Unraveling the Tragic Tale of Bob the Janitor in Dead Island 2

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The zombie genre has shuffled and lurched its way into every form of media these days. Movies, TV shows, books, comics and most of all video games have cashed in on the undying passion people have for slaying the undead hordes. But few zombie games capture the visceral blood-soaked chaos quite like Dead Island 2. The long-awaited sequel is set in an open-world Los Angeles overridden with thousands of zombies ready to swarm you in the streets. But before you go curb-stomping celebrity zombies on Hollywood Boulevard, there’s the small matter of finding out where a certain janitor named Bob has vanished to in the sewer system below the city.

In this totally rad guide my zombie-slaying dudes, I’ll walk you through how to complete the early main quest called “Where the hell has Bob gone?” in Dead Island 2. Along the way we’ll slash some zombies, track Bob’s trail of clues, and come face to rotting face with an iconic zombie game location. Strap on your cleavers and sledgehammers, it’s time to descend into the dark, disgusting sewers to unravel the tragic fate of Bob!

Answering the Desperate Call of Bob the Janitor

So right after you’ve designed your badass zombie-killing machine of a character in Dead Island 2, you get a radio call from Frank. He tells you to head to the sewer maintenance rooms underneath the city and search for his missing buddy Bob. According to Frank, Bob was checking up on some flooding in the boiler room but never made it back.

As you head into the dark, dripping sewers, you just know Bob must have had an unfortunate run-in with the local zombie residents. It’s up to you to track Bob down and hopefully save the day. But this is a zombie game, so a tragic ending seems way more likely. Let’s find out!

The “Where the hell has Bob gone” quest starts automatically after leaving thetutorial zone. Use your mini-map and follow the quest markerto the office Bob was last seen entering in the sewers.

Braving the Scary Sewers for Clues

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a bit of a fear of dark, confined sewer tunnels after watching Stephen King’s It as a kid. And Dead Island 2 really nails the creepy atmosphere as you make your way through the winding passages. Flickering lights barely illuminate the debris and gore covering the floor. The sounds of distant zombies echo along with the steady dripping of…let’s just hope that’s water. This place is a total nightmare for my do-gooder character who just wants to rescue Bob.

From the entry point, take the first left down the south tunnel, hang aright, then a left to reach the office. Around 10 standard infectedlurk in the twisting corridors so go loud or play stealthy.

Anyway, we finally reach Bob’s office. There’s no sign of him, but a handwritten note on the desk provides our first clue. “Bob! Went to check floodingin boiler room. Take these spare keys in case I’m not back – Jim”.Pretty ominous right? That rules out Bob just stepping out for acoffee break during the zombie apocalypse. We’ve got to findthis boiler room deep in the sewer.

Note To Bob

The handwritten note from Jim gives the first clue to Bob‘s fate.

Cracking the Safe Combo for Bob’s Keys

The note tells us Bob left his spare keys for the boiler room here in the office. We just need to find where they’re hidden. Looking around, I spot a torn piece of paper secured to the wall with a knife. How horror movie cliché! Anyway, it reveals the combo for the janitor’s safe on the shelf.

Input “10-29-14” and bingo, the safe pops open. Grab theSewer Master Key inside so we can access the locked doorsahead. There’s also a handy Shotgun we’ll probably need.

Janitor Safe Combo

The torn paper reveals the combo to get the Sewer Master Key.

Alright, we’ve got the keys now. Time to head deeper still into the creepy sewers. Going by video game logic, the missing janitor has probably become an undead monster by now. We just need to track him down in the boiler room and end his suffering.

Turn After Turn Through the Deadly Sewers

Navigating the winding tunnels of the LA sewer system in Dead Island 2 really keeps you on edge. You never know when a zombie could shamble out of the darkness or leap down from the shadows. For new players, I recommend taking it slow and using your flashlight attachment to illuminate dark corners. The minimap marks your objective but there are loads of side rooms and loops to explore that hide loot and enemies.

For Bob‘s quest, keep following the objective marker southeastthrough the accessible doors. There are some useful supplies andan intense zombie ambush along the way. Just keep slashing!

The claustrophobic tunnels eventually open up into a couple of large rooms with ascending staircases. Watch out for toxic walkers here! At the top is the heavy door we can unlock with the Sewer Master Key leading to the next level of this subterranean maze. Stay sharp…we’re getting closer to finding Bob now.

Confronting the Grim Fate of Bob the Janitor

After a lengthy trek descending to the deepest part of the sewers, we finally reach the boiler room. And it’s not pretty. The place is crawling with tough slow tanks and nimble infected. Once you clear them out, it’s time to look for Bob. I mean, we all know he’s a zombie now right?

Check inside the locked room in the back and cue the predictablejump scare! Zombified Bob bursts out and we have to put himdown. Use the shotgun and aim for the limbs to stagger him. It’s tragic for sure, but at least now we know what happened andcan get some closure.

Bob The Janitor

Bob sadly succumbed to the zombie outbreak off-screen.

Searching Bob’s corpse reveals a hotel room key belonging to some doctor. It seems Bob’s demise is tied to the main mystery of how the zombie outbreak started. We’ll have to keep following the story to connect the dots. But for now, we’ve completed this spooky sewer quest.

Tips for Finding Bob and Exploring the Sewers

Here are some tips if you‘re struggling with the “Where the hell has Bob gone” quest:

  • Pack zombie crowd control like Molotovs or the Harpoon Shotgun to handle large groups in the tight tunnels.

  • Use camouflage outfits and the environment to sneak past tougher enemies.

