20 Gorgeous Redhead Instagram Influencers To Follow In 2023

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Red hair has an alluring and mysterious quality that captures attention wherever it goes. In the age of social media, gorgeous redheaded influencers are taking over Instagram and amassing millions of loyal fans eager to emulate their style and beauty.

As a redhead myself, I‘m thrilled to see this vibrant hair color finally getting the appreciation it deserves. Redheads make up just 2% of the population, making us rare and exotic. Historically, red hair has been associated with witchcraft and otherness – but the tide is turning. These days, red hair is seen as bold, beautiful, and seriously hot.

In this post, we‘ll highlight 20 of the most popular redheaded influencers dominating Instagram right now. They range from models and actors to lifestyle gurus, each with their own magnetic pull. Let‘s take a look at what makes them so popular and irresistible:

1. Tiffany Herr (@herrliferulez2.0) – 92K followers

Tiffany is a vibrant mom of three from Texas. She shares an inside look into her life juggling family, faith, and fabulous style. Her feed is filled with on-trend casual looks, parenting hacks, body positivity, and Christian inspiration.

Fans love how real and relatable she is while looking fantastic with her curly red locks. Brands value working with Tiffany because she‘s both aspirational and accessible.

2. Theodosia Christidou (@Sissychristidou) – 893K followers

Theodosia, affectionately known as Sissy, is a popular Greek content creator and host. She entertains her audience with beauty tips, thoughtful messages, behind-the-scenes footage, and stylish outfits.

Unsurprisingly, Sissy has attracted quite the following thanks to her girl-next-door charm and gorgeous flowing red hair. She makes fans feel like they truly know her.

3. Dani Erickson (@studiofleurette) – 5K followers

Florist and gardener Dani shares her expertise on elevating spaces with seasonal florals and greenery. Her Instagram presence bursts with positivity as she explores floral design, botanical styling, gardening, and cottagecore aesthetics.

Dani‘s bubbly personality and cute style shine as bright as her red hair. Flower lovers adore working with her on events large and small to infuse nature‘s beauty.

4. Paige Christensen (@paigechristensen) – 70K followers

Paige Christensen is a Phoenix-based influencer who entertains her 70K IG followers with stunning snapshots of life in the desert. She embraces the heat with fiery red hair and a warm, welcoming vibe.

Paige posts plenty of travel inspo along with relaxing poolside vibes. As one of the top redheaded models on IG, fans clearly admire her laidback elegance.

5. Rebecca Quin (@beckylynchwwe) – 5.7M followers

Wrestling champion Rebecca Quin plays "The Man" character Becky Lynch in the WWE. She posts intense workout videos along with plenty of behind-the-scenes moments in the ring.

With her bright red hair and bold attitude, it‘s easy to see why Lynch calls herself "The Hottest Redhead on the Planet." She shows no signs of cooling off with millions of loyal fans cheering her on.

6. Ashley Kuczenski (@ashley_kuczenski) – 35K followers

Ashley shares her midcentury modern style as a vintage fashion and lifestyle influencer based in LA. She takes inspiration from Old Hollywood glamour to create beautiful feed filled with retro fashion, decor, and city living.

Fans adore Ashley‘s timeless style and confidence rocking red hair. Brands collaborate with her for an air of sophistication with mainstream appeal.

7. Mandalynn Carlson (@mandalynncarlson) – 73K followers

Actress and country music singer Mandalynn Carlson entertain her audience with acting adventures, Nashville updates, beauty secrets, and downhome style. As a relatable girl next door with serious talent, Mandalynn makes an approachable redheaded muse.

Along with steady IG growth, this red hot influencer stays busy starring in indie films and representing brands like Ralph Lauren.

8. Quinn Cove (@qcove) – 10K followers

Quinn Cove is an up-and-coming nano influencer who shares glimpses into her chic life in Houston. With red hair and freckles, her feed features fashion inspiration, beauty finds, and lifestyle hacks to help women level up.

Though still establishing herself, Quinn will likely continue gathering steam thanks to her timeless style and engaging, positive vibe.

9. Macy Lewis (@macy_lewis) – 9K followers

Unconventional influencer Macy Lewis works in the funeral industry while advocating for mental health in her spare time. She shares emotional workplace stories and self-care inspiration for women struggling with grief and burnout.

While a seemingly odd niche, followers praise Macy for using her platform for good – while looking fabulous with red hair of course! Brands value her authenticity connecting with an underserved audience.

10. Jenn Todryk (@theramblingredhead) – 1.2M followers

As the star of HGTV‘s No Demo Reno, Jenn Todryk gives fans an inside look at running her own design business while wrangling three kids. This real-life supermom mixes DIY, parenting, and self-care posts with behind-the-scenes peeks at filming her hit show.

Jenn‘s wild red hairdo matches her rambunctious personality. Audiences can‘t get enough of her chaotic yet aspirational lifestyle – not to mention her expert home renovation skills!

