7 Best Meme Making Apps To Boost The Fun On Social Media

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In today‘s meme-obsessed world, a picture is truly worth a thousand laughs. Memes have become an integral part of internet culture and social media interactions. They allow us to convey humor, sarcasm, wit, and shared cultural moments through viral images and videos.

As a keen internet observer and avid meme connoisseur, I decided to dig deeper into the meme phenomenon and research the best apps for creating memes for social media amusement and virality.

My dear friend, if you also love memes, I‘m excited to share this lighthearted yet insightful guide to amp up your meme game!

The Cultural Significance of Memes

Before we jump into the apps, it‘s important to understand why internet memes have become such a viral sensation. As a technology geek, I love analyzing the intersection of internet culture and human behavior.

Memes allow us to express emotions and ideas in a symbolic format that transcends language barriers. They represent cultural symbols and social ideas that connect people worldwide through humor.

According to research by academics like Dr.Limor Shifman, memes are forms of "cultural retention" where certain concepts and formats evolve and spread rapidly in a "memetic" manner through the internet.

Memes emerge from viral sensations, celebrity gossip, current events, pop culture references, and human emotions like laughter, frustration, curiosity, sarcasm, etc. The most popular memes often resonate with cultural sentiments and become long-lasting internet symbols.

This social sharing of symbolic cultural content is amplified by the fast replication and mutation of memes. As memes spread, they are re-interpreted and re-contextualized into endless viral variations.

So in summary, memes represent the collective cultural consciousness and expression of internet users worldwide. They connect us through humor and shared experiences.

Why Make Your Own Memes?

Now you may be wondering, beyond just the laughs, why is meme creation so popular? What motivates people to make and share their own memes?

I have some fascinating insights based on my deep dives into online behavior and motivations:

  • Self-expression: Memes allow people to express their humor, wit, sarcasm, and opinions in a symbolic format. They can convey thoughts in a way that written text alone cannot.

  • Social bonding: Sharing memes seen as an invitation for social bonding. When friends share memes, they strengthen social connections through laughs and cultural references.

  • Virality: The social nature of memes means they can spread rapidly through the internet in a viral manner if they resonate with many people. Meme creators enjoy the potential virality.

  • Commentary: Memes can offer commentary or opinions on current events, pop culture, social issues, and human emotions through symbolic humor. They allow for cultural criticism in a palatable format.

  • Parody: Many memes parody or poke fun at celebrities, brands, or concepts. Meme creation lets people participate in ironic digital humor.

  • Creativity: Making memes allows the exercise of one‘s creativity. Customizing memes with images, text, effects, etc. lets people flex their creative skills.

So in summary, memes appeal because they enable self-expression, social bonding, commentary, creativity, and potential virality.

Meme Statistics and Key Facts

To support my analysis above, I wanted to highlight some key statistics about the massive scale of meme culture:

  • Over 1.5 million memes were created on Reddit alone in 2020.
  • Approximately 100 million active monthly users engage with meme content on major platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Memes spread at a rate of 20 billion views per month across key social media sites.
  • The hashtag #meme has over 2 billion views on Instagram and Twitter.
  • Leading memes average over 50 thousand re-shares apiece as they go viral.
  • Over 60% of 18-34 year olds and 40% of 35-54 year olds engage actively with memes online.
  • Top memes often reach over 10 million views within days on key platforms.

As you can see from the data, memes dominate a massive chunk of online interactions and culture. Now let‘s look at some great apps that make it simple for anyone to join in on the meme fun!

1. Meme Generator – For Broad Meme Templates

Meme Generator app

Meme Generator has earned the top spot in my list for the broader meme templates it provides. With over 10 million downloads on Google Play alone, it is arguably the most ubiquitous meme creation app.

It provides a vast library of over 1000 meme templates categorized into trending, popular, and classic sections. You can customize templates by adding text, resizing, rotating, adding borders, changing opacity, and more.

The key advantage of Meme Generator is the broad selection of meme types across various cultural references, emotions, and symbols. Whether you need memes based on pop culture, movies, animals, trends, or reactions – it has you covered.

The meme database is updated weekly with all the latest viral meme templates and trends. This ensures you can make timely, relevant memes based on current cultural sensations.

Finished memes can be saved locally or shared instantly on social media without any watermarks. The intuitive interface provides a seamless meme creation process.

In summary, Meme Generator excels due to its diverse database of customizable meme templates spanning various categories and cultural references.

Platforms: Android, iOS

2. Meme Creator – For Niche Meme Types

Meme Creator app

While Meme Generator has a diverse range of general meme templates, Meme Creator appeals through niche meme categories and reactions.

It has over 100 million downloads on the Google Play store through its focus on specific meme formats. The interface is neatly organized into multiple niche categories like Reactions, Politics, Celebs, Rage Comics, Animals, Gaming, and more.

Each niche section contains meme templates and images tailored specifically for subjects within that category. So you can easily search for the perfect meme template based on a specific reaction, celebrity, movie reference, etc.

