Lust Academy Walkthrough: Your All-Inclusive Guide to Magic, Romance, and More

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Hey friend! I see you’re about to start your journey at the renowned Cordale Academy of Magic and Wizardry, otherwise known as Lust Academy. As a longtime visual novel fan and expert RPG gamer, I‘ve compiled this comprehensive walkthrough to help you navigate the academy’s halls, forge friendships and romance, and embrace your magical potential.

With my tips and tricks, you’ll easily master Lust Academy’s classes, activities, relationship building, story navigation, and much more. Now let’s get started – your future awaits at this one-of-a-kind supernatural boarding school!

Balancing Academics, Activities, and Socializing

Attending a magic academy is exciting, but also challenging. You’ll need to juggle studies, extracurriculars, and socializing daily to succeed. Follow these time management tips:

Make the Most of Class Time

  • Attend all Magery, Alchemy, and Casting lectures – they directly impact your spell knowledge. Strive for at least an Excellent on exams.
  • Sit with different students each day to maximize friendship gains.
  • Use lectures to ask staff and students insightful questions – their answers reveal valuable details.

Optimize Your Practice Sessions

  • Spend mornings and afternoons practicing spells and potions. Prioritize:
    • Spells: Combat Bolt, Incendio, Episkey, Rictusempra
    • Potions: Stoneskin, Magic Reflection, Inspiration, Lesser Heal
  • Aim for at least 85% perfection for all spells. Brew potions to 100% perfection.
  • Practice efficiently. Play spell minigames slowly and deliberately rather than wildly clicking.

Participate in Activities Strategically

  • Join the dueling club – it significantly boosts Leonheart points. Losses deduct points, so duel carefully.
  • Go fishing on weekends to earn extra cash. 20-30 fish caught per session is a reasonable goal.
  • Work evenings at the cafe at least twice a week for funds and friendship gains.
  • Search campus for lost books whenever you have time. Finding 5-10 per week will rack up points.

Make Time for Relationships

  • Chat with all students during meals, between classes, and during weekends. Learn their interests, personalities, and backstories.
  • Give tailored gifts that fit their preferences. Check their profiles.
  • Accept all date invites and regularly ask partners out on dates yourself. They unlock special scenes!
  • If pursuing multiple partners, reassure them through dialogue to avoid jealousy.

Explore the Grounds and Beyond

  • Search places like the dorms, garden, classrooms, and library to find hidden items and story scenes.
  • When prompted, always accept opportunities to visit places outside the academy like Dale town.

With some trial and error, you’ll find the right balance of academics and activities to maximize your magical abilities and social network. Now let’s talk about mastering the supernatural arts…

Becoming a Master Magician and Duelist

Harnessing advanced magic will help you defeat rivals, unlock deeper relationships, and graduate top of your class. Use these tips:

Learn Every Spell Thoroughly

  • Spend mornings and afternoons practicing each spell until you reach at least 85% perfection.
  • Focus on Combat Bolt, Incendio, and Episkey first – they‘re the most versatile battle spells.
  • Don‘t neglect Rictusempra despite its novelty – it can be strategically useful in duels.

Brew Potions to Perfection

  • Craft every potion repeatedly until you achieve 100% mixing perfection.
  • Prioritize Stoneskin, Magic Reflection, Inspiration, and Lesser Heal – they offer the best combat buffs.
  • Use a reference guide or keep notes to memorize recipe ingredients. Don‘t waste actions on failures!

Duel Smarter, Not Harder

  • Use Magic Reflection or Stoneskin potions at the start of duels to defend against enemy attacks.
  • Hammer opponents with Combat Bolt and Incendio as your primary damage spells.
  • Drink an Inspiration Potion before landing the final blow to maximize your style rating.
  • Don‘t neglect healing! Episkey or Lesser Heal Potions will keep you going if your HP gets low.

Invest Extra Time Wisely

  • Once you‘ve learned all spells and potion recipes, use any remaining weekend time to:
    • Go fishing to earn extra cash. 20-30 fish per session can net $20-30!
    • Forage for rare potion ingredients like dandelion dust and fireblossom leaves.
    • Further boost spell perfection percentages above 85%.

