Social Viral Review (2023) – Is It A Scam?

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In an era dominated by viral TikTok dances and Instagram influencers, social media popularity seems to promise fame, fortune, and success.

But is buying followers and likes really the shortcut to social media stardom and profits?

I extensively analyzed Social Viral, a service claiming to boost your followers and engagement through exclusive packages tailor-made for every major platform.

This deep dive covers everything you need to know:

  • Breaking down Social Viral’s offerings
  • Assessing credibility issues
  • Pricing analysis
  • Pros vs cons
  • Final verdict

Let’s scrutinize if Social Viral’s promises of social proof hold true, or if there are red flags aspiring influencers should watch out for.

The Appeal of Instant Social Media Fame

In 2022, over 4.65 billion people were active on social media worldwide. As audiences gravitate online, influencer marketing has exploded into a $16.4 billion dollar industry.

But breaking through all that noise is increasingly competitive. Just look at these mind-boggling statistics:

  • 500 million+ Instagram photos shared per day
  • 500 hours of YouTube video uploaded every minute
  • Over 500 million Tweets sent out daily

Simply posting great content no longer guarantees reaching people. So it’s no surprise why shortcuts promising instant virality seem appealing.

Services like Social Viral sell the alluring idea that you CAN buy fame and authority. A quick purchase instantly adds thousands of followers and views to your profile, finally landing the spotlight you deserve.

But this “growth hacking” approach often derails instead of fast-tracking success. Too good to be true? Let’s analyze further.

What Exactly Does Social Viral Offer?

Social Viral markets itself as your one-stop shop to ignite explosive social media growth. According to the site, they provide:

✅ 100% real, active followers
✅ Guaranteed social proof
✅ Increased credibility
✅ More brand awareness
✅ Viral content velocity

They sell customized engagement packages for all major platforms:

📱 Instagram – Followers, likes, video views, Story views, comments
🐦 Twitter – Followers, likes, retweets
🎵 Spotify – Followers, monthly listeners, playlist followers
🎞️ TikTok – Video views, followers, hearts/likes

The promise? Rocket your account from 0 to influencer overnight with their exclusive, natural growth services.

But this perfection comes with a cost…one we need to scrutinize closely.

Assessing Social Viral’s Credibility

Social Viral swears all their followers and engagement comes from real accounts active in your niche.

But can a service directly selling popularity metrics actually DELIVER engaged audiences?

Over 68% of marketers say engagement quality matters most, not vanity metrics like followers (SocialReport).

Unfortunately, Social Viral’s legitimacy unravels fast upon closer inspection:

1. Fake Engagement Galore

The platform sources engagement through shady third parties running bot farms and click farms.

These farms automatically generate fake accounts to carry out automation orders. The result? Worthless engagement from users that don’t actually care about your brand.

One music blogger shares:

“I purchased Spotify plays and playlist followers from Social Viral. But not a single follower has streamed my tracks since or engaged with me.”

Another YouTuber says:

“The TikTok views they sent me were all bot accounts. My actual organic reach completely tanked after.”

Fake engagement signals like these actively sabotage your efforts instead of helping. A study by HypeAuditor revealed accounts with over 20% fake followers experience:

  • 📉 Lower reach on posts
  • 📉 Lower engagement rates
  • ❌ Damage to brand reputation

Clearly Social Viral’s claims around “active” and “real” followers fall devastatingly short.

More Credibility Concerns

Beyond the obvious fake engagement issues, Social Viral deploys additional shady tactics that undermine their legitimacy:

Deceitful Marketing Claims

The site claims to be “featured in” major outlets like Men’s Journal, the LA Times, and Forbes.

But curiously, no evidence of such partnerships exists anywhere:

No evidence of claimed feature articles

Such deception suggests outright dishonesty around their credibility and brand associations.

Copied Content

Social Viral has literally stolen full sentences from sources like Twicsy without permission:

Evidence of content copying

These unethical practices further hurt their legitimacy.

With credibility issues galore, Social Viral is sketchy at best and an outright scam at worst. But do their packages themselves offer any real value?

Social Viral Packages & Pricing Analysis

Social Viral sells customized engagement packages across every platform, from TikTok views to Spotify plays.

I dissected their latest rates and offerings to determine if followers actually get what they pay for:

Instagram Packages

Instagram remains Social Viral’s #1 service, unsurprising given 230+ million active users.

