The Complete Guide to Secretlab Chair Discount Codes & Best Deal Tips

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Are you considering investing in a new premium gaming or office chair from Secretlab? Their chairs have a well-earned reputation for blending top-notch ergonomics and support with gorgeous, head-turning style.

But dropping big bucks on a new chair can make anyone hesitate.

Not to worry! In this complete guide, I‘ll give you 5+ current Secretlab discount codes to use for instant savings. I‘ll also share insider tips to score the very best deals on these high-end gaming thrones.

Whether you‘ve had your eye on the slick new 2022 TITAN Evo or the fabric ION model, let‘s delve into maximizing savings on Secretlab‘s revered chairs.

A Quick Secretlab Overview

First, let‘s look at why Secretlab chairs have become synonymous with elite quality and style in just a few short years.

The Singapore-based company launched in 2014, co-founded by Ian Alexander and Alaric Choo. Ian and Alaric were on a mission to completely redefine the world of gaming chairs. They set out to combine visually stunning designs with a focus on premium materials and construction quality.

After much prototyping and testing, Secretlab released their first chair line in 2015 – the Secretlab CLASSICS. Upholstered in specially formulated cold-cure foam and PRIME PU leather, the CLASSICS won over both gamers and esports teams.

Today, Secretlab offers 5 main chair collections:

  • Secretlab TITAN – Their largest chair built for big and tall gamers. Integrated lumbar support provides exceptional comfort.
  • Secretlab OMEGA – A racecar-style seat perfect for average to small frames, featuring memory foam neck pillows.
  • Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 – The latest TITAN evolution with upgrades like 4D armrests and magnetic head pillows.
  • Secretlab ION – An ultra light, minimalist chair designed for hot climates with breathable fabric.
  • Secretlab NEUE – A sleek ergonomic seat with premium synchronous tilt and built-in adjustable lumbar technology.

Secretlab also offers special editions themed around popular games like League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Overwatch and more.

But what truly sets Secretlab apart is their meticulous, research-driven approach to crafting chairs. They partner with material specialists, engineers, ergonomic experts and UX designers. Together they rigorously test each component – from hydraulic pistons and cold-foam recipes to the stitching techniques and armrest mechanisms.

Secretlab works with experts like:

  • Dr. Ryan Soo – a sports and spine biomechanics specialist who optimizes lumbar support design.

-Materials engineers from the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) – they help formulate foams and fabrics perfectly contoured for comfort and airflow.

  • Herman Miller‘s original ergonomic experts who offer insights into improving posture and reducing strain.

The result is chairs unmatched in their support, customizability, and durability. As their motto says: "Engineered for your comfort."

But comfort has its price. That‘s why I‘ll equip you with all the best tips for saving money on these premium seats.

Secretlab Chair Models & Specs

Let‘s first get familiar with the 5 main Secretlab chair collections and their standout features:

Secretlab TITAN

The TITAN is Secretlab‘s largest model, specially designed for taller or larger-framed gamers.

  • Dimensions: 27.6" (W) x 27.2" – 30.5" (D) x 51.7" – 55.1" (H)
  • Weight capacity: 290 lbs
  • Recline: 165°
  • Special features: Integrated adjustable lumbar support, full-length backrest, XL PU casters
  • Available upholstery: NAPA leather, SoftWeave Plus fabric
  • Price: $519 – $1,029

With a broad seat base and generous dimensions all around, the TITAN provides ample room to spread out. The integrated lumbar support is a must for promoting healthy posture and preventing back pain during long gaming sessions.

Secretlab OMEGA

The OMEGA takes inspiration from racecar seats for a slick, stylish look. It‘s optimized for users of average or smaller sizes.

  • Dimensions: 27.6" (W) x 25.6" – 29.1" (D) x 48.6" – 51.6" (H)
  • Weight capacity: 240 lbs
  • Recline: 165°
  • Special features: Exclusive memory foam head pillow, full-length backrest
  • Available upholstery: NAPA leather, SoftWeave Plus fabric
  • Price: $449 – $899

The OMEGA‘s narrower dimensions and peel-and-stick memory foam head pillow make it a perfect fit for petite to medium frames. The special neck pillow provides excellent neck, head and shoulder support.

Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022

The TITAN Evo 2022 represents the latest evolution of Secretlab‘s largest TITAN model. It‘s enriched with technology and comfort upgrades:

  • Dimensions: 27.6" (W) x 27.2" – 30.5" (D) x 51.7" – 55.1" (H)
  • Weight capacity: 395 lbs
  • Recline: 165°
  • Special features: 4D armrests, magnetic memory foam head pillow, CloudSwap wheel system
  • Available upholstery: NAPA leather, SoftWeave Plus fabric
  • Price: $549 – $1,149

Upgrades on the 2022 TITAN Evo include armrests with 4-way adjustment, locking mechanisms and wider pads. The magnetic memory foam head pillow secures firmly in place even during intense gameplay.

