a single SAM site, try chaining together multiple sites to take down planes rapidly for even more supply drops at once!

Capturing the SAM near the corner of Al Mazrah City lets you also reach the site near Al Sharim Pass. Use vehicles to quickly move between them.

By coordinating your lock-ons, you can score multiple crate drops in quick succession. Just be ready to fend off increased enemy resistance.

Make It Rain Loot With Supply Drops

You now have all the intel needed to complete the mission of looting a dropped supply crate in DMZ. Follow the steps in this guide, and you‘ll unlock powerful weapon blueprints and rare gear to dominate your matches!

Capturing SAM sites takes patience and skill, but the payoff is worth it. Once that missile hits home and your supply crate appears, victory is within your grasp.

Now get out there, fight hard for those SAM sites, and start racking up the epic rewards. Just watch out for others trying to steal your stockpile. Happy hunting!

Let me know if you have any other questions on mastering supply drop missions. I‘m always happy to provide tips and tricks to up your loot game.


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