How To Run Wildly Successful Instagram Stories

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As a leading Social Media Marketing Guru with over a decade of experience driving results for major brands, I‘ve seen firsthand the immense power of Instagram Stories.

When utilized to their full potential, Instagram Stories can become an invaluable asset in your social media marketing arsenal.

In 2021 alone, 500 million Instagram users accessed Stories every single day.

And get this…

Instagram Stories generate 15x more comment engagement than regular Instagram feed posts, according to Sprout Social.

Clearly, incorporating creative and interactive Instagram Stories into your overall Instagram strategy is no longer optional – it‘s imperative to remain competitive.

In this comprehensive 4000 word guide as an industry expert, we will unpack everything you need to know about running wildly successful Instagram Stories to wow your audiences and achieve next-level business success.

Why Instagram Stories Are Non-Negotiable For Business In 2022

Let‘s explore the data-backed reasons why Instagram Stories should be a top priority:

1. Unmatched Brand Awareness Opportunities

Instagram Stories appear at the very top of your followers‘ feeds in a full-screen, visually arresting format – meaning they practically guarantee your content gets viewed.

In fact, 60% of people say they become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories.

Ultimately, leveraging Instagram Stories translates directly into increased impressions and awareness for your brand.

2. Higher User Engagement Rates

While regular Instagram feed posts garner decent engagement, Instagram Stories achieve a 15x higher comment rate.

The fun, interactive nature of Instagram Stories drives this sky-high engagement. Followers can react to your content with creative comments, questions, polls and emoji sliders.

And high engagement leads to valuable social proof and visibility with the Instagram algorithm.

3. Organic Discovery Beyond Your Followers

Unlike disappearing Snapchat Stories, your business Stories have discovery potential.

Instagram Stories get categorized by related hashtags and locations – enabling new users beyond just your current followers to easily find them.

In essence, this gives your content staying power and introduces your brand to expanded audiences.

4. Raw, Candid Behind-The-Scenes Access

Your followers crave authentic connection with the brands they love.

Instagram Stories enable you to pull back the curtain to showcase raw, unedited footage of what goes on in your business day-to-day.

Give followers live demos, introduce your team, walk through office spaces – endless possibilities!

This VIP access allows you to humanize your brand and forge genuine emotional bonds.

5. Direct Messaging For Immediate Conversations

Instagram now allows users to direct message businesses directly from their Stories.

So if a follower has a question while watching your content, they can easily slide into your DMs and start chatting.

This private feedback channel facilitates more meaningful conversations to understand your audience.

Clearly, the unique potential of Instagram Stories make them a no brainer content avenue for business in 2022.

But how exactly should you go about crafting Stories that wow?

I‘m breaking down everything you need to know step-by-step…

Crafting Compelling Instagram Stories: Step-By-Step

Creating attention-grabbing Instagram Stories is quick and simple by following this easy 4 step formula:

Step 1: Launch the Instagram Stories Camera

Open up the Instagram app and tap the camera icon in the top left corner OR swipe right from your feed.

This will launch the Stories camera.

Step 2: Capture Photo/Video Content

Next, capture your visual content by pressing and holding down the circular shutter button at the bottom to either:

  • Take a photo
  • Record a 15 second video

Feel free to take multiple taps and record scenes from different angles to diversify your content.

Step 3: Customize With Creative Tools

Now the fun begins! Instagram offers a host of built-in creative tools to make your content pop, including:

  • Text & Fonts
  • Interactive Stickers (polls, questions, sliders)
  • Drawing Tools
  • Emojis & GIFs
  • Filters & Music
  • Color Effects

Explore all the options and let your creativity run wild!

Step 4: Share to Your Story

Once you‘re satisfied with your bespoke creation, simply tap “Your Story” in the bottom left to instantly share it with your followers.

And remember – feel free to post multiple Stories a day. They disappear after just 24 hours!

Now that you have the basics down, let‘s explore more advanced Instagram Story strategies…

7 Proven Content Formulas For Addictively Good Stories

While clear sound and properly lit video is important, the type of content you share ultimately determines the success of your Stories.

Through managing major brand accounts over the years, I‘ve narrowed down the most proven, high-performing Instagram Story formulas:

1. Showcase Product Demos

Give followers raw, authentic access to your products and services in action. For example:

  • Restaurants can share food prep and menu tasters
  • Boutiques can preview new inventory arriving
  • Venues can walk through event spaces

The behind-the-scenes sneak peeks followers crave!

2. Spotlight User Generated Content

User generated content outperforms brand created content – so tap into this free asset!

Ask loyal customers to submit reviews, unboxings or images/video featuring your product. Always ask first and give them a sticker shoutout.

