10 Best Soundcloud Bots to Increase Your Plays, Likes & Follows


Are you a musician looking for the best Soundcloud bot to grow your music on the Soundcloud platform? Then you have come to the right place. We have put together some of the best Soundcloud bots that can certainly meet your needs.

Soundcloud has evolved into one of the choicest platforms for musicians and ardent music fans. Although gaining an audience for what you do on Soundcloud has always been competitive, the road has grown bumpier. Advances in technology can be blamed for this. Making music has become less tricky than it was back in the day.

Thus, to find your feet in a place like Soundcloud, you need to dedication and patience. But if you are seeking a faster route to achieving success, Soundcloud bots should be your answer.

Soundcloud bots can help you generate some level of audience. How it works is that they lure other users to your audio content by how often your music has been played. Play frequency can be achieved by playing your own content after obtaining these downloadable bots.

Best Soundcloud Bots

1. Soundcloud Manager

Soundcloud Manager

If you are looking for a sophisticated SoundCloud bot, Soundcloud Manager is your answer. This bot has many advantages. One of the best qualities of Soundcloud Manager is it can take charge of all your activities, thereby saving time. It can enhance your marketing strategy and allows you to play music endlessly.

Other qualities include helping you generate new followers, likes and shares. And one thing you must note about Soundcloud manager is that it is a Windows application.

2. Rythm


Rythm is one highly-rated Soundcloud bot that you should know about. It is of top quality, does not lag and has awesome voice control. With Rythm, you can stream audio content while doing other things. Thus, its quality is of the essence and an edge against other automated service tools.

However, Rythm has a starting price of $4.99 for those who want to opt-in. One other attribute of Rythm is that it cuts across other social media platforms as well.

3. Soundbolt


With Soundbolt, you can have a subscription deal for as low as $15. Thus, if you are looking to cut costs, Soundbolt will be the best choice for you. Although not expansive in approach since it specializes only in Soundcloud play, it has other added features that will serve you well. This reason alone is why it is mostly referred to as the Soundcloud Play Bot.

4. AIOStream

AIOStream soundcloud bot

This Soundcloud service tool is a sister application of some well-known social media bots, including TweetAttackPro, FollowingLike, and TubeassistPro. What sets AIOStream apart from other Soundcloud automation tools is that it is an all-inclusive audio service tool. AIOStream cuts across other music streaming platforms like Deezer, Napster, Spotify, and iHeartRadio.

A wide range of automation of activities is possible on Soundcloud using AIOStream. It is safe to use as it can remain undetected by using a unique anti-spam strategy. The options available for a subscriber with AIOStream are either the Soundcloud only license or the ultimate license.

5. Somiibo

Somiibo Soundcloud Bots

Another automation service tool that cuts across several social media platforms is Somiibo. This versatility is what makes some bots more preferable than others. Somiibo is also useful as an Instagram and Twitter bot. Its capability as a Soundcloud automation tool is quite commendable.

Although Somiibo boasts of a free version, it is preferable to subscribe to a paid plan as this affords you unlimited features. Its Soundcloud features allow you to undertake such tasks as following other users, generating likes and reposts, playing audio content and many more.

6. UseViral

UseViral Soundcloud Bots

If you are looking for a friendly and flexible automation tool to help you grow on Soundcloud, then UseViral is a good option. This in no way means they aren't made of steel when it comes to going all the way in achieving set goals. It is merely their way of approach, which is quite endearing.

They possess a trusted system capable of engaging with your work and exposing it to other users, fostering growth and recognition. Secondly, UseViral can also cut across other social media platforms if the need arises. Thus, you can expand your horizon harmoniously by using this service tool for your social media handles across different platforms.

7. Seoclerk

Seoclerk Soundcloud Bots

If you want your audio content to reach so many people on Soundcloud, then you should think of using Seoclerk. Basically, most creatives on Sounndcloud make use of all these automation service tools to create exposure for their work and possibly create a fan base for themselves.

However, some bots are more sophisticated than others in helping creative achieve such goals. That is one of the reasons why Seoclerk stands well ahead of many. It has a starting price of $5 per month.

8. SidesMedia


Another credible growth-inclined Soundcloud automation tool that you should know about is SidesMedia. One advantage of using SidesMedia is that it can be tailored to work effectively on a particular aspect of growth that you may need.

Another edge that SidesMedia has over many Soundcloud bots is the area of genuineness. Like other popular social media platforms, Soundcloud too has its rules that every user is expected to abide by. Some social media automation tools can cause a user to come under fire due to suspicious activities.

But SidesMedia ensures the safety of its users' safety and makes sure they don't run into trouble with Soundcloud.

9. Media Mister

Media Mister Soundcloud Bots

If you are looking for a Soundcloud automation tool that has stayed long in the game, then look no further than Media Mister. And this longevity is perhaps why they have become quite popular. Aside from that, they have got positive feedback from users, indicating that they are a force to reckon with in this business. When it comes to organic growth, Media Mister is a credible automation tool.

One other advantage that Media Mister has is that it cuts across other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Thus, with Media Mister, you can get your work incredibly spread across different platforms. This helps boost your reach, foster growth and open new paths for your brand, which would have been otherwise hard to achieve.

10. Followersup

Followersup Soundcloud Bots

Another multi-platform social media automation tool available to users is Followersup. They have been described as credible and adept at what they do. It is said that a professional usually knows what is suitable for its client. If judging by that, then Follwersup is a good option for anyone who wants growth on Soundcloud. They are always one step ahead in the race with others.

Followersup boasts of an array of tools that you can employ to get maximum satisfaction. One other quality that endears Followersup to users on Soundcloud is its payment flexibility. A user can gauge his needs to align with his budget at any given moment.


How do Soundcloud bots work?

Soundcloud bots work by luring the other users of the platform to your audio content. This is done based on how frequently your music has been played.

How do I detect a Soundcloud bot?

Soundcloud bots usually have incomplete profiles. They also carry out the same activities repeatedly.


Using bots on Soundcloud will help put your music out there and potentially interact with the right population you are targeting. Growth is always the cornerstone to the functionalities of these automation tools. Thus with the list of credible service tools available to users on Soundcloud given above, we are certain you would be motivated to move your music goals to the next level.

The suggestions we have given are safe and trusted, and you do not risk being red-flagged. But do ensure that you take your time to double-check and ensure a service tool has exactly what you need before signing up.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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