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Unlocking the Hidden Riches of the Mawizah Slum Discarded Cache in Warzone 2 DMZ

Have you been searching all over Al Mazrah for the location of the valuable Mawizah Slum Discarded Cache key? Do you want to know the secret to securing the high-tier rewards hidden within this challenging Warzone 2 DMZ cache? If so, you‘ve come to the right place.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll show you exactly how to track down the Mawizah Slum key, defeat the enemies guarding it, and claim the lucrative loot from the Discarded Cache location.

Here‘s what we‘ll cover:

  • What Makes the Mawizah Slum Cache Key So Valuable in DMZ?
  • Detailed Directions to the Exact Mawizah Slum Key Location
  • Stealth and Combat Tips for Securing the Key
  • Unlocking the Discarded Cache & Scoring Big Rewards
  • Other Methods to Obtain the Coveted Key
  • Maximizing Your Haul from the Mawizah Slum Cache

So let‘s get started on revealing all the secrets to success with this top-tier DMZ cache key!

What Makes the Mawizah Slum Cache Key So Valuable?

First, some background. DMZ is the new open-world narrative extraction mode introduced in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0.

In this sandbox environment, Operators battle deadly AI combatants to retrieve intel and high-value loot. Unique cache keys located around the expansive Al Mazrah map unlock stashes containing the most valuable items.

Of all the DMZ cache keys, the Mawizah Slum Discarded Cache key is one of the most coveted. Let‘s look at why:

  • Unlocks rare weapon blueprint rewards
  • Grants access to armor satchel, killstreak and cash bundles
  • Provides a major XP boost from extracting the cache loot
  • Key has a low 0.2% drop rate from enemies
  • Discarded Cache is guarded by high threat level enemies

Based on community feedback, the Mawizah cache has the overall highest value loot in DMZ. But the key isn‘t easy to come by.

You‘ll need to navigate to a remote bridge location and take down multiple armored enemies to secure this key. The risk is well worth the rewards though!

Next we‘ll show you how to pinpoint the exact location of this rare DMZ key.

Detailed Directions to the Exact Mawizah Slum Key Location

The Mawizah Slum Discarded Cache key is located under a bridge west of the Mawizah Marshlands POI.

Use these step-by-step directions to find it:

  1. Infil or travel to Mawizah Marshlands on the west edge of Al Mazrah

  2. Exit south and proceed west down the paved boulevard

  3. After 600 meters you‘ll see an elevated highway bridge ahead

  4. Look for the blue abandoned van and fruit stand near the bridge

  5. Move under the first large arch of the bridge

  6. You‘ll spot a sunken car submerged in the creek bed below

  7. Get close to the rear of the car and interacting with the trunk

  8. Pick up the Discarded Cache key inside the car trunk

Here is an overhead map view of the exact bridge location:

[Map Image]

Finding this specific submerged car along the remote creek is the only known fixed spawn point for the Mawizah key. But it doesn‘t appear every match.

When you get near the car, the key will appear on your HUD as a small briefcase icon.

Now let‘s go over some tactics to beat the lethal enemies guarding this key.

Stealth and Combat Tips for Securing the Key

This bridge area will be crawling with armored AI soldiers protecting the key location. Here are some tips to take them down:

  • Stalk the guards from cover using your drone before engaging

  • Equip a suppressor and use precision shots from long range

  • Consider a riot shield for the close quarters encounter

  • Pack EMP grenades to disable their body armor

  • Breach from multiple sides to divide enemy focus

  • Make sure to replenish armor plates before breaching

  • Melee takedowns from behind can instantly eliminate unaware guards

  • Activate Dead Silence to mask your footsteps during infiltration

  • Employ smoke grenades for additional concealment

  • Don‘t let down your guard after grabbing the key! More guards will arrive.

With some stealth tactics and solid aim, you can minimize resistance at the bridge. This will allow you to secure the cache key relatively quickly.

Now that you have the key, it‘s time to reap the rewards!

Unlocking the Discarded Cache & Scoring Big Rewards

With the key in your inventory, head south down the boulevard from the bridge.

Near the Safiya Gas Station, you‘ll spot a white parked van along the curb.

Approach the rear of the van and interact with the green duffel bag on the ground. This is the Discarded Cache.

When prompted, use the Mawizah Slum key to unlock the cache.

Inside you‘ll find an assortment of high-value loot including:

  • Armor satchel bundles with up to 5 armor plates
  • Lethal killstreaks like Cruise Missiles and Precision Airstrikes
  • Rare weapon blueprints ideal for DMZ mode
  • $10,000 – $15,000 in cash
  • Battle Tokens and DMZ XP boosts

The cache will contain between 3 to 5 reward items. Make sure to grab them quickly!

Here‘s an example haul from one Mawizah Discarded Cache unlock:

  • "Taipan" Expedite 12 Blueprint (Epic)
  • Precision Airstrike Killstreak
  • Armor Satchel Bundle (x2)
  • $12,500 Cash
  • 1000 Battle Token Bonus

That‘s some serious loot! With this type of payout, it‘s easy to see why the Mawizah cache key is so game-changing.

But what if you can‘t find the key at the bridge location? Let‘s look at some other acquisition methods.

Other Methods to Obtain the Coveted Key

Although the sunken car trunk spawn is fixed, you can also obtain the Discarded Cache key via:

  • Eliminating AI enemies (0.2% drop rate)
  • Completing High Value Target contracts (10% drop rate)
  • Opening ground loot crates and supply boxes (3% drop rate)

So if the key doesn‘t appear at the bridge, completing contracts and looting enemies in the area are your next best options.

Based on community data, you‘ll need to take down approximately 50 enemies or complete 10 contracts to have a decent chance of the key dropping.

While not guaranteed, this is a reliable alternative if the bridge location is already looted.

Maximizing Your Haul from the Mawizah Slum Cache

The riches of the Mawizah Discarded Cache are certainly enticing. Here are a few final tips to get the most out of it:

  • Extract the cache rewards quickly to secure them between matches
  • Fully explore the cache area for more ground loot
  • Defeat the remaining guards after unlocking the cache
  • Deposit excess cash at buy stations before extraction
  • Equip any rare weapon blueprints you acquire
  • Keep looting for more keys in future matches

Securing the Mawizah Slum Discarded Cache key is one of the most lucrative feats you can accomplish in DMZ mode. The high risk fight is well worth it for the top-tier rewards inside.

As you explore Al Mazrah and take on intense missions, keep an eye out for this coveted key. Claiming the Mawizah cache loot will give you a major edge. Just be ready for a battle!

Now get out there, operator. The Discarded Cache riches await!


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