3. Go Behind The Scenes of Events or Launches

Huge product launches, rebrand reveals and company events are prime Instagram Story fodder.

Document key moments as they happen and give followers insider access they can‘t get anywhere else. The real-time nature makes them feel part of the action!

4. Employee & Expert Takeovers

Give your followers a peek inside your company culture and team by having employees guest host your Story for a day. It adds diversity to the content.

Industry experts like influencers make great takeover hosts too for their unique perspectives.

5. Interactive Polls & Questions

Leveraging Instagram‘s built-in Poll and Questions stickers activates back-and-forth conversations with your following.

Ask for honest product feedback, feature fan-submitted content or quiz them on their knowledge – endless creative options to choose from!

6. Embrace Candid B-Roll Footage

Followers want to see spontaneous, raw clips displaying what really goes on behind the doors of your business day-to-day.

So embrace that candid B-Roll footage! Capture team meetings, production floors, office spaces and more.

The imperfections make it real.

7. Announce Discount Codes or Special Offers

Exclusive specials or limited-time-only coupon codes make coveted Instagram Story fodder that grabs attention.

Sweeten the deal by rewarding viewers who screenshot your code to redeem in-store!

Sneak peeks, insider content and money savings – yes please! 😉 This is pure social media gold.

As you can see, the content possibilities with Instagram Stories are endless. You just have to tap into what resonates most with your specific niche and audience interests.

Now let‘s explore advanced design strategies to make them truly stand out…

Expert Instagram Story Design Tips & Tricks

Creating next-level Stories with gorgeous aesthetic and slick design dramatically improves results and engagement rates.

After all, people do judge books by their cover – especially in their social media feeds!

Here are 5 of my top professional design tips for eye-catching Instagram Story greatness:

1. Design Branded Story Templates In Canva

Using Canva or other graphic design software, craft 2-3 consistent, sleek Story templates for your brand you can use over and over.

Incorporate fonts, colors, borders and graphic elements pulled straight from your official style guide so followers instantly recognize it‘s your content.

This makes executing high-quality Stories 10x faster long-term without continually reinventing the wheel.

2. Incorporate Vertical Typography

Text positioned vertically in the Instagram Story frame is extremely attention-grabbing and on trend. Leverage this tactic sparingly for emphasis on key sales messaging or calls to action.

3. Use Your Finger to Draw The Viewer‘s Eye

A simple yet effective technique is using your finger to subtly point, tap or circle areas you want to spotlight within a video or image. The slight movement catches peripheral vision and guides the viewer.

4. Diversify Background Imagery & Locations

Don‘t fall into the trap of overly repetitive backdrops and settings in your Stories. Switch up the visual scenery to keep it intriguing!

Capture content in your store, office,outside, on location at an event – the options are limitless.

5. Embrace Imperfections To Feel Authentic

A bit of planned imperfection goes a long way. Show behind-the-scenes bloopers, playful camera angle changes and candid commentary.

Injecting some organic personality and humor reminds followers there are real humans behind your brand!

Now let‘s move onto the best part about Instagram Stories in my professional opinion – the unbeatable interactive features…

Cutting-Edge Interactive Instagram Story Features

Beyond static images and video, Instagram Stories offer a slew of built-in interactive features to captivate audiences in 2023.

You can incorporate real-time polls, slider surveys, submit-your-own-content prompts and more to turn standard Stories into memorable two-way conversations.

Here are the latest and greatest interactive options for your Instagram Story arsenal:

Instagram AMAs

Kick off an impromptu "Ask Me Anything" by prompting followers to slide into your DMs with pressing questions. Then respond in follow-up Stories shoutouts.

Submit Your Example of [X]

Ask fans to send visual examples of related content (like featuring your product) for potential re-sharing. User generated content is huge right now.

Guess the [X]

Post an extreme Instagram Story closeup visual then ask followers to guess what the full image/item is. Great for product launches and events.

This or That

Simplify decision making by asking fans to weigh in on two either/or choices. Works great for settling internal debates on things like new branding, menu options or design comps!

Poll Tournament Bracket

For mega engagement, create a March Madness style tournament bracket polling fans in different elimination rounds on questions relevant to your audience.

Caption This Image

Share an expressive photo of someone from your team then ask followers to creatively caption it. Feature the funniest responses!

With over 500 million daily Instagram Story viewers as of 2022, you simply cannot afford to ignore this channel if you want to remain competitive and profitable in the modern business landscape.

Of course garnering views is just step one – you need to covert your newly engaged audiences into paying customers and clients to impact ROI.