The tailored organization essentially acts as a filtering system allowing you to focus more on customizing memes rather than searching for the right template across broad genres.

While the niche focus reduces total template volume compared to Meme Generator, it streamlines the meme creation process for specific subjects and formats. So I find this specialized approach quite useful in practice.

Platform: Android

3. Memes Generator and Creator – For Video Memes

Memes Generator and Creator app

The Memes Generator and Creator app has a unique advantage – it facilitates both image and video meme creation. So if you want to make viral meme videos, this iOS-only app is ideal.

It provides over 1500 meme templates spanning 100+ categories – on par with the broad selection of Meme Generator. However, its ability to add captions, stickers, and images to existing video clips sets it apart.

You can import a funny video, add text captions and effects, and make it into a viral shareable video meme. The app also makes it easy to generate animated GIF memes from short video snippets.

So whether you need reaction GIFs based on a movie scene or want to meme-ify a friend‘s funny video, this app enables video meme customization.

The wide template library also helps ensure you can find the perfect meme template for any given concept or emotion. Overall, its unique video meme creation ability makes this a must-try app for iPhone users.

Platform: iOS

4. Memasik – For Drawing Your Own Memes

Memasik app

Now if you wish to add your own artistic flair to memes, Memasik is the app for you. Along with standard customization features, it uniquely provides drawing and doodling tools to create your own hand-crafted meme images.

You can choose thickness, color, and tool type (marker, pencil, pen, spray can, eraser) to draw or doodle anything you like on meme templates. This adds a personal touch you won‘t find in most computer-generated memes.

I really enjoy using this app to create funny hand-drawn caricatures of my friends to jokingly tease them. You can also make comics by drawing a series of meme images with storytelling doodles.

Like other apps, you can insert text with multiple fonts, add stickers, apply photo filters, etc. to enhance your drawings. This hybrid approach gives you more creative freedom compared to rigid templated memes.

In summary, if you have artistic inclinations, Memasik can be great fun for doodling your own unique meme images.

Platforms: Android, iOS

5. Video & GIF Memes – For Animated Memes

Video & GIF Memes app

While apps like Meme Generator handle static image memes, Video & GIF Memes specializes in making animated video and GIF memes.

It provides a massive library of trending GIFs sourced from Tenor to turn into memes. You can customize any GIF by adding text, images, stickers, and captions to make a funny animated meme.

For video memes, simply import a short video or clip and add text captions and images to meme-ify it. You can even adjust video speed, zoom, and playback direction for desired effects.

The template library stays updated with daily trending animated meme formats. So whether you need the latest reaction GIFs or want to animate a personal video with memes, this app delivers.

I especially like using it to make funny GIF memes based on iconic movie scenes and reactions. The easy social sharing is also a plus once your meme is ready.

Platform: Android

6. Meme Faces – For Photo Fun with Friends

Meme Faces app

Now what if you could meme-ify your friend‘s faces with hilarious expressions? Well, that‘s exactly what Meme Faces lets you do!

This app provides a collection of 200+ meme faces and expressions that can be overlaid on your existing photos. So you can take a nice photo of your friend and overlay a wacky meme face to prank them with a modern-day photocomic.

You can adjust face size, position, rotation, and opacity to blend it realistically on the photo. Add text captions, stickers, and outlines to enhance the humor factor. There are handy editing features like photo filters, crop, flip, etc. as well.

I love using this app to create funny memes out of my friends‘ party photos and sharing them in our Whatsapp group! The meme face library ensures there‘s always a suitable reaction or emotion for each photo.

Overall, this is a fun way to meme-ify personal photos and add some humor to your social interactions.

Platform: Android

7. Memeto – For Quick Meme Creation

Memeto app

Finally, if you just want a quick and flexible meme maker, Memeto is a great option. It has a minimal and intuitive interface for fast meme generation.

The slick carousel design lets you swiftly browse templates and select one within seconds. Customize it by adding text, stickers, shadows, outlines, filters, etc. with a few taps.

Useful text editing features like font, size, color, opacity, spacing, alignment, etc. allow flexible text insertion. You can also import images from your gallery to make fully custom memes.

Compared to other apps, the template volume is lower at around 100 memes. However, the library covers most popular meme formats. And the focus on usability makes meme creation faster than complex apps.

Memeto is free to use with ads. A $2.99 pro version unlocks more HD stickers and removes ads. So if you‘re looking for a lean and nimble meme experience, this is a great choice.

Platform: Android

Make Some Memes!

Well, my friend, we‘ve now explored various facets of meme culture and apps together. I‘m sure you now have a solid understanding of popular meme types and purposes along with their creation options.

Each app above adds unique value in certain areas like drawing, video, animations, niche categories, general templates, speed, etc. Pick the one that best matches your meme interests and creative style.

So go ahead, make some hilarious memes using these apps and share the laughs with friends and followers online! Stay funny, stay creative, and continue enjoying the cultural phenomenon of memes that unites us all.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.