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Proxy-Seller Review 2023

Proxy-Seller Review

Do you want to purchase proxies from Proxy-Seller and wish to know whether they are scams or legit? This article covers every of your question regarding Proxy-Seller, including its pricing, features, and pros and cons to help you make a profound choice.

Some of the numerous proxy service providers out there are reliable, while others are not.

I have conducted an in-depth analysis to protect you from making a poor acquisition choice.

I will be discussing Proxy-seller in this essay. The merits and downsides of using proxies from a Proxy-seller, as well as anything else you need to know, will be covered in detail.

First, let’s define Proxy-seller so I can get into the meat of the review.

What is Proxy-Seller?

Proxy-Seller functions as a provider of data center proxies.

This Russian-based business offers SOCKS5 and HTTPS-compatible proxies.

It is particularly notable since it is one of the few proxy vendors that provides IPv6 proxies, an entirely novel type of proxy that is less expensive than IPv4 yet has its own set of uses.

I haven’t had any problems utilizing their proxies. Nevertheless, some users believe that their proxies aren’t suitable for their needs.

As a result of these discrepancies, I am going to talk about the benefits and drawbacks associated with Proxy-Seller in the following session.

Pros of Proxy-Seller

1. Commendable Customer Service System

Proxy-Seller Customer Support

Proxy service providers need to pay greater attention to several areas of their businesses, including customer service.

Customer service exists because even the most user-friendly service will have instances at which consumers require assistance.

I would say that Proxy-seller’s customer support is excellent.

You could engage in an instantaneous conversation with a customer service representative using their live chat feature.

When no representative is available, you may submit a ticket instead. They’ve also got a presence on a number of popular social networking sites.

2. Easy Usability

One of Proxy-seller’s strongest points, in my opinion, is how simple it is to use.

Creating an account and purchasing proxies is as simple as can be.

You will find a very basic and easy user interface, with just a handful of settings to fiddle with. A username and password login is the sole kind of security provided.

When purchasing proxies, you will be asked to choose which countries you’d want them to come from.

It enables you to save your proxy list in either CSV or TXT forms.

3. Response Times and Download Rates Are Fair

Proxy-seller isn’t exactly setting new standards here. This proxy is not very fast compared to others available.

Nonetheless, I discover via proxies that their velocity is around typical.

I put their proxies to the test on a wide variety of websites, and the results were generally satisfactory in terms of load time.

This is due to the fact that utilizing their proxies was often not distinguishable from utilizing them in the circumstances examined.

Proxy-seller proxies should not provide much of a performance issue unless your use case specifically necessitates lightning-fast proxies.

4. Excellent Geographical Reach

Those who have studied the topic of data center proxies for any length of time know that their suppliers face the challenge of not having enough proxies in an adequate number of regions.

Datacenter proxies are different from residential proxies in that they need physical data centers in each country where they operate.

Proxy-seller is among the proxy providers with proxies in a wide variety of locales.

They’ve had spies set up in ten different nations, including the United Kingdom, India, Ukraine, Russia, France, Germany, Canada, and the US.

5. Alternative Payment Methods

The variety of payment methods offered by Proxy-seller is its greatest strength.

Both the length of time and the total number of proxies you can purchase are completely adjustable.

When it comes to purchasing proxies, Proxy-seller does not impose a minimum order size as many other suppliers do.

You can purchase as many as you like. The cost of a proxy goes down, though, the more of them you purchase.

There is a lot of leeway in both the number of proxies and the length of time that you can hire a machine for.

One week, two, a month, three, six, nine, and a year are some examples.

In the same way that their proxies become cheaper the more you purchase, so do their subscriptions.

When you buy from the yearly plan, you can save as much as 40 percent off the normal monthly rate.

PayPal, Bitcoin, and major credit cards are only some of the payment options accepted by Proxy-seller.

6. Cheap Long-term Pricing

Proxy-Seller Pricing

Proxy-seller also has the added bonus of offering low-cost, long-term proxies.

It delivers on the low prices one would anticipate from a data center proxy supplier.

It provides the most cost-effective mobile proxies currently available.

Its pricing structure is advantageous because it provides users with a wide variety of options.

A buyer can save money by purchasing a plan for a longer period of time.

Cons of Proxy-Seller

1. Expensive Short-term Pricing

In addition to compatibility issues, I find that Proxy-seller’s proxies are too pricey for an average budget.

They also have different proxy packages and prices for different countries.

Since their proxies tend to grow cheaper over the course of a lengthier rental period, short-term rentals tend to cost more money.