This is where the strategic secret weapon of Instagram Story Ads enter the picture…

Unlocking Hypergrowth With Instagram Story Ads

As you become a rockstar at organically creating Stories that convert followers into engaged advocates, it‘s time to extend your domination to fresh audiences.

This is where implementing Instagram Story Ads will absolutely elevate your social media game.

You can promote your existing Instagram Stories as 5 to 15 second video ads to be displayed to expanded, targeted groups beyond just your current following.

The key benefits you need to know include:

Massive Potential Reach

While organic Instagram Stories vanish after 24 hours, you can continually run and optimize paid Instagram Story Ad campaigns over months to build momentum.

In fact, Instagram Story ads garner over 20+ million views per day across Facebook and Instagram.

That potential eyeball reach is pretty unmatched in the digital space today.

Full-Funnel Marketing Capabilities

You can structure Story Ad campaigns to attract new leads with video content focused on awareness education…

Then target existing warm leads lower in the funnel to drive high-intent product sales with demos or limited-time coupon codes.

Or even leverage retargeting pixels to remind recent purchasers about new inventory they may love.

Truly a versatile channel that impacts every stage of the customer journey when executed strategically!

Powerful Custom Targeting

The advanced targeting capabilities offered by Meta Ads Manager enable you to dial into literally your ideal personas and buyer groups leveraging parameters like:

  • Location
  • Age / Gender
  • Interests / Behaviors
  • Connections to your brand community (email lists, existing followers, etc)

This results in off-the-charts relevance and conversions from cold audiences who actively want what you’re offering.

Seamless User Experience

Instagram Story Ads blend beautifully into the Instagram Stories format followers already love interacting with daily. So they feel organic and intuitive vs disruptive.

You have their full attention and interest for 5 to 15 uninterrupted seconds. Now that’s the kind of priceless step one marketing moment money can’t buy!

Clearly Instagram Story Ads are not optional if profit growth is your North Star metric in 2023.

Which brings us to measurement…

Key Instagram Story Metrics & KPIs To Track

They say "what gets measured gets managed".

This principle certainly applies to strategically tracking your Instagram Story performance on the back-end to continually refine and optimize.

As an analytical expert, these are the most insightful Story metrics I monitor religiously:


Total views help benchmark baseline averages for your content style and audience size. Aim for steady increases over time.

View Duration

Optimizing so at least 50% to 75% of viewers watch your Story from start to finish ensures your content is captivating.

Reply Rate

Measuring counts and response rates to your interactive polls, questions and engagement prompts ensures two-way value.

Screenshot Rate

Frequent screenshots generally signal content resonating enough with audiences that they want to save it!

Exit Rate

Pay attention to the specific scenes where viewers tap out early so you can refine weak points losing interest.

If you incorporate swipe up or sticker links, this click-through rate is crucial for gauging compelling calls to action.

Reviewing Instagram Story analytics weekly provides the necessary intel to continually tweak your video style, copywriting, interactive features and messaging to sustain sky-high performance.

11 Best Practices For Running Wildly Successful Stories

Finally, I want to leave you with my best professional practices for long-term Instagram Story greatness:

1. Commit To A Consistent Posting Cadence

Schedule time daily or every-other day to maintain awareness and visibility.

2. Hook Viewers In The First 3 Seconds

Flash bold text, eye-catching stats or viewer questions to capture attention fast.

3. Spotlight Team Personalities

Let individual personalities shine through via takeovers or cameos for relatable content.

4. Showcase Values and Culture

Give followers a peek behind the scenes into what makes your brand tick.

5. Make Them Stop & Think

Incorporate thought-provoking questions and calls for feedback to spur reflection.

6. Have A Clear Call To Action

Every Story should drive a strategic next step, whether visiting your link in bio, messaging you, claiming a discount code or other conversion activity.

7. Crowdsource User Generated Content

Repurpose visuals from micro-influencers and loyal fans to incorporate outside perspectives.

8. Give Back Value

Avoid overt selling by sprinkling in educative tips, exclusive sneak peeks and entertaining commentary.

9. Promote Your Best Stories

Maximize viewership of your top content by linking to it via Feed posts or website.

10. Freshen Up Older Stories

Re-share evergreen Stories that still feel timely to capture new audiences.

11. Most Importantly – Have Fun!

Don’t take it too seriously. Show off your brand personality.

Whew – I told you this guide would be comprehensive! 😅

The key to success is avoiding information overload and picking 1-2 Story areas to start mastering today with my guidance.

Then build positive momentum week over week.

You CAN absolutely run wildly successful Instagram Stories that captivate audiences when armed with the right strategic knowledge.

Now confidently unleash your creative genius and go wow the world! ✨

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