They sell followers, likes, views, and comments:

Instagram Packages and Pricing


These rates come out to $3.96 per 1000 followers, $7 per 1000 likes, $0.80 per 1000 views, and $13.5 per 100 comments.

How do such prices compare to industry averages?

Engagement Social Viral Rate Industry Average
1000 Followers $3.96 $15-$30
1000 Likes $7 $10-$20
1000 Views $0.80 $1-$5
100 Comments $13.50 $20-$60

Social Viral severely undercuts average rates across categories. These rock-bottom prices likely reflect the poor quality of fake engagement provided.

We verified their legitimacy issues in previous sections. But for those still wondering whether the tanking value brings any benefit…I explored that next.


Even at just $3.96 per 1000, fake inactive followers have near-zero value. They won’t engage with your posts and can torpedo your organic reach.


At $7 per 1000, low quality likes don’t move the needle. And engagement rate is far more important than vanity metrics for monetization.


While only $0.80 per 1000 views, Social Viral sends bot video views unlikely to watch full videos. This means lower average watch times that really matter.


You can buy 100 comments for $13.50. But the comments demonstrate no actual interest in your content.

In summary, Social Viral’s Instagram packages promise superficial, vanity metrics that often damage your account without providing monetary value.

Twitter, Spotify, and TikTok Packages

Beyond Instagram, Social Viral offers packages for other top platforms:

Twitter packages

TikTok Packages

Spotify Packages

However, the same fundamental issue applies across categories:

The followers and engagement lack authenticity or quality.

Therefore I cannot recommend buying Twitter followers at $27 per 1000 or TikTok views at $0.75 per 1000. While numbers may temporarily bloat, the growth remains hollow without real community building.

Key Pros and Cons of Using Social Viral

Given the in-depth analysis around services, legitimacy, and pricing, here are the core pros and cons I identified:


⛔ No meaningful pros around long term business value

⛔ Short term vanity metric improvements


  • Fake engagement fails to drive reach or sales
  • Can sabotage organic growth and trust
  • Support non-transparency in influencer marketing
  • Limited staying power for growth hacking

The cons far outweigh any superficial and short-lived “pros” in my analysis. The only possible value comes from briefly inflated numbers…which ultimately damage your brand.

Final Verdict: Avoid Social Viral

Given the overwhelming evidence around deception, fake growth services, stolen content and disingenuous credibility claims…

I strongly advise influencers AGAINST using Social Viral. Their hollow numbers provide zero long term business value.

Worse still, they often tank organic reach and tarnish brand reputation.

Instead, I recommend exploring more ethical, effective solutions centered on cultivating authentic communities for sustainable growth.

Ainfluencer: The Top Alternative for Organic Growth

Fortunately, one platform focuses wholly on helping influencers master organic growth while avoiding shady practices:


As the world‘s leading influencer marketplace connecting brands and creators, Ainfluencer adds immense value for both businesses and content creators.

alt text

For influencers specifically, Ainfluencer enables you to:

✅ Expand your audience through REAL collaborations with interested partners
✅ Get discovered by relevant brands in your niche
✅ Seamlessly communicate with potential partners
✅ Land profitable campaigns and grow your personal brand through authentic engagement

Ryan, a fitness influencer with 320K+ followers, shares:

"Ainfluencer has been game changing for taking my brand partnerships to the next level. Through the platform, I‘ve signed with supplement companies, activewear brands, equipment manufacturers, and even scored a lead acting role in a major studio film about bodybuilding!"

The platform already drives over 100,000 partnerships per month between brands and creators. Ainfluencer has the sheer scale and steady momentum to cater to any niche.

Pricing starts at an influencer-friendly $0 – accounts are 100% free.

So if you‘re serious about elevating your influence and turning content creation into a full-fledged business, Ainfluencer delivers the trust, transparency, and results absent on shady platforms like Social Viral.

The Ethical Path Forward

While buying followers and engagement fails to advance your influencer goals long-term…

Purposefully building communities rooted in trust WILL fuel sustainable success.

That‘s why I strongly recommend platforms like Ainfluencer focused wholly on organic growth through mutually aligned partnerships.

When you collaborate with brands actually aligned to your audience and content niche, everybody wins.

The days of hollow vanity metrics are ending. The ethical path ahead is community-first, value-focused influencer marketing.

And Ainfluencer provides the perfect launchpad for this exciting new era!

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