  • Fully explore side rooms and bring a lockpicking skillbook to access bonus loot caches.

  • Check walls for hidden entrances – the sewers have secret passages everywhere!

  • Electric and toxic water traps can insta-kill zombies, lure them in.

  • The Burning Mod for weapons lights up dark areas and damages groups over time.

  • Level up stamina and health skills to survive longer in prolonged battles.

  • Return later overpowered if the boiler room fight proves too difficult early.

Who Was Bob the Janitor Anyway?

So who exactly was this Bob character central to the quest? Through background details and notes found around the sewer, we can piece together his backstory:

  • Bob worked as a janitor for the city maintaining the sewers before the outbreak.

  • When zombies emerged, Bob holed up in his office taking shelter.

  • He left supplies for Jim and gave him the safe code, hoping to weather the chaos.

  • Bob bravely ventured to the boiler room alone when flooding issues arose.

  • Sadly he was attacked by zombies down there and trapped in the closet.

While we don’t know Bob well, he represents the tragedy of average people caught up in the horrors of a zombie pandemic. He tried to adapt and contribute with his knowledge of the sewers. But ultimately the swarm of undead overpowered him. At least in putting Bob out of his misery, we honored his efforts.

Behind the Design of the Sewer Setting

The atmosphere and layout of the sewers in Dead Island 2 make it an iconic zombie game location. In an interview, lead level designer Tomasz Chmielarz provided some insights into creating this area:

“We wanted to capture the confined, tense feeling of the sewer tunnels mixed with the more open chambers. Varied elevation, hidden side paths, and intermittent light sources help keep players on edge never knowing what’s around the next bend. The labyrinth layout also encourages methodical exploration to find all the secrets and supplies that help players survive the undead and aid Bob’s quest. There are influences from horror media like It, Resident Evil 2, and The Descent in how we crafted the twisty claustrophobic setting and zombie encounters”

Impact of Finding Bob on the Main Story

Completing “Where the hell has Bob gone” in the sewers has some important implications for the overall Dead Island 2 story.

  • Unlocks the next major storyline to track down Dr. West.

  • Provides key card to access West‘s hotel room for more clues.

  • Reveals Bob‘s tragic fate as a harbinger of the zombie threat.

  • Sets up that major characters can transform off-screen.

  • Establishes the iconic sewer location early in the game.

  • Lets players obtain a powerful shotgun for tougher areas ahead.

So pushing through this creepy multi-part quest opens up new narrative and gameplay possibilities crucial for later in the game. It’s worth enduring the dark tunnels!

Ranking Other Zombie Games With Memorable Sewer Levels

Sewers are a staple of zombie games for their tight spaces, surprising zombies, and creepy atmosphere. Here are some other notable games with signature sewer levels and how Dead Island 2 compares:

Game Sewer Setting
The Last of Us Short but tense level emphasizing clickers in the dark.
Resident Evil 2 Classic early example culminating in a boss against the monstrous G-Type Birkin.
Dying Light Massive interconnected tunnels under Old Town filled with volatile nests.
Dead Rising Main story quest has you explore the maintenance tunnels under the mall.
Dead Island 2 Lengthy multi-part quest in huge LA sewers with challenging enemies and tragic story for Bob.

While all these games have memorable sewer sections, Dead Island 2 stands out for making its sprawling sewers more integral to the main storyline. Tracking down Bob takes you through complex environments full of side content. It makes escaping the darkness feel like a major accomplishment.

Other Ways to Enjoy Slaying Zombies in Dead Island 2

While finding Bob in the sewers is a great early quest in Dead Island 2, it’s just a small taste of the zombie chaos you can wreak across Los Angeles. Here are some otheractivities players can look forward to:

  • Smash zombie hordes on the streets of iconic areas like Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Hollywood.

  • Customize your ideal zombie killer with varied skill trees and hundreds of weapon mods.

  • Go on wacky missions for eccentric side characters like the Museum Guy or Lord White.

  • Take on challenging boss zombies like the flamethrowing Hazmat or the towering Behemoth.

  • Explore the massive open world scavenging for supplies and uncovering hidden events.

  • Immerse in the gritty story across 30+ hours of campaign missions and cutscenes.

  • Play 4-player co-op with friends combining your skills against the deadliest enemies.

So while Bob’s fate was tragic, he’s opened the door to much greater adventures still to come in Dead Island 2 for players willing to step up as the heroes Los Angeles needs in the zombie apocalypse. The road ahead is filled with hordes of walking dead to take down in brutal and creative ways. Time to get out there and start slicing!

Avenging Bob By Kicking Some Undead Ass

As we reluctantly leave the sewers behind, I’ve got to say I enjoyed guiding you through the “Where the hell has Bob gone” case in Dead Island 2! We may not have saved Bob from his unlucky demise, but at least we solved the mystery of his disappearance. That janitor turned zombie won’t be surprising any other lost travelers in those dark tunnels anymore thanks to our swift melee justice.

But the quest for answers, pulse-pounding action, and creative zombie kills has only just started my friend. Los Angeles awaits with tons of weapons to customize, skill upgrades to unlock, wacky characters to meet, and gruesome enemies to decimate however you see fit. Whether you go loud guns blazing or stealthily sneak up for killer takedowns, the means of zombie execution are endless.

Hopefully this guide provided some useful tips for navigating the sewers, finding helpful clues and items, and of course smashing zombified Bob into next week. The tragic tale of this doomed janitor is just one of many memorable stories that await in Dead Island 2. Now let’s chop off some heads, smash some guts, and start clearing the Golden State of the brain-hungry menace plaguing it. The zombie slaughter has just begun…


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