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SOAX Review 2023

SOAX Review

Do you wish to utilize the services of SOAX but want to know more about it before investing your resources and funds? This article provides you with a detailed review of SOAX to help you know if it is the best private residential proxy or not.

Now that so many home Internet Protocol (IP) proxy network providers have flooded the market, it might be confusing for someone who is just getting started with proxies to choose the ideal one.

SOAX is a popular choice among proxy service providers. It, like every other supplier out there, makes a lot of claims and wants potential customers to think it’s a top home proxy service.

How sure are you that what they’re saying isn’t merely a clever sales pitch? By reading this SOAX review to its conclusion, you can find out whether or not they are who they claim to be

First, however, let’s define SOAX so we can get to know what it is.

What is SOAX?

This backconnect home proxy service, SOAX, has more than 8 million residential and mobile Internet Protocol (IP) available.

SOAX’s residential Internet Protocol (IP) addresses come from genuine gadgets like smartphones and wireless routers.

The swimming pool they utilize is private and just for their use. With city, area, and ISP targeting, this is one of the purest residential proxy networks available, making it ideal for social media multi-accounting and other uses that need relatively spotless Internet Protocol (IP)

Proxies offered by SOAX are rotating proxies that provide access to servers in most regions and provide a variety of useful targeting options.

Additionally, they are safe and simple to use. Although they provide a lot of customization options, their cost is generally considered to be high.


1. Automated Social Network Compatibility

SoaxProxies for Social Media

Many scenarios, including those using advanced SEO tools, might benefit greatly from using a SOAX.

When it comes to functionality and practical applications, their proxy service is second to none. They work particularly well in situations involving the automated management of social media accounts.

SOAX is most compatible with the social networking platform Instagram, although it also works with Facebook and Twitter.

Given that Instagram is notoriously difficult to hack, this comes as a pleasant surprise to those who employ proxies.

They have developed anti-spam applications and other methods that can efficiently identify and disable proxies.

SOSX proxies are used by those who automate their Instagram posts since they are not detected by Instagram’s anti-spam mechanism.

Their mobile Internet Protocol addresses, together with those from their data centers and homes, are excellent choices for proxies in many niche applications, such as scraping the web.

2. Provides a Pool of Mobile Proxies

Soax Premium Mobile Proxies for Your business

The use of mobile proxies is a relatively recent development in the proxy industry.

But one of SOAX’s greatest selling features is the convenience of their mobile proxies, which is an attribute of great importance.

SOAX is still a top two mobile proxy service worldwide, with more than 3.5 million mobile Internet Protocol (IP).

When compared to other mobile proxy providers, its 7 million mobile proxy Internet Protocol (IP) is next to none.

3. Genuine Refund Policy

SOAX offers not only a free trial but also a solid return policy.

This complements the brief one-hour trial period.

If, for any reason, you’re not happy with the service you received, you have three days to seek a refund.

Users are also entitled to a refund in a few additional situations.

The confidence this provides to its customers is a major factor in convincing them to sign up for SOAX services.

4. Efficient Live Customer Support System

Soax Live Customer Suuport

One of the most cutting-edge approaches to offering excellent service to customers is to make live customer assistance available to them.

SOAX understands this perfectly and provides round-the-clock chat help for its customers.

This allows for instantaneous online responses to customer concerns.

5. Available Free Trial

As a result of the widespread misuse of free trials by certain proxy users, several premium proxy services have begun to avoid offering them.

Of course, companies have excellent reasons for doing so, yet, free trials are a great marketing tool.

SOAX stands out among premium service providers because it gives new customers a risk-free trial.

Users will be able to get a sense of the product before actually purchasing it.

Nevertheless, the trial period for SOAX is just 60 minutes.

6. Availability of Multiple Types of Proxy

Several varieties of proxies are available to SOAX customers. There is a plethora of applications for their data center, home, and mobile proxies.

This provides superb convenience for a wide range of online pursuits.

They have very potent residential proxies that can be used for many different niche uses.

For the most part, website security systems won’t pick them up, making them one of the greatest tools available.

