How to Get Your Deactivated Robinhood Account Reactivated

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Have you tried logging into your Robinhood account only to find it‘s been deactivated? Don‘t panic – I‘ve got you covered.

Reactivating a deactivated Robinhood account is possible in most cases if you follow the right steps. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to get your account restored in no time.

Why Was Your Robinhood Account Deactivated in the First Place?

Before jumping into how to reactivate your account, it helps to understand why Robinhood may have deactivated it to begin with. There are a few key reasons the investing platform will restrict account access:

You Requested Account Closure

If you voluntarily contacted Robinhood to close your account permanently, you cannot reopen the same account. When an account is closed at the user‘s request, all funds must be withdrawn first.

Once Robinhood processes the account termination, that account is gone for good. You‘ll need to sign up for a brand new account with a different email and password.

Incorrect Personal Details

Maintaining accurate, up-to-date personal information is crucial. If your name, address, date of birth, tax ID, or other details are entered wrong or become outdated, Robinhood will deactivate the account until you correct the info.

Suspicious Activity

Robinhood monitors all account activity for anything suspicious or potentially fraudulent, like money laundering attempts. If their system flags your account for questionable trades, transfers, or withdrawals, access will be restricted right away.

Transfer Reversals

If you initiate a bank transfer to fund your Robinhood account, but the transfer fails or gets reversed, your account could get deactivated. Rejected ACH transfers and reversed deposits often trigger account restrictions.

Trading Violations

Engaging in prohibited trading activities is a surefire way to get your Robinhood account deactivated. This includes potential securities law violations, ignoring margin calls, or breaking the PDT rules if your account balance is under $25,000.

Years of Inactivity

Accounts that stay completely inactive for multiple years in a row with no new funds added may get deactivated by Robinhood just for lack of use. But this is pretty rare and usually only happens after 3+ years of no logins or activity.

How Long Does Robinhood Account Deactivation Last?

The good news is deactivation does not have to be permanent in most cases. For anything besides voluntarily closing your account, the deactivation can be temporary.

You can request reactivation of your Robinhood account to regain full access typically within 1-3 business days. It depends how quickly you address the issue that caused the deactivation initially.

The exception is if you purposefully closed the account yourself. Then there is no reopening it; you‘ll have to start fresh with a new account and funds.

Step-by-Step Guide to Reactivate Your Robinhood Account

Ready to get your account reactivated so you can start trading again? Follow these steps:

Step 1: Log In to Your Deactivated Account

First, try logging in to your deactivated Robinhood account as usual with your username and password. Since it‘s disabled, you‘ll see a limited version of the account management screen.

Step 2: Locate the "Reopen Account" Option

On the account management screen, look for and select the option to "Reopen Account." This initiates the official reactivation process.

Step 3: Update Any Incorrect Personal Details

If your account was deactivated due to incorrect personal info, you‘ll be prompted to enter valid details like your legal name, birthdate, address, etc. Provide accurate, updated information.

Step 4: Explain Any Flagged Transactions

If Robinhood flagged certain transactions as suspicious, you may need to briefly explain those activities to show they were legitimate. This gives them info to clear any fraud concerns.

Step 5: Submit the Reactivation Request

The key part is submitting the official Reopen Account Request form. This tells Robinhood you want your deactivated account restored and grants them permission to review.

Step 6: Enter Confirmation Code

Check your email after submitting the request. Robinhood will send a confirmation code to enter when logging back in to finalize the reactivation process.

Step 7: Wait 1-3 Days During Review

It takes 1-3 business days for Robinhood to officially review your request and reactivate your account by removing restrictions. Follow up if it‘s not reopened after 3 days.

And that‘s all it takes to get your deactivated Robinhood account back up and running!

The most important step is completing Robinhood‘s official "Reopen Account Request" form. That sets the reactivation wheels in motion.

What to Do If Robinhood Won‘t Reactivate Your Account

In most cases, Robinhood will restore access within three business days after you submit the reactivation request form and provide any extra details needed.

But occasionally, an account may stay deactivated if there are still unresolved issues, like:

  • Remaining suspicious activity requiring further explanation
  • Failure to update incorrect personal information
  • Pending regulatory reviews of serious trading violations

If your account remains deactivated beyond 3 days of requesting reactivation, contact Robinhood customer support for help. Ask what issues still need addressed to get the restrictions lifted.

