Marketing Trends for 2022: How to Understand and Use Them


Do you want to prepare for whichever marketing trends are coming next year? We'll tell you all about it! A lot happened, marketing needed to adjust.

This year has been crazy and I am sure that we all can’t wait for it to pass. But exactly because a lot of things were happening, marketing needed to adjust and develop. Even without the crisis, marketing trends are changing (too) fast. With new technologies, technics, and habits, the way to market is regularly transforming. It can be overwhelming. That is why we put together this text, to help you prepare for what’s coming in 2022 at least a little bit.



User-generated content was already mentioned on this website many times, as a great way of engaging your audience. That is, basically, any content that was created by customers, followers, or users. It’s is not just about engagement, it is also about authenticity. This is why this trend will hardly go away in near future. It has become a firm part of the marketing strategies of many successful brands.

UGC has already surpassed the content created by the brands, so in 2022 we can just expect it to do even better. This is an awesome marketing strategy because it engages people, fills your posting plan, and market you in a great way. Some brands went event further. They created the whole shopping experience from UGC, instead of using models. That creates high reliability. We can better associate with people like us, with flaws and experiences similar to ours.

UGC is almost like feedback and reviews evolved. Not so long time ago, when we were online shopping, we trusted customers’ reviews more than the description of the products itself. If there were photos attached, even better. This year more than ever we used social media and shopping decisions somehow moved there. So, every serious marketer (or anyone who reads this post with a reason at that point) should be aware that among marketing trends that are coming in 2022, this one is to be focused on for real.

Branded Content



The rise of UGC did not damage branded content. Just the opposite, it is also growing. And its growth is also predicted in 2022. So, you’ve probably done it until now, and the suggestion is to keep creating it and finding new ways to improve.

However, creating high-quality content is not just about posting nice photos in a perfectly arranged grid. Videos, live streamings and interactive content are appreciated more than anything else. Doing things “the old way” maybe won’t work in 2022. A user wants to have an experience with your posts, preferably the one he/she will not forget, so will seek more.

Social Media shops

Facebook shops and Instagram shops are just the beginning. There is a prediction for next year’s marketing trends that says social commerce will become the biggest trend seen in a long time.

Already more than half of the customers who were online shopping until now switched to social media shops. And more than 70% search for inspiration the same way. If you haven’t enabled your audience that, now would be the time. Whether you sell products or services.

Shoppable post will definitely find their place among the marketing trends for 2022. People will more likely buy something if the product is presented to them every step of the way. If they don’t have to leave the app they currently use, that’s great. Facebook and Instagram already know that, and we are expecting the other apps to catch them soon.

Invoking nostalgia

Invoking nostalgia marketing strategy

If there was a period of our lives that we felt nostalgic more than ever, that must have been this year, right? Due to new circumstances, we did not expect, lockdowns, and restrictions, we were often thinking about some better past times. Smart brands took advantage of it because it is proven that nostalgia makes us more willing to spend money. Great marketing strategy.

Instead of concentrating on the next thing coming, this kind of marketing focuses on the things that are familiar to us. It is a lot of explanations why this actually works, but the simplest one is that in times like this it takes away the fear from the future and invokes warm feelings in a customer. A lot of big brands, such as Nike and Pepsi, incorporate this into their marketing strategy.

That was our overview of 2022 marketing trends. Ready to dive in? Let us know how it went!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.