Get ready, friend! We‘ve got the inside scoop on two game-changing events for tech innovators 🚀

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I don‘t know about you, but I‘m pumped for what‘s coming down the pipeline this September! As a bonafide tech geek, I‘ve got my eyes glued to the latest developments. And let me tell you, both TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 and Microsoft Teams‘ new Snapchat lenses have me awestruck.

Let‘s explore why these events signal major shifts in the world of technology and startups!

TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 combines cutting-edge demos with once-in-a-lifetime networking

When this storied conference hits San Francisco‘s Moscone Center from September 19-21, it‘ll draw over 10,000 of tech‘s brightest minds under one roof. We‘re talking visionary founders, unicorn startup CEOs, future-focused investors, and acclaimed developers gathered together to glimpse the future.

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For trailblazing startups, it represents virtually unparalleled access to funding. An estimated $2.5 billion in investments result from the event‘s elite networking each year. Just imagine the business deals taking shape over coffee breaks or cocktails!

But it‘s not just about money changing hands. Attendees flock to groundbreaking panel talks, interactive workshops, and show-stopping keynote speeches from luminaries like Mark Zuckerberg and Jessica Alba. Plus over 1,200 early-stage companies will demo bleeding-edge technologies in the famous Startup Alley.

Based on past years, you can expect to experience robotics breakthroughs, AI-enhanced therapies, electric aviation prototypes, mixed reality worlds…you get the picture. It‘s a glimpse into the future, today!

And the climax? None other than the legendary Startup Battlefield pitch competition. Picture this…

Metric Number
Startups competing 22
Judges 15
Prize money $100,000
Key Startup Battlefield statistics

These 22 elite startups will take the stage to deliver 6-minute rapid-fire business pitch presentations to a panel of tech veterans and investors. Past winners included hit startups like Mint, Dropbox, and Fitbit in their infancy!

Given all the momentum and starpower concentrated into 3 short days, I‘d say Startup Battlefield alone makes conference tickