How to See Your Personalized YouTube Music Recap for 2022

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Have you been jamming out to all your favorite tunes on YouTube Music this year? Then I have great news for you, my friend! YouTube Music has created a personalized recap of your top songs, artists, genres, and listening stats from 2022.

This in-depth musical analysis provides a fun retrospective of your unique listening journey over the past year. So let‘s dive in and explore how to find your YouTube Music 2022 Recap! I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to access your recap and share it with the world.

An Inside Look at the YouTube Music Recap

Before we get into the step-by-step guide, let‘s briefly overview what exactly the YouTube Music Recap is and what musical treasures it reveals.

In short, the YouTube Music Recap gives you a data-driven breakdown of your yearly listening history based on your YouTube Music activity. It includes:

  • Your top 100 songs of 2022
  • Top artists you streamed this year
  • Total listening time in 2022
  • An assigned "music personality" based on your habits
  • Custom playlists of your top songs
  • Shareable recap videos and graphics

It‘s almost like a little musical scrapbook of your most listened to tunes. YouTube sifts through all of your streaming data and generates shareable stories, stats, graphics, and playlists to depict your 2022 musical identity.

Think of it like Spotify Wrapped, but for YouTube Music superfans instead.

According to Google, over 1 billion listeners have streamed music on YouTube Music this year. So if you‘re one of them, you‘re definitely eligible for a Recap!

Now let‘s get into how you can view your personalized 2022 musical recap.

Accessing Your 2022 YouTube Music Recap

Want to reminisce on your top tunes? Here are step-by-step instructions to view your YouTube Music Recap:

View on Mobile

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the YouTube Music app installed on your phone.

  2. Open the YouTube Music app and tap on your profile picture in the top right corner.

  3. Under the "Your Recap" section, tap "Watch Now."

  4. This opens your full YouTube Music Recap for 2022! Scroll down to see your top songs, artists, listening stats, and more.

  5. At the bottom, tap "Create shareable story" to make a recap video to post.

  6. Tap the arrow icon to share it via text, social media, email, and anywhere else!

View on Desktop

  1. Go to and log into your Google account.

  2. In the left sidebar navigation, click on "Recap."

  3. Scroll through your full 2022 YouTube Music Recap. View listening stats, top songs & artists, playlists, and more.

  4. Click "Create shareable story" and make your recap video.

  5. Use the arrow share button to post or send your YouTube Music story.

Once you‘ve created your shareable 2022 recap video, you can also access your full playlist of top songs:

  1. Go to "Playlists" in the YouTube Music app or desktop site.

  2. Look for a playlist called "Your 2022 Recap." This contains your top 100 songs.

  3. Play it to relive your most played jams.

  4. Use the share button to send the playlist to friends and compare musical tastes.

See? Exploring your yearly listening recap is super quick and easy using the YouTube Music app. Now let‘s dive deeper into customizing, sharing, and personalizing your 2022 tunes time capsule.

Customizing & Sharing Your YouTube Music Recap

The YouTube Music Recap isn‘t just a solo trip down musical memory lane. It‘s also an interactive experience you can customize and share with others.

Here are some ways to make your 2022 recap unique:

  • Edit artists/songs – Don‘t agree with your top tracks? You can remove any song or artist from the recap before sharing it.

  • Share recap video – Dig the shareable recap video with your top stats? Post it on social media or text it to friends.

  • Share playlist – The full playlist of your top songs is shareable too. Send it to showcase your year.

  • Save playlist – Add the recap playlist to your YouTube Music library for easy access anytime.

  • Compare with friends – See how your top music stacks up to your friends‘ top songs. Share and compare!

Leveraging YouTube Music‘s sharing tools allows you to memorialize and discuss your 2022 musical memories. Think of it like an annual music scrapbook you can revisit and bond over anywhere.

YouTube Music Recap vs. Spotify Wrapped

You‘re probably familiar with Spotify Wrapped, which is arguably the most popular end-of-year music recap. So how does YouTube Music‘s version compare?

Here’s a breakdown of the key differences between the recaps:

  • Content – Both include your top songs, artists, albums, minutes listened and playlists. YouTube also assigns a "music personality."

  • Accessibility – Spotify Wrapped is only available for a limited time. YouTube Music Recap is accessible year-round.

  • Sharing – Both have shareable cards for social media. YouTube also generates a shareable video.

  • Platforms – Spotify Wrapped is mobile-only. YouTube Recap works across mobile, desktop and tablets.

While Spotify Wrapped has more flashy graphics and visuals, YouTube Music‘s Recap is very comprehensive in summarizing your yearly listening stats into playlists and shareable videos.

Why You Might Not Be Seeing Your Recap Yet

Eager to listen to your top tunes of 2022 but can‘t find your YouTube Music Recap yet?

Here are some potential reasons it may not be appearing for you – and how to fix it:

  • Not enough listening – You need at least 10 hours of YouTube Music streaming this year for a recap. Listen more!

  • App needs updated – Make sure to update to the newest version of the YouTube Music app.

  • Wrong account – You must view your recap while signed into the account you used for listening.

  • Location restrictions – The recap may only be visible in your home country due to licensing.

  • Wait for it – Give it a few days. It takes time for your recap to fully populate.

  • Contact support – If you still don‘t see it after troubleshooting, reach out to YouTube Music support.

In most cases, updating your app and listening for a few more hours should trigger your recap to appear. Let the tunes play on!

Your Recap Has Arrived: Now Enjoy Your Musical Memories

After reading this guide, you‘re now a YouTube Music Recap expert ready to reminisce on the soundtrack of your year.

Exploring your top songs, stats, playlists and musical personality is a blast from the past to see what soundtracked your 2022. Don‘t forget to also customize and share your recap with the world.

So plug in your headphones, pull up your recap and let the musical memories flow. Your favorite tunes are waiting for you right now on YouTube Music!

Ready to take a listen to your personalized 2022 YouTube Music journey? I‘ll leave you with a few more helpful recap resources as you rediscover your top songs:

YouTube Recap Geek Stats

  • Over 1 billion YouTube Music listeners in 2022
  • Recaps include your top 100 songs
  • 10+ listening hours required for a recap
  • Launched on November 29, 2022

YouTube Recap Playlists

I hope this guide served as your musical tour guide to accessing and sharing your YouTube Music 2022 Recap. Now get listening and relive your top tunes from this year! Let me know if you have any other recap questions. Happy listening!


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