Provide any additional details needed to clear up the problems identified with your account. Robinhood support can guide you through what must happen for the deactivation to be reversed.

Can You Trade While Your Account is Deactivated?

Unfortunately, no – you cannot execute any trades or transactions while your Robinhood account is deactivated.

Buying, selling, and transferring abilities are all temporarily disabled along with account access. Attempts to trade stocks or cryptocurrencies will fail until reactivation finishes.

You may still be able to log in to view your account balance and holdings. But trading and withdrawals are restricted until Robinhood reopens your account.

Mistakes to Avoid When Reactivating Robinhood

When going through the reactivation process, be sure to avoid these common mistakes:

  • Providing false or misleading information when updating personal details or explaining flagged transactions. Robinhood will see right through it and decline to reactivate.

  • Attempting to open a brand new account while your other one is deactivated. This is prohibited and may get both accounts permanently banned.

  • Getting impatient and attempting risky trades while still deactivated. Wait for full access to be restored.

  • Ignoring requests for more details from Robinhood support. Non-responsiveness keeps the account closed.

  • Trying to transfer your assets out without reactivation. You must have an active account to initiate transfers.

If you want the process to go smoothly, be responsive and transparent with Robinhood about your situation. They‘ll most likely work with you to get your account restored quickly.

How Many Times Can Robinhood Deactivate an Account?

There is no specific limit to how many times Robinhood can deactivate the same account. The platform reserves the right to restrict accounts as needed to manage regulatory and security risks.

That said, having your account deactivated multiple times is not a good sign. It likely means you are engaging in activity that violates Robinhood‘s standards, or repeatedly providing incorrect personal details.

Frequent deactivations will result in heightened scrutiny and reviews. Robinhood will investigate what‘s causing the ongoing issues.

Too many deactivations can ultimately lead to permanent account termination. You want to avoid repeated restrictions by proactively fixing problems to keep your account in good standing.

Am I Allowed to Have Multiple Robinhood Accounts?

The official Robinhood policy states that you should only open accounts using your true identity – your legal name, date of birth, address, etc.

Attempting to open other accounts under different names or information specifically to get around trading restrictions will get all linked accounts deactivated swiftly.

Operating multiple accounts also poses regulatory compliance risks that brokerages like Robinhood aim to avoid. For these reasons, most investors are best served sticking to one main Robinhood account registered under their personal identity.

How Often Does Robinhood Deactivate Accounts?

Robinhood does not share exact data on how many accounts get deactivated. But based on reports, it seems involuntary deactivations not initiated by the user are relatively rare.

Robinhood aims to restrict accounts only when necessary for security and regulatory reasons. The platform depends on account growth, so mass closing accounts would be counterproductive.

One estimate is that less than 0.5% of Robinhood accounts face involuntary deactivation each year. Cases of incorrect personal info or suspicious activity get flagged for review.

So the odds are low that a compliant account in good standing will randomly get restricted without reason by Robinhood. But proper account maintenance is still important.

Can You Delete a Robinhood Account Completely?

Yes, you can delete a Robinhood account permanently if you wish, but it‘s a more involved process:

  • You first need to voluntarily deactivate your own account by contacting Robinhood support.

  • All remaining funds must then be withdrawn from the account before requesting closure.

  • Robinhood will confirm account termination via email once processed and closed.

  • At this point, the account cannot ever be reactivated again. All data is erased from Robinhood‘s systems.

  • You forfeit the ability to access any of your historical investment data from the closed account. It‘s gone.

So proceed with care if choosing to fully delete your Robinhood account. Reactivation or data recovery will become impossible at that point.

Key Takeaways: Get Your Deactivated Robinhood Account Reopened

Getting your deactivated Robinhood account back up and running is straightforward if you follow these key tips:

  • Act fast once account is restricted to start reactivation steps.

  • Honestly provide any info Robinhood needs to address deactivation reasons.

  • Submit the official Reopen Account Request form and confirmation code.

  • Be patient during the 1-3 day review period for restrictions to lift.

  • Avoid trying to trade or transfer assets while still deactivated.

  • Don‘t attempt to open secondary accounts under false information.

  • Contact support if not reopened after 3 days for help troubleshooting.

  • Permanently deleting a closed account makes reactivation impossible in the future.

And those are the essentials for getting your deactivated Robinhood account back! Let me know if any other questions come up. I‘m always happy to help get things squared away.


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