How to Easily Remove Your Credit Card from Spotify

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Hey there music lover! If you currently have a Spotify Premium subscription, you may eventually want to remove the credit card you have on file for auto-renewals.

Deleting your payment method is a common request we get from Spotify users for various reasons. Maybe you want to switch to a new card, or you‘re trying to halt those monthly charges from hitting your statement.

Whatever the reason, removing your credit card from Spotify is thankfully a quick and straightforward process. In this detailed guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know, including:

  • The key differences between removing a card and fully canceling Premium

  • Simple step-by-step instructions for deleting your card

  • What to expect after your payment method is removed

  • Answers to frequently asked questions

By the end of this guide, you‘ll understand exactly how to remove a credit card from your Spotify account and what happens when you do. Let‘s get started!

A Quick Summary on Removing Cards from Spotify

Before we dive into the details, here‘s the simple answer on how to remove your credit card from Spotify:

  1. Log into your Spotify account on the web at

  2. Go to Account Settings and click on "Payment methods"

  3. Next to the card you want to remove, click the "Remove" button

  4. Confirm that you want to delete that payment method

And you‘re done! It takes just a few clicks to remove your card on the Spotify website.

Now your credit card details are deleted from Spotify‘s systems. However, this does not cancel your Premium subscription immediately – more on that next.

The Difference: Removing Cards vs. Canceling Premium

This is really important to understand…

Deleting your credit card from Spotify is not the same as fully canceling your Premium subscription.

Here‘s an overview of what happens in each scenario:

If you remove your card:

  • Your Premium access will continue uninterrupted until at least the end of the current billing period

  • Auto-renewal of your subscription will halt once the current period expires

  • You‘ll eventually revert to Spotify‘s Free, ad-supported tier if you don‘t add a new payment method

If you cancel your Premium subscription:

  • Your subscription ends immediately, regardless of billing date

  • You‘ll lose all Premium benefits like ad-free listening, offline downloads, etc.

  • Your account reverts to Free Spotify access right away

So in summary, removing your card buys you more time to switch payment methods before any changes happen. Canceling Premium instantly downgrades your account.

Hope this clarifies the key differences! Now let‘s get into the step-by-step process for deleting your card from Spotify.

Step-by-Step Guide to Removing Your Credit Card from Spotify

Removing your credit card from Spotify only takes a few clicks, but the process must be done on the desktop website – you can‘t delete cards in the mobile apps.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Navigate to and Log In

First, head to in any web browser and log into your Spotify account using your username and password.

You‘ll then be taken to your Spotify Account Overview page.

Step 2: Go to Your Account Settings

At the top of the screen you‘ll see a toolbar. Click on your profile icon in the top-right corner, then select "Account" from the dropdown menu.

This will open up your Account Settings page.

Step 3: Click on Payment Methods

On the left-side menu under the Settings header, click on "Payment methods". This will open a modal window where you can view and manage cards.

Step 4: Find the Card You Want to Remove

Under the Payment Methods section, you will see any credit cards or other payment options currently on your Spotify account.

Locate the card you want to remove, and look to the right of it for a "Remove" button.

Step 5: Confirm Deletion of the Card

After clicking "Remove", Spotify will ask you to confirm that you want to permanently delete that payment method. Click "Yes" to verify and complete the process.

And that‘s it – you‘ve successfully removed your credit card from Spotify!

The card details are now fully deleted from your account. You can repeat these steps to remove additional cards if needed.

What Happens When You Remove a Credit Card from Spotify

Now that you‘ve deleted your payment method, here are some key things to expect:

Your Subscription Remains Active

The good news is, removing your credit card does not immediately cancel or downgrade your Spotify Premium membership.

You‘ll retain full access to all of your Premium benefits until at least the end of the current billing period.

Auto-Renewal Stops

Because there‘s no valid payment method left, Spotify cannot automatically renew your subscription when the next billing date arrives.

So removing your card effectively halts the auto-renewal process and billing charges.

Eventual Reversion to Free Tier

With no card on file to bill, your Premium access will eventually expire once the current billing period ends.