7. Connection Security

Soax Cyber Security

When it comes to proxy servers, SOAX Proxy is among the safest options available.

To safeguard its users from malicious actors, they use cutting-edge security measures.

To further safeguard their consumers’ privacy online, they encrypt their connection.

8. Payment Options Flexibility

Soax Payment Options Flexibility

SOAX’s adaptable payment system is a major selling point.

Customers can pick from a number of proxy plans and pay using a variety of methods, such as major credit cards and e-wallets like PayPal.

9. Simple Usability

SOAX proxy’s user-friendly interface has kept it as one of the most widely used proxies.

When contrasted with other leading proxy service providers, they feature one of the most aesthetically pleasing and functional user interfaces.

Without entering a login and password, users can easily approve their device’s Internet Protocol (IP) address directly from their dashboards.

For developers’ convenience, SOAX has an API that can be requested.

Users can quickly and simply copy any information from the proxy detail area with the help of copy buttons.

Information is also available as a readable text file for download. Also, they ensure that their dashboard is one of a kind and will make geo-targeting a breeze for customers.

10. Fast Proxies

The number of people who utilize a proxy server depends in large part on how quickly their connections are established and maintained.

This is due to the fact that nobody likes to wait around for a slow proxy service and lose time they might be using to get things done.

One of SOAX’s most popular types of proxies available, backconnect proxies are praised for the incredible speed of their connections.

SOAX proxies, particularly its residential proxies, offer lightning-fast response times and are a cut above the competition in this regard.

Users are certain that this will permanently cut down on the amount of time they spend online.

11. High-performance Web Scraping

Soax High-performance Web Scraping

One of the characteristics of a good proxy is having a very niche use, such as excellent scraping performance.

Most people who use proxies do so to compare its performance in site scraping and other automated instances before subscribing to any proxy service, and this is particularly true of internet marketers.

When it comes to crawling and scraping websites, SOAX Proxy is one of the top choices.

When it comes to automating tasks like ad verification, pricing monitoring, SEO monitoring, and travel aggregation, it is by far the most used proxy service among Internet marketers.

It can be attributed to the fact that they are so effective at scraping.

12. Large Pool of Proxy List

SOAX proxy provider has an abundance of internet protocol addresses available in their proxy pool, which is a major selling point for the company’s services.

More than 8 million unique home internet protocol addresses and over 3.5 million mobile proxies provided by MNOs and ISPs make up SOAX’s massive proxy pool.

Due to the low level of surveillance and the ease with which they are blacklisted, these IPs are ideal for anonymous online browsing.

It is a result of the fact that these proxies originate from ISPs, which means that websites automatically put more faith in them.

The prohibited proxy remains blocked even when IP SOAX’s rotating mechanism swaps it out for a new one.

Their extensive network of server locations makes it simple to switch out any proxy that has been blocked.

As a result, the SOAX proxy pool is kept spotless, guaranteeing that customers have no problems when surfing the web.

They are ideal for certain applications due to the size of their proxy pool.


1. Limited Free Trial

SOAX, too has a free trial issue that needs fixing. It’s great that they provide free samples, especially because many proxy service companies are beginning to avoid them.

The only downside is the short trial period of only an hour. It’s possible that consumers won’t have enough time to fully investigate the service, which might deter them from giving it a try.

2. In spite of the encrypted connection, you are still being tracked

Safe connections and anonymized IP addresses are two of SOAX proxy’s main selling points.

End-to-end encryption prevents snooping and allows users to confidently browse the web without worrying about the safety of their data.

Though SOAX is dedicated to user safety, it does it in part by keeping tabs on its customers’ online pursuits.

The Know Your Customer (KYC) systems of both the company and its users are used to verify the identities of all platform participants.

Even though there have been no reported incidents, this is unsafe for anyone who uses SOAX. The United Kingdom is also home to SOAX’s headquarters.

Since the United Kingdom is an associate of the Five Eyes Alliance, the legislation of that country will apply to them.

SOAX is required by law to provide user information to UK authorities upon request.

