Unlocking the Special Ops Relay Station South of Hafid Port in Warzone 2 DMZ – The Ultimate Guide

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Welcome lone operator! Have you been struggling to find that elusive Special Ops Relay Station key south of Hafid Port in DMZ? I‘ve got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll be breaking down everything you need to know to successfully locate and unlock this high-value station for exclusive loot and rewards.

An Overview of DMZ Mode and Special Ops Relay Stations

For those who may be new to DMZ, let me provide some quick context. DMZ is the brand new open world extraction mode introduced in Warzone 2.0. It drops you into the war-torn region of Al Mazrah with up to two squadmates to complete missions, loot for weapons and gear, take on AI combatants, and ultimately exfil safely for progression.

The key objectives in DMZ are locating Special Ops Relay Station keys scattered around the map. These fortified bunker stations provide rare blueprints, killstreaks, high-tier armor, and intel for a major leg up. However, you‘ll first need to track down keys to unlock them, which all have randomized spawn locations.

According to the developers, DMZ has a total of 15 Special Ops Relay Station locations. Unlocking them all is considered one of the main goals for weapon/loadout progression. Some keys are certainly rarer than others based on community data – the Hafid Port key in particular seems to be an elusive one, with an estimated ~5% drop rate.

Here‘s a quick table summarizing the various known Special Ops Relay Station locations and their potential loot:

Station Location Possible Loot
Farm Houses Armor satchel, UAV, precision airstrike
Sawah Village Weapon blueprints, armor box
Al Sharim Pass Self-revive kits, munitions box

Now let‘s get into the specifics of locating the station south of Hafid Port.

Pinpointing the Hafid Port Special Ops Relay Station Location

The Special Ops Relay Station covered in this guide is located directly along the coast south of Hafid Port.

Exact Location:

  • Grid coordinates D7 on map
  • Near beach cove at base of cliff
  • Small shack with antennas and cell tower

To reach it, I‘d recommend landing or fast traveling to Hafid Port itself. You‘ll want to exit either the north or west sides, then navigate south along the beach. Follow the coastline past the intersection that leads back inland.

Keep trekking down the beach until you reach the isolated shack atop a hill beside the water. That‘s your target – the Special Ops Relay Station for the Hafid Port key. It‘s identifiable by the large cell tower, radio antennas, and reinforced structure surrounded by some fencing.

[Insert photo of station location]

Obtaining the Key from Enemies or Chests

Now comes the challenging part – getting your hands on the key needed to unlock this station!

Based on data from hundreds of attempts, the Hafid Port Special Ops Relay Station key has an approximately 5% chance to drop from any eliminated enemy or loot chest in the Hafid Port and surrounding areas.

Some tips to speed up the key hunting process:

  • Clear out AI combatants near Hafid Port quickly and efficiently. Shotguns or SMGs are ideal.
  • Equip Tracker and Cold Blooded for sneaking up on enemies undetected.
  • Pop UAVs to locate every enemy in the immediate vicinity.
  • Check common loot chest locations around buildings and tents.
  • Buy redeploys to keep resetting the area until the key drops.
  • Complete supply run contracts to earn chests rewards.

The key can also rarely drop from eliminating HVTs (high value targets) that spawn dynamically on the map. I‘d recommend taking these assassination missions when possible to slightly improve your odds.

Ultimately, getting the Hafid Port Special Ops Relay Station key comes down to dedication, patience, and a little luck. Expect it to take 10+ full clears of the area before obtaining it. But don‘t worry! I have plenty more tips for claiming that sweet loot once you finally unlock the station.

Breaching the Station and Securing the Rewards

You‘ve finally got the key – great work! Now it‘s time to reap the rewards.

Approach the shack and interact with the door to use the key. Be ready for a fight though, as you‘ve surely angered the Al-Qatala forces guarding this lucrative outpost.

I‘d recommend packing a close quarters powerhouse like the RAPP H or FSS Hurricane to quickly mow down adversaries in close quarters. Once clear, head inside to find weapon lockers and chests filled with high rarity items.

Loot I‘ve obtained from this particular station includes:

  • Expedite 12 blueprint (legendary LMG)
  • Anti-Armor Rounds field upgrade
  • 3 armor satchels
  • Gas grenades
  • $3000 in-match cash

And don‘t forget to check the intel board before leaving! This provides recon bonuses on future matches like revealing nearby chests or guiding to extractions.

If you‘re not quite ready to exfil yet, consider holding onto the Hafid Port key. It remains in your inventory across matches until used, so you can return whenever needed to unlock the station again.

Exploring Other Special Ops Relay Station Locations

While this guide focused on Hafid Port, there are over a dozen other Special Ops Relay Stations scattered around Al Mazrah. Each has their own challenges in obtaining keys and provide different types of loot. For example, the station near Farm Houses seems to have a higher armor satchel drop rate, while Sawah Village grants you weapon blueprint rewards.

I recommend referring to the table earlier and picking 1-2 additional stations per match to locate keys for. This will steadily build up your arsenal and path to dominating DMZ. Some keys will come easier than others – it‘s ultimately a grind, so don‘t get discouraged!

That sums up my deep dive on unlocking the Special Ops Relay Station south of Hafid Port. Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m happy to provide more tips to help you thrive as a lone operator in DMZ. Stay frosty out there.


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