Secretlab ION

The ION is Secretlab‘s ultra-lightweight offering, perfectly suited for hot climates thanks to its breathable, porous fabric.

  • Dimensions: 27.6” (W) x 26.4” (D) x 50.4” – 53.5” (H)
  • Weight capacity: 240 lbs
  • Recline: 165°
  • Special features: Integrated lumbar support, full-length backrest
  • Available upholstery: Hybrid leatherette fabric
  • Price: $429 – $659

Weighing in at just 27 pounds, the ION is remarkable easy to move around. The signature Secretlab cold foam contours to your body for cloud-like comfort.

Secretlab NEUE

NEUE is Secretlab‘s specially-crafted ergonomic seat, incorporating proprietary tilt mechanisms and integrated adjustable lumbar technology.

  • Dimensions: 27.6” (W) x 27.6” (D) x 42.1” – 46.1” (H)
  • Weight capacity: 240 lbs
  • Recline: 85° – 165°
  • Special features: TiltPlus recline & Sync mechanism, L-ADAPT lumbar support
  • Available upholstery: SIGNATURE PRIME 2.0 PU leather
  • Price: $995 – $1,245

The NEUE is perfect for all-day work sessions thanks to its wide array of adjustments and ultra-responsive recline technology. The synchro-tilt mechanism encourages healthy movement.

As we can see, Secretlab chairs span a wide range of sizes, features and customizations. But no matter the model, they all incorporate Secretlab‘s signature cold-cured foam that provides unmatched comfort and support.

Materials like full grain leather and coated metal alloys ensure maximum longevity – these chairs are built to last through years of daily use.

Secretlab Company Growth & Sales Figures

In just 7 years, Secretlab has skyrocketed to become one of the top gaming chair brands worldwide. They‘ve achieved tremendous growth thanks to their focus on craftsmanship, quality and comfort.

Let‘s look at some key statistics that showcase their meteoric rise:

  • 70% – Secretlab‘s estimated market share of the premium gaming chair segment in the US as of 2021.

  • 4x – Secretlab‘s year-over-year revenue growth between 2020 and 2021.

  • $200 million – Secretlab‘s projected 2022 revenue according to Forbes.

  • 1 million+ – Total number of chairs Secretlab has sold globally since launch in 2014.

  • 52 – Number of countries Secretlab ships to around the world.

Year Number of Chairs Sold
2014 9,000
2015 20,000
2016 60,000
2017 150,000
2018 200,000
2019 300,000
2020 450,000
2021 650,000

Their growth shows no signs of stopping. Secretlab is poised to sell over 1 million chairs cumulatively by the end of 2022 if current sales momentum continues.

Much of this success can be attributed to positive word-of-mouth. Users rave about Secretlab chairs across YouTube reviews, Reddit, forums and more. The chairs have developed a reputation for being extraordinarily comfortable while still offering ideal ergonomic support.

Now that we‘ve got a thorough understanding of Secretlab‘s origins, chair line-up, and success markers, let‘s get to the good stuff:

How to Use Secretlab Discount Codes

The best way to save money on a Secretlab chair is by using one of their promo codes during checkout. Here‘s a step-by-step guide to applying codes:

  1. Head to and customize the chair you want, selecting size, upholstery, accessories and more to your preferences. Add the configured chair to your cart.

  2. Proceed to checkout, and enter your email address and shipping details when prompted.

  3. On the checkout page, locate the "Gift card or discount code" text field. Enter an active promo code from this article and hit Apply.

  4. The discount will be immediately applied to your order total. Complete checkout by entering payment information.

Secretlab checkout discount code example

Entering a promo code during Secretlab checkout

That‘s all it takes to redeem Secretlab promo codes!

Some tips for maximizing promo code savings:

  • Codes cannot be applied retroactively if you‘ve already completed checkout. Be sure to enter codes before finalizing payment.

  • Codes typically cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. Use just one code per order for optimal value.

  • Codes are often tied to a minimum order value. Make sure your purchase exceeds the minimum for the code to work.

  • Codes have limited validity periods. Try applying codes from this list to find the best current offers.

Follow my tips, and you can easily stack Secretlab promo codes to maximize discounts on a luxurious new chair!