It is disclosed in the website’s terms and conditions that user information will be stored.

Furthermore, it states that these records may be provided to appropriate authorities upon request.

3. Inefficient Customer Support System

Soax Customer Support

The customer service department is yet another drawback of SOAX proxy services.

It’s great that they provide customers with a variety of ways to contact them with feedback.

Email, Skype, a support ticket system, and real-time chat are all available ways for customers to get in touch with the company.

The efficiency of these methods, nevertheless, is below par. Users of SOAX’s email support system are notoriously sluggish in responding to inquiries, sometimes taking several days.

The fact that many vital concerns are not addressed in their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is particularly disheartening.

4. Its Pricing is too Costly

SOAX’s high price tag is one of the service’s biggest drawbacks. As expected from a premium service, SOAX is priced similarly to its competitors.

However, they just made some adjustments to their pricing structure, and now it’s really rather affordable to sign up for a monthly membership.

In addition, their proxy packages are now a lot easier to understand. They provide a variety of convenient payment plans, which is a big benefit.

However, their prices continue to be among the industry’s highest. This makes it tough for startups with limited marketing budgets to make use of their unique benefits.

What a user pays for their packages is determined by how many locations, how much bandwidth, and how many ports they need.

The cost for their most basic package is 20 USD per day. This is only available at a single location; however, it has 300 connected ports and a maximum throughput of 19 GB.

For an additional 100 USD per day, users can have access to other locations.

An additional drawback is that because of the plans’ adaptability, customers sometimes end up subscribing to the incorrect services by accident.

SOAX’s Usage and Interface Review

If you’ve used similar services previously, you’ll find the SOAX dashboard to be both highly useful and easy to navigate.

SOAP allows for authentication by username/password as well as whitelisted IP addresses. Depending on your membership level, the maximum number of IP addresses you can whitelist will change.

It’s possible to whitelist two Internet Protocol (IP) addresses on the Starter and Micro packages, 5 on the Regular plan, and 10 on the Business package.

Multiple connections are possible depending on the authentication method you use.

Therefore, the maximum number of active connections is 1000 if the login-password method of authentication is used.

However, the whitelisted IPs are required if you have contacted SOAX for a bespoke plan that contains more than 1000 ports, which is common when scraping data.

Using the SOAX dashboard to generate a proxy list for your application is a simple operation.

Select the desired authorization method, country of destination, Internet service provider (ISP), connection type, and number of ports from the dashboard’s available options.

After making adjustments, you may save your proxy list as a text file, HTML file, CSV file, or URL.

My Verdict: Is SOAX the Best Private Residential Proxy?

SOAX Overview

From the article’s list of benefits, it is clear that SOAX is a reliable proxy service that can be used for a wide variety of purposes thanks to its rotating proxy list, support for numerous regions, huge proxy pool, and compatibility with a wide variety of websites.

This is why I think they’re worth recommending and can be considered a decent private residential proxy.

Nonetheless, its UK-based jurisdiction, high prices, and sluggish email assistance are all factors to think about.


Q. What proxy type does SOAX provide?

The SOAX back catalog is extensive. Its widespread acceptance may be attributed to the high quality of the home and mobile proxies it provides.

Q. Does SOAX have a refund policy?

There is no refund policy offered by this service. There are no returns on bundle purchases once they have been used.

Q. Is SOAX reliable?

Of course, SOAX is reliable and legit. The service has gathered various positive reviews across many platforms and people who’ve used it. It has a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot.


In light of everything we have seen thus far, it should come as no surprise that SOAX is a proxy service supplier that delivers reliable proxy offerings.

You can employ their proxies for a wide variety of purposes, and they reach a respectable number of countries. SOAX provides its customers with access to a large proxy network and excellent website compatibility.

One of their main selling points is how they tailor their service to specific use cases, which sets them apart from the competition.

As a result, SOAX is well regarded as a top-tier service in the industry of proxy servers.

You should weigh the costs of their services against the advantages they provide before committing to using any of them.

This proxy service is a good option if you can deal with the cons, notably the poor email assistance and high costs.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.