At that point Spotify will downgrade your account to their Free, ad-supported base tier by default.

Card Details Are Deleted

Rest assured that once you remove your card, Spotify immediately and permanently deletes those card details from their systems.

The card number, security code, and related billing info cannot be retrieved or accessed anymore.

Playlists Are Retained

Importantly, any playlists, albums, artists and other content you‘ve saved will not be lost when you remove your card or your Premium subscription expires.

All of your playlists and library data are retained even if you revert to Free Spotify.

So in summary, removing your card puts a hold on your subscription renewal, but does not affect your Spotify membership or data…at least for the current billing cycle.

Hope this gives you a clear picture of what to expect after deleting your payment method! Now let‘s get into some frequently asked questions.

FAQ: Your Top Questions Answered

Here are detailed answers to some of the most common questions we get about removing credit cards from Spotify:

Will I lose my playlists if I remove my card from Spotify?

Nope, you can rest easy knowing that removing your credit card will not result in losing any playlists, albums, artists or other content you‘ve added to your Spotify library.

Even if your Premium subscription eventually expires after removing your card, all of your saved music and playlists will remain intact on your profile if you revert to the Free tier.

So nothing will be lost or deleted when you remove your payment method! Your musical taste is here to stay.

Can I use the same credit card on multiple Spotify accounts?

Unfortunately Spotify only allows each credit card number to be registered to one Premium account at a time.

If you try to add the same card as the payment method across multiple accounts, Spotify will automatically remove it from the previous account where it was saved.

The platform‘s terms state that card details can only be associated with a single Premium membership. So multiple accounts cannot use the same card concurrently.

What if I removed my card by accident – can I get it back?

Don‘t panic if you removed your card from Spotify accidentally! Re-adding your card is easy.

Just head back to the Payment Methods page in your Spotify account settings, enter your card details again, and save the changes.

As long as you re-add your card before the next billing date, your Premium subscription will continue as normal.

So removing your card by mistake is not permanent, and you can quickly add that payment method back to keep your account active. Phew!

Does Spotify store my card information after I delete it?

Nope! Spotify‘s policy is to permanently delete any credit card details when you remove it from your account.

Once you complete the card removal process, that card number, security code, and related billing information is wiped from Spotify‘s systems.

They do not retain or store your card data after you delete it. You can rest assured that your information will not be saved without your consent.

What if I have Spotify Premium through a bundle deal?

If you have Spotify Premium as part of a packaged bundle, like Spotify and Hulu together, then the payment method can‘t be managed directly on Spotify.

Instead, you would need to update your payment details by contacting the third-party bundle provider directly, such as Hulu.

Since bundling services bill you jointly, you have to make any card changes through that main provider rather than individual platforms like Spotify.

Can I re-add the same card I just deleted?

Absolutely! Removing your card from Spotify is not a permanent action. You can re-enter that same card number during the payment method setup process again.

As long as you re-add the card before your next billing date, your Premium subscription access will continue without any interruption.

So don‘t hesitate to add back the card details you just deleted if you change your mind or made a mistake. Your account will keep renewing as expected.

Hopefully these answers cleared up some of the most frequent questions around removing cards from Spotify. If you have any other questions come up, don‘t hesitate to ask!

Recap: How to Remove Your Credit Card from Spotify

Let‘s do a quick recap of the key points we covered:

  • It‘s simple – deleting your card from Spotify takes just a few clicks on the website

  • Your Premium continues – removing your card does not cancel your subscription immediately

  • Auto-renewal stops – your card can no longer be automatically charged for renewal

  • Eventually downgrades – with no payment, your account will revert to Free Spotify after the billing period

  • Data is kept – your playlists, follows, and library stay intact

  • Fully deleted – Spotify wipes your card details from their system entirely

So in summary, removing your credit card gives you control over payments while allowing you time to switch methods before any account changes occur.

I hope this guide clearly outlined how to delete your payment method from Spotify, what happens next, and answers to your top questions. Don‘t hesitate to reach out if any other issues come up!

Removing your card is an easy process once you know the steps. Thanks for reading, and most importantly, keep listening to that music you love!


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