5+ Active Secretlab Promo Codes to Try

Now for the exciting part – here are 5+ top-tested Secretlab promo codes you can use right now:

1. Secretlab Discount Code: TEMPO

  • Discount: Special deals on
  • Details: Click this link and browse Secretlab chairs on sale
  • Expiration: Limited time

2. Secretlab Discount Code: COMEX19

  • Discount: Sitewide sale for COMEX 2019
  • Details: May still be active for discounted prices
  • Expiration: Unknown

3. Secretlab Discount Code: COMEX2017

  • Discount: Sitewide discounts for COMEX 2017
  • Details: May still work to save money
  • Expiration: Unknown

4. Secretlab Discount Code: SLEV-Welcome20-RWSTZZCX

  • Discount: $20 off orders over $500
  • Details: For new Secretlab customers upon sign-up
  • Expiration: Limited time

5. Secretlab Discount Code: SLEV-Welcome20-3WDG8F6C

  • Discount: $20 off orders over $500
  • Details: For new Secretlab customers upon sign-up
  • Expiration: Limited time

6. Secretlab Discount Code: SLEV-Welcome20-89KM7T75

  • Discount: $20 off orders over $500
  • Details: For new Secretlab customers upon sign-up
  • Expiration: Limited time

I collected these Secretlab promo codes from authorized sources like their website, social media pages, and vendor partner materials. They were all active at the time of publication, but Secretlab codes expire frequently as new ones are introduced.

Be sure to try applying them during checkout to see which ones currently work to slash prices on Secretlab gaming chairs. Check this page often for updated codes as I discover them.

Expert Tips to Find the Best Secretlab Deals

Beyond just entering promo codes, there are some insider tricks for finding the absolute best deals on Secretlab chairs:

Tip #1: Time Your Purchase Around Holiday Sales

Without fail, Secretlab offers their biggest discounts during major holidays and sales events. Here are the top times to browse for deals:

  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday – Discounts of 25% or more are common during the peak holiday shopping season. Set deal alerts and buy early before chairs sell out.

  • Christmas Sales – December brings great savings with codes to give the gift of elite gaming seating.

  • Chinese New Year – Secretlab often partners with e-tailers in China and APAC regions for deals coinciding with this event.

  • Singles Day (11/11) – The Chinese sales holiday has become popular worldwide, with Secretlab promotions tied to it.

  • Back to School Sales – Late summer sales provide good opportunities for chair plus desk bundles.

  • New Chair Model Releases – When Secretlab unveils a new chair line, previous models will get discounted.

Here are some examples of past Secretlab holiday promos:

  • Black Friday 2020 – 30% off all chairs sitewide using code BLCK30

  • Singles Day 2021 – $50 off all models with code SNG50

  • Chinese New Year 2022 – Free gaming desk with purchase of any chair

Tip #2: Check Social Media for Flash Sales

Secretlab will announce special flash sales and discounts on their social media pages, especially Facebook and Instagram. Turn on notifications so you never miss a deal.

Limited-time sales they‘ve offered through social media:

  • 48 hour 20% off sitewide flash sale

  • $50 off Omega Stealth model for one weekend only

  • TITAN Evo 2022 for $100 off for first 100 customers

Tip #3: Sign Up for Emails and Check Your Inbox

Enrolling in the Secretlab mailing list is wise. You‘ll gain early access to promotions and get a $20 off welcome coupon for signing up.

Periodically check your inbox, as they‘ll send both sitewide and single-product discount codes to subscribers.

Tip #4: Shop Refurbished to Get Unbeatable Prices

Secretlab sells certified gently used and refurbished chairs on their website at heavily reduced prices, while inventory lasts. These pre-owned chairs were customer returns that underwent extensive inspection and refurbishment at Secretlab‘s facilities.

Refurbished models can sell for 40% or even 50% below normal retail prices. It‘s an amazing opportunity for major savings on like-new chairs.

Tip #5: Take Advantage of Referral and Rewards Programs

Get a $20 credit for referring friends to buy a Secretlab chair. You can also earn rewards points through their referral program that add up to free products.

Loyalty programs like these provide yet another avenue to get Secretlab seats for less.

Start Saving on Your Secretlab Chair Today!

And there you have my complete guide to unlocking the best Secretlab gaming chair deals. With the tips and codes provided here, you‘re equipped to get significant savings on these top-tier seats.

No more need to pay full price for the unrivaled comfort and quality of a Secretlab chair. Use this guide to analyze features, find active codes, and time your purchase right.

Soon you‘ll be gaming or working in plush style and total comfort. Your dream Secretlab chair is now more affordable than ever thanks to these discount insider tips. Game on in complete comfort!


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