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Finding the Hidden Secrets of the Mawizeh Cell Shop in Warzone 2 DMZ

Hey there! If you‘re reading this, you‘re probably a Warzone veteran hungry to explore all the new content in Warzone 2.0‘s DMZ mode. As a long-time fan of the series myself, I totally get the excitement. DMZ takes the action we love from traditional Warzone and combines it with open-world survival gameplay for an awesome new experience.

One of the coolest parts of DMZ is tracking down keys to unlock secret points of interest scattered all over the massive new map, Al Mazrah. The loot you find in these hidden spots can really amplify your loadout and strategy. In this complete guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to find the Mawizeh Cell Shop location and use the key to unlock next-level gear.

First, What Exactly is DMZ?

For anyone new to the mode, DMZ drops teams of up to 4 players into Al Mazrah with shifting objectives to complete each match. There are no loadout drops – instead you rely on scavenged weapons, lethal equipment, and loot taken from supply boxes and downed enemy AI combatants.

Here are some key objectives you might undertake in a DMZ match:

  • Locate and activate radiation sensors to reveal zones of deadly gas closing in on the map.

  • Hunt down High Value Targets (HVTs) by tracking their last known positions and taking them out.

  • Secure cash, armor, killstreaks, and weapon blueprints by completing supply drop contracts.

  • Gather intel for your squad by scoping out enemy bases and strongholds.

  • Unlock sealed doors and stashes by locating hidden keys scattered around POIs.

  • Retrieve contraband weapons and extract them safely for use in your future loadouts.

As you can see, DMZ emphasizes survivability, stealth gameplay, collecting loot, and achieving objectives. Matches last 30-40 minutes before exfil choppers arrive to extract your squad. It’s a tense battle against enemies and the clock – you need to get in and out before time expires!

Al Mazrah: DMZ’s Massive New Map

DMZ matches take place on the brand new Al Mazrah map, which dwarfs even the huge maps from Verdansk and Caldera. Here are some key stats on Al Mazrah:

  • 15 sq km total land area, over 33% larger than Verdansk

  • Points of interest including urban city centers, marshlands, desert, an observatory, cement factory, and cave network

  • Over 350 hand-crafted buildings, plus natural terrain and cave systems

  • Verticality ranging from sea level to over 1km elevation in the mountains

As you can see, Al Mazrah was designed from scratch for DMZ’s sandbox survival experience. There are tons of named zones and landmarks to learn across the diverse biomes. You‘ll want to explore every inch to uncover all the secrets. Which brings us to…

Pinpointing the Mawizeh Cell Shop Location

Today we’re focused on the temperate marshlands of Mawizeh, located in the northwest region of Al Mazrah. Within this zone is a hidden POI called the Cell Shop, which requires a special key to access.

After studying the terrain and testing locations in my DMZ squad, I‘ve pinned down the exact spot you can find this unassuming little shop. Check the annotated screenshots above for reference. Here are the steps:

  1. Drop into Al Mazrah and head to the Mawizeh area, located northwest of the main city centers.

  2. Travel west through the winding marshes, using the main road to guide you.

  3. Pass the large water treatment tanks, then look for rock formations creating a valley around the road.

  4. The Cell Shop will be just ahead nestled within the valley, near parked vehicles and fuel tanks.

With the remote location and lack of obvious signs or markings, the shop can be tricky to spot in the marshlands. Refer often to your compass and Tac Map to ensure you‘re headed the right way.

Now comes the fun part – getting inside to unlock the shop‘s secrets!

Finding the Mawizeh Cell Shop Key

Accessing the Cell Shop requires obtaining the Mawizeh Cell Shop Key, one of many location-specific keys scattered around the Al Mazrah map.

In general, these special keys have a random chance to spawn in supply boxes, chests, and on defeated AI enemies. But not all hope is lost if the key doesn‘t drop during a match! Based on community tips and my own DMZ key-hunting experience, here are some of your best bets for getting the shop key:

  • Check supply caches found in buildings and deserted camps – I‘ve found keys in small wooden crates and chests multiple times.

  • Prioritize Contracts marked "HVT" to take down High Value Targets. HVTs have an improved chance of dropping a key when eliminated.

  • Clear out enemy camps, especially in named POIs. Keys can randomly spawn on any AI enemy, though higher ranked ones seem to improve your odds.

  • Save up looted Cash to buy keycards from Buy Stations. This is clutch if you just can‘t get the key to drop organically.

  • Play with a full quad and share keys if one squadmate gets lucky. You can pass Keys around to unlocks POIs together.

According to data gathered by players during DMZ‘s first weeks, key drop rates seem to be around 10-15% from supply caches and 7-12% from HVTs. But many factors can influence your luck in any given match. By using the strategies above, your odds of securing the key improve significantly.

Time to Unlock the Cell Shop

Nice work staying focused! You‘ve now got the key, so let‘s head to the shop‘s location we scouted earlier. Approaching cautiously to avoid detection is wise – there may be enemies patrolling the area.

Look for the single-story building with barred windows I highlighted before. Interact with the front door to use the Mawizeh Cell Shop Key and unlock access inside.

Time for the rewarding part – looting the shop! What coveted weapons and gear await inside?

Gearing Up With the Cell Shop‘s Loot

Based on community reports and my own DMZ loot runs, here are some of the goodies you can expect to find after unlocking the shop:

  • High-rarity Assault Rifles and Marksman Rifles, commonly M4s and SP-R 208s

  • Sniper Rifles such as the Signal 50 and LA-B 330, plus ammo

  • Dead Silence, Armor Box, and Munition Box field upgrades

  • Satchel, Gas Mask, and Weapon Scrambler tactical equipment

  • Free Weapons Locker to store a primary weapon between matches

  • Assorted armor plates, cash, and killstreaks

The key is grabbing the most valuable weapons and equipment you actually need, while leaving anything extra. You can always return to the Cell Shop again in a future match if needed!

Extracting Safely With Your New Loot

Now comes the tense part – getting out safely with your shiny new loot! Here are some tips to ensure you extraction goes smooth as butter:

  • Travel light on the way to the POI so you have room to carry more contraband on the way out.

  • Have squadmates provide overwatch and callout enemy locations as you exit.

  • Avoid combat when loaded up to reduce your risk of losing that sweet loot.

  • Check your Tac Map prior to raiding the POI and ping suitable extraction points nearby.

  • Purchase smoke grenades to provide cover when calling in your extraction helicopter.

Try to avoid staying in the shop looting for too long, as DMZ matches have a tight time limit. Move quickly, but cautiously, to get your loot and make it to an extraction point ahead of the closing gas.

Level Up Your DMZ Game

Thanks for sticking with me on this complete guide to finding the Mawizeh Cell Shop key and unlocking next-tier loadout gear. But we’re just getting started leveling up your DMZ skills. Here are some additional tips I recommend mastering:

  • Fine tune your starting loadout – bring an AR, sniper/marksman rifle, launcher, and ideally a shotgun in case enemies get too close.

  • Play stealthy and use suppressors when you can to avoid detection.

  • Focus objectives and avoid getting overwhelmed trying to do too much in one match.

  • Keep moving and use cover wisely rather than staying still – be unpredictable!

  • Learn all the extraction points ahead of time so you can plan quick routes.

  • Constantly communicate with squadmates to coordinate your approach. Call out enemies, keys, and loot!

Now get out there and put your new DMZ knowledge to work. And remember, if you ever get stuck finding a key or POI location, I’m here to help! We’ll conquer the secrets of Al Mazrah together. Happy hunting!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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