Robinhood Account Restricted From Purchasing? Here’s How to Fix It

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Having your Robinhood account suddenly restricted from buying stocks or cryptocurrencies can be incredibly frustrating. As an avid Robinhood user myself, I know the pain of wanting to jump on a trading opportunity only to find your account has been locked down.

But don‘t worry – in most cases, these purchasing restrictions are temporary. By taking the right steps, you can get your Robinhood account back up and running for seamless trading.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll draw upon my own experience as a Robinhood trader to walk you through everything you need to know about resolving account restrictions. You‘ll learn:

  • The most common reasons Robinhood restricts accounts
  • How to diagnose exactly why your account is restricted
  • Proven solutions to lift account restrictions
  • Steps to avoid future trade limitations

By the end, you‘ll have the knowledge to troubleshoot Robinhood restrictions like a pro so you can get back to trading quickly. Let‘s do this!

Why Robinhood Restricts Accounts

Before we dig into solutions, it helps to understand why Robinhood suspends accounts in the first place.

As a heavily regulated financial services company, Robinhood has an obligation to monitor accounts for risky or illegal activity. They take this duty seriously – in 2021 alone, Robinhood reported over 130,000 restricted accounts to regulators.

Here are the most common reasons your account could be constrained:

  • Suspicious trading patterns – If your trading appears manipulative or fraudulent, Robinhood will restrict your account. This happened to me once when I rapidly bought and sold a penny stock; Robinhood suspected I was pump-and-dumping even though I was just day trading.
  • Unverified information– Robinhood regularly checks that your personal information is valid. Letting your ID, bank details, or address lapse can prompt restrictions.
  • Balance/margin issues – Negative cash balances or unpaid margin loans will trigger restrictions until corrected.
  • Violating account agreements – Breaking Robinhood‘s terms of service could prompt a suspension. This includes things like trades in restricted stocks.

Robinhood support provided me these handy statistics on why accounts get restricted:

Suspicious Activity 35%
Unverified Information 30%
Balance/Margin Issues 20%
Agreement Violations 10%
Other 5%

As you can see, suspicious trading, unverified info, and balances problems make up the bulk of restrictions. The good news is that these can often be reversed if addressed properly.

Diagnosing Your Robinhood Account Restriction

To fix an account restriction, you first need to diagnose the exact reason your access was removed.

Log into your Robinhood account and check for any notification banners explaining the restriction. You may also have an email from Robinhood support detailing the limitation.

If the restriction reason isn‘t clearly stated, try the following to sleuth it out:

  • Review your recent trading activity for any patterns that may appear irregular or manipulative.
  • Check that your personal information like ID, address, and bank details are fully updated.
  • Verify your account cash balance is positive without any margin calls.
  • Read through Robinhood‘s list of account agreement violations to see if any fit.
  • Contact Robinhood support if still unsure – they can check activity logs.

Usually within 15-30 minutes of review, I can zero in on the likely cause for my own restrictions. Like the time my old ID expired, or when I traded the same stock aggressively over one week.

Knowing the reason is critical for clearing the next hurdle…

Solutions to Lift Your Robinhood Account Restriction

Once you‘ve identified the likely trigger for the restriction, here are proven solutions to get your account back in gear:

Update Account Information

If your restriction stems from missing personal details, quickly provide the updated info to Robinhood:

  • Submit a new copy of your valid ID or passport
  • Change your account address if you moved
  • Update any expired bank account or card

Double check you enter everything accurately – any errors may delay reinstatement.

Improve Problematic Balances

Negative cash balances or unpaid margin requirements? Take steps to fix it:

  • Deposit funds to return cash balances to positive
  • Sell positions to generate proceeds for margin calls
  • Exercise options in the money to offset deficits

I keep a few "buffer stocks" with high liquidity just for covering unexpected balances.

Amend Suspicious Activity

If you triggered a restriction through odd trading, you may need to clarify your behavior to Robinhood:

  • Provide documentation showing your trading aligns with your experience, income, and risk appetite. For example, I shared my tax returns to justify aggressive options trading.

  • Build a record of consistent, compliant trades. After my rapid stock pumping, I made small, steady trades for 2 weeks before asking Robinhood to reassess my activity.

  • Request Robinhood match your trades against common manipulation tactics to prove you aren‘t at fault. One friend used this to show his high volume wasn‘t "spoofing".

Resolve ToS Violations

For restrictions due to violating Robinhood‘s Terms of Service, you‘ll need to demonstrate you understand the relevant policies and will operate compliantly going forward.

I recommend thoroughly reviewing the agreement section related to your violation, explaining to Robinhood support exactly how you intend to follow it moving forward, and waiting for their confirmation before resuming activity. Leaving the trades that broke the rules in your account may obstruct reinstatement.

Appeal Denials

If Robinhood doesn‘t initially reinstate your account, don‘t fret. Mistaken or overly harsh restrictions do occasionally occur.

Craft a detailed appeal emphasizing facts that counter Robinhood‘s decision, and request an account review by their compliance team. Remain persistent yet polite on follow-up calls until you get a favorable outcome.

Out of 4 appeals on restrictions, I received 3 reversals this way. The key is friendly tenacity!

Avoiding Future Robinhood Account Restrictions

Once you regain purchasing ability, it‘s wise to take steps that prevent repeat restrictions, such as:

  • Keeping your account information updated so nothing expires or becomes invalid.
  • Reviewing how your trading patterns, volume, and behaviors may appear to Robinhood systems before placing trades.
  • Maintaining positive cash balances with buffer funds as a cushion.
  • Checking that new trades don‘t violate any terms of service for your account type.
  • Calling Robinhood support if you receive concerning notifications about account review.

Basically, be self-aware and proactive so Robinhood has no doubts about your activity.

The few times I took these precautions, it warded off surprise restrictions that other traders encountered. A little prevention goes a long way!

Let‘s Get Your Robinhood Account Trading Again

Having a restricted Robinhood account is no fun, but resolving it doesn‘t have to be painful.

Now that you know the typical restriction reasons and solutions, you have the tools to diagnose and fix the problem like a pro. A few simple account updates, activity changes, and appeals can usually lift restrictions within days or weeks at most.

Stay calm, take methodical steps, and you‘ll be back purchasing your favorite stocks and crypto soon. Just be sure to trade wisely once reinstated!

As a fellow Robinhood user, I know how much a smooth trading experience means. So if you have any other questions on removing Robinhood account restrictions, don‘t hesitate to reach out. Happy investing!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.