11. Kayla Kay (@kaylakayyy) – 119K followers

Glamorous cosmetologist Kayla posts makeup tutorials, style guidance, and snippets of her life in LA. Thanks to her expertise enhancing natural beauty, she quickly cultivated an audience eager to master basic techniques.

Of course, her long red locks don‘t hurt either! Kayla embraces the bombshell look many strive (and often fail) to achieve. Fans soak up her effortless cool vibes.

12. Jackie Oshry (@jackieoshry) – 315K followers

Jackie made a name for herself co-hosting the pop culture podcast The Morning Toast. Though no longer affiliated, she continues dishing lifestyle advice as an influencer and magazine editor.

The self-proclaimed bookworm also uses IG stories to recommend her latest fictional faves. Followers adore Jackie‘s bubbly personality and relatable moments raising her young son – all framed by beautiful red strands.

13. Mirela Janis (@mirelajanis) – 9M followers

Brazilian makeup artist and influencer Mirela Janis attracts millions seeking beauty inspiration with her creative cosplay looks. She pushes boundaries with special effects makeup transforming herself into mystical creatures and characters from film and fantasy.

Though she changes up her style with wigs, Mirela‘s natural red hair only adds to her allure. Followers live vicariously through her experimental makeup artistry and confidence to go bold.

14. Katherine McNamara (@kat.mcnamara) – 4.1M followers

Actress and singer Katherine McNamara lights up feeds around the world with stunning behind-the-scene shots on TV and movie sets. Hordes of fans recognize Katherine as the vibrant redheaded hacker Seelie from Arrow.

However, the talented star continues landing recurring roles across networks, recently as Julie Lawry on CBS‘s The Stand. Devoted fans soak up every glimpse of Katherine letting her fiery locks flow in character or just having fun.

15. Madelaine Petsch (@madelame) – 25M followers

Madelaine Petsch shot to superstardom playing Cheryl Blossom, the HBIC head cheerleader on smash hit Riverdale. Though she dabbles with wigs for the role, Madelaine‘s natural vibrant red hair absolutely captivates whether she‘s in character or just being herself.

Along with sharing Riverdale BTS moments, Madelaine gives followers a glimpse into her enviable life between shooting. They eat up this rare insider access to a bonafide Hollywood celeb looking fabulous and flashing her gorgeous smile.

16. Carmen Solomons (@carmen.solomons) – 119K followers

South African curly haired model Carmen Solomons struts runways and lands magazine spreads thanks to her striking features and serious height. She continues gaining traction sharing a peek into model life along with radiant snapshots showing off her natural beauty.

Though Carmen rocks various looks, fans and brands tend to go crazy over images showcasing her head full of spirited red curls. This unique trait undoubtedly helps Carmen stand out from the modeling pack.

17. Courtney Halverson (@prettylittlefawn) 352K followers

Actress and content creator Courtney Halverson delights her audience with whimsical lifestyle posts embracing cottagecore visuals and imaginative energy. Along with sharing audition journeys, Courtney reviews beauty products, decor essentials, recipes, and poetry from her dreamy world.

Fans adore Courtney‘s whimsical essence and praise her for promoting kindness. Meanwhile, her ginger strands and sprinkling of freckles remind followers to embrace magic every day.

18. Mari Maria (@marimaria) – 21.3M followers

Ultra popular Brazilian makeup artist and influencer Mari Maria attracts millions with her eye-catching beauty looks and bubbly personality. Along with creative makeup tutorials, she reviews products and shares inspiration for feeling fierce.

As a redhead, Mari embraces vivid cosmetic colors, daring trends, and over-the-top aesthetics. But fans truly live for moments highlighting her gorgeous natural hair when she lets loose and gets silly behind the scenes!

19. Sarah Oliveira (@saraholiveirablog) 210K followers

Brazilian blogger Sarah Oliveira attracts followers interested in beauty, lifestyle, and creative inspiration. She shares product reviews tailored for curly haircare along with travel adventures across the globe highlighting breathtaking sights.

Sarah proudly rocks her natural tight red curls everywhere she goes – and fans can‘t get enough. They rely on her guidance to hydrate and define their own coils while getting a glimpse into Sarah‘s fabulous life abroad.

20. Alexis May (@alexismaymcmullin) 140K followers

Last but not least, Denver-based influencer Alexis May shares lifestyle inspiration for the everyday mom. She promotes self-love and staying present while giving followers a glimpse behind the scenes raising her son.

Fans praise Alexis for her relatable voice and seemingly effortless style. Her signature red locs no doubt contribute to admiration from moms trying their best to feel put together too!

Red Hot and Here to Stay

While red hair continues gaining popularity today, bright copper strands will likely remain an attention-grabbing anomaly. As someone born with scarlet locks myself, I assure you we don‘t mind sticking out in all the best ways!

These influential sirens prove red will never go out of style. Bold ginger colors perfectly complement the warm, fun energy these ladies exude while entertaining and inspiring millions.

So embrace your inner redhead – whether natural or not – and flaunt your vibrant mane like the exotic rare flower you are. Trust me, people will be begging to bask in your captivating glow!

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