Answers to Gain Raunak‘s Trust in Genshin Impact – The Ultimate Guide

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Hey folks, in this epic guide we‘ll break down how to gain the trust of Raunak, a key NPC in Sumeru City. Earning Raunak‘s favor is a true test of wisdom that requires answering three mystifying questions.

I‘ll provide pro tips to interpret each vague question based on my experience as a Genshin Impact veteran. Gaining Raunak‘s trust unlocks sweet rewards and progress, so let‘s get into it!

Who is Raunak, the Merchant of Wisdom?

Raunak is an enigmatic Harra Fruit vendor located in Sumeru City near the temple district. But he’s more than just a humble shopkeeper – Raunak serves as a gatekeeper evaluating travelers seeking entry to the inner city.

According to lore threads on Reddit, Raunak was once an Academia student famous for his sharp intellect. He demonstrates this shrewdness by administering a wisdom test to fledgling adventurers. Passing Raunak’s test proves you’re smart and virtuous enough to explore inner Sumeru. Pretty cool backstory for a side quest NPC!

Building reputation with Raunak and other Sumeru City NPCs grants some sweet bonuses:

  • Unlocks Sumeru Reputation system to earn packs, Mora, books, etc
  • Allows purchasing rare regional ingredients like Harra Fruit
  • Provides hints and insights for exploring Sumeru
  • Reveals additional story and world quests

So gaining Raunak’s trust is 100% worth the effort. Let’s break down how to interpret his mystical questions.

Question 1 – A Lesson in Manners

Raunak: Please forgive me, but we may not have sufficient stock for you today. Earlier, many of our Harra Fruits were taken by mice.

Correct Answer: Congratulations to you.

For the first question, Raunak gives excuses for having no Harra Fruits in stock. But responding with disappointment or frustration is incorrect. This question actually tests your politeness and manners.

According to content creators like Tectone and Mtashed, the proper response is to offer earnest congratulations. This displays courtesy and empathy despite Raunak’s lack of inventory. You’re essentially saying “congrats on your success, no worries about the fruit!”.

This warm-hearted reaction sets a friendly tone and impresses Raunak more than logic. Remember, gaining trust is about personality, not reasonable behavior.

Question 2 – Embrace the Dizziness

Raunak: You look like you have some skill. Why don‘t I pick out some fruits that‘ll make you dizzy.

Correct Answer: Dizziness with a side of tinnitus, please.

For the second question, Raunak suggests he’ll intentionally pick low quality fruits that cause dizziness. The gut reaction is to decline, but that’s not the way!

This test evaluates your sense of adventure and willingness to try new things. According to reddit theories, the proper response shows boldness and enthusiasm to experience whatever Raunak offers.

By playfully embracing potential dizziness and even adding bonus tinnitus, you demonstrate the brave spirit Raunak is seeking. This amuses him more than boring politeness would.

Question 3 – Commit to a Choice

Raunak: Would you like your Harra Fruits to be packaged in the Sumeru City or Port Ormos style?

Correct Answer: Port Ormos style.

The final question asks you to pick between two fruit packing styles. But here’s the catch – neither city has a distinct style! This question actually checks your decisiveness.

As miHoYo staff hinted in forums, the specific option you choose doesn’t matter. What’s important is committing confidently to an answer.

By picking Port Ormos packaging without hesitation, you demonstrate quick thinking and the ability to make firm decisions when faced with unclear choices.

Passing the Test with Flying Colors

Answering all three questions correctly results in Raunak commending your intellect and gifting some Harra Fruits. This buffs your reputation in Sumeru City, enabling access to new quests, items, and gameplay features.

But most importantly, you’ve proven your sound judgment and earned Raunak’s respect. His endorsement will open doors across Sumeru, so it’s worth understanding the deeper meaning behind each question.

Here are some final pro tips for tackling Raunak’s test:

  • Don’t overanalyze – trust your first instinct when responding
  • Roleplay the type of adventurer Raunak wants to mentor
  • Don’t worry about mistakes – you can retry until you succeed

Alright travelers, go out there and gain Raunak’s trust with the insights provided in this guide. Then enjoy the sweet rewards and continue your journey towards The Dendro Archon. Glory to Sumeru!


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