Is Pinterest Finally Releasing an Open API?

PInterest API

PInterest API

Back in November of 2013, Pinterest announced a specific API that was accessible to select business partners.

With that specific API companies were able to show off their most pinned products or articles from their site. Companies like Zappos, Whole Foods, and BuzzFeed are partners with this particular API.

What was really fascinating was that I was checking my social connections on Pinterest (the desktop version) and I noticed that a new section was added. The section was called Apps, and it said “You have not approved of any apps.”

API for Pinterest

Generally, connecting apps to Twitter and Facebook are extremely common and require an API that developers have accesss to.

The simple message about Pinterest, may be a sign that an Open API may be on its way, but it’s hard to say for sure. Pinterest has known to launch certain features and then they disappear within a day.

I’ve been very fortunate in terms of breaking relevant news on Pinterest. I was the first to report that secret boards were unlimited on Pinterest. So I’m hoping this will another one that will carry through, with an open API would allow for the creation of some amazing tools for Pinterest.

But knowing Pinterest, there’s going be an approval process before anybody can create any type of app that would use a Pinterest API.


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Written by Vincent NG

I’m a social media marketer, particularly for Pinterest, It all started back in 2010 when Pinterest was in beta. It was the fastest independent website to get 10 million unique visitors in the U.S. This really struck a chord with me, and it was then that I knew that Pinterest was going to be a powerhouse in the world of digital and social media marketing.