2. Compatibility Issue

The proxies offered by Proxy-seller can be used on any website, from social networks to event tickets to sneaker marketplaces.

Unfortunately, certain websites’ stringent anti-spam mechanisms make Proxy-seller incompatible with their services.

When it comes to Netflix and sneaker compatibility, their proxies fall short.

You shouldn’t utilize proxies purchased from Proxy-sellers if you desire to access these websites.

3. No Provision of Free Trials

It’s no surprise that many of the best proxy providers don’t provide free trials anymore.

This is due to the fact that many people make use of the privilege for improper purposes.

Employing such a strategy, nevertheless, might be detrimental to Proxy Seller’s public image and revenue potential since they provide fewer features than their competitors and their prices are more than average.

Many potential customers might be dissuaded from trying them out due to unfounded rumors regarding their prices and typical applications.

Nevertheless, offering free trials is a great way to show them how great your service really is.

Proxy-Seller Security and Privacy Review

1. Tech Security

When utilizing the proxy to access an HTTPS-protected webpage or other online places, your connection is going to be encrypted in the same way.

In any other case, sensitive information will be sent through insecure HTTP. Nowadays, however, HTTPS is standard on the majority of websites.

2. Logs

Proxy-Seller Loging site

The Proxy-Seller website uses standard web tracking methods, as do the majority of websites nowadays.

You can view your account details and payment history at any time.

Proxy-Seller doesn’t say if it keeps track of your activity on the internet, although it’s doubtful that it does because it just rents the proxies.

The separate networks that provide the proxies may (and probably do) retain records of some kind.

Plus, unlike VPN providers, these data centers possess little interest in protecting your anonymity.

You can expect them to reveal your true IP address to the authorities if they come knocking.

To be honest, however, a virtual private network (VPN) is the way to go instead of a proxy if you value your privacy greatly.

This is merely something to be aware of since it would be unfair to condemn the firm for not providing something it never promised to.

3. Location

Proxy-Seller Location

Proxy-Seller is a Ukrainian company. Although I can’t say for sure, I don’t expect this service to be affected by the continuing issue in Ukraine as hostilities rise toward Russia.

Is Proxy-Seller Legit or Scam?

Proxy-Seller Overview

Having experienced Proxy-Seller’s features as well as carried out extensive research on it, I can say that it is 100% legit.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy proxy service that provides excellent privacy, go no further than Proxy-seller.

In order to keep their consumers’ data safe online, they use a number of military-grade security methods.

My Verdict

Proxy-Seller is a convenient service that costs a fair amount of money but performs what it promises.

I believe that the service will meet the needs of most users who need proxies, whether for individual usage or in volume.

A negative tone was set by our Netflix viewing.

It was not that the proxies themselves couldn’t get through to the United States Netflix; rather, it was Proxy-Seller’s stubborn reluctance to fix the problem.

Nevertheless, if you have any trouble using the given proxies to access the material you desire, you have 24 hours to seek a refund.


Proxies purchased from proxy services are often effective. It also offers convenient payment methods and widespread availability. This is why I think they are worth recommending. Nevertheless, you should avoid using these proxies on sneaker sites like Netflix since they will not function properly for those purposes. Furthermore, only clients that spend more money for a longer period of time and more proxies are given discounts.

Q. Does Proxy-Seller have a refund policy?

There is a refund policy with Proxy-Seller. This takes place within 24 hours if you’re not satisfied with their service.

Q. Does Proxy-Seller accept payment in cryptocurrency?

Proxy-Seller’s payment methods are quite wide. You can make payments with conventional credit cards. You can also pay with Bitcoin.

Q. Does Proxy-Seller SOCKS5 proxy work?

Yes, it does.  Proxy Seller stands out from the competition by supporting the SOCKS5 protocol, which ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices and a high level of encryption. This helps your online presence stay anonymous and secure.


Based on my analysis of Proxy-Seller, the service is likely among the top mobile and data center proxy vendors currently available.

A number of factors contribute to their excellent overall rating. First of all, its dashboard is one of the most user-friendly out there. It’s applicable to a wide range of uses and online platforms.

In addition, it offers a wide variety of convenient payment choices and solid regional coverage. Both the rate of connection and the speed at which they respond are exceptional.

Proxy-Seller is the best proxy if you want a proxy that is both reliable and anonymous.

But if you want to use Proxy-Seller to access Netflix and sneaker sites, you’ll need to go elsewhere since Proxy-Seller is not compatible with these services.

Remember that Proxy-Seller is inexpensive when it comes to long-term purchases. So, I recommend them for your long-term usage.

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