As you refine your magical arts, even formidable wizarding rivals will fall before your might! Now let’s discuss navigating relationships…

Building Relationships: Friendships, Romance, and More

Forging bonds through thoughtful conversations, gift giving, and quality time is key at Lust Academy both for romance and unlocking story content. Use these tips:

Chat to Uncover Details

  • Initiate conversations whenever possible to learn about each character‘s personality, background, interests, and magical talents.
  • Ask follow up questions to their responses – this shows care and reveals valuable insights for giving gifts.

Give Gifts That Demonstrate Thoughtfulness

  • Check each character‘s profile to learn their favorites – these include activities, magical subjects, foods, hobbies, and more.
  • Giving gifts related to their interests (sports, gaming, art etc.) will have the biggest positive impact versus generic gifts.
  • Occasionally give spontaneous, unexpected presents to show you understand their likes – this significantly boosts affection.

Regularly Go on High-Quality Dates

  • Accept any date invite you receive – these unlock special romantic scenes and story branches.
  • Proactively ask characters out at least 1-2 times per month. Vary date ideas based on their preferences.
  • During dates, steer conversation toward your partner‘s interests while sharing details about yourself to strengthen rapport.
  • Reach dating milestones like first kiss by picking empathetic, romantic dialogue options when they arise.

Address Any Jealousy Issues

  • If romancing multiple partners, they may eventually confront you about divided attention.
  • Reassure them sincerely through dialogue options like:
    • "You‘re special to me – I want us both to be happy."
    • "My heart has room for you and others."
    • "I care about you and our relationship."
  • Continuing to spend quality time together also resolves tensions.

With some trial and error, you‘ll expertly navigate the web of friendship, rivalry, and romance within the halls of Lust Academy.

Making Key Story Decisions

Lust Academy offers many branching story paths. Here are tips on making smart choices:

Investigate Thoroughly

  • Explore everywhere and speak to everyone. Investigation uncovers key insights that inform good choices.
  • Revisit people and places as story progresses – their dialogue changes to reflect new developments.

Think Long-Term

  • Weigh immediate rewards vs. long-term benefits in story branches. Some short-term boons aren‘t optimal.
  • For example, reporting rule breaking immediately may feel right but damage relationships. Tread carefully.

Consider All Perspectives

  • Evaluating situations from others’ points of view, especially your romantic partners, leads to wise choices.
  • Avoid reflexively siding with one character. Strive for win-win outcomes when possible.

Trust Your Instincts

  • There are no objectively right or wrong decisions – follow your own moral compass.
  • Initially choose the options that feel true to yourself and your character. You can always rewind and replay scenes!

Accept Consequences

  • Some choices have mixed or bittersweet results. Don‘t fret – just enjoy the story experience!
  • Major decisions often impact romance paths, so be prepared if relationships change unexpectedly.

By carefully considering each decision point, you’ll craft a unique tale of magic and adventure.

Leveling Up Your Academy Prowess: A Quick Reference

Here are key stats and activities to focus on for excelling at Lust Academy:

  • Earn Leonheart points by attending classes, practicing magic, returning library books, working at the cafe, fishing, and joining the dueling club. Points unlock privileges and story access.

  • Increase Magic Mastery percentages by repeatedly practicing spells and potions. Get all spells to 85%+ and potions to 100%.

  • Boost relationships by chatting, giving thoughtful gifts suited to their interests, and going on regular dates.

  • Return lost books found around the academy to the library. You can find 5-10 books per week.

  • Participate in activities like dueling, fishing, and working at the cafe during afternoons and weekends.

  • Explore the academy and beyond whenever possible to uncover scenes, items, and more.

Prioritize these elements in your daily schedule and you‘ll be on the path to becoming Lust Academy‘s star student in no time.

Wrapping Up

Congratulations friend – you now have all the knowledge needed to achieve success at Lust Academy! With these tips and tricks, you‘ll breeze through lessons, forge friendships and romance, and revel in adventures. Most importantly, make choices that feel right to you – this is your personalized journey. Now get out there – the enchanting halls of the academy await. Wield your magic wisely and let your story unfold. Go create memories that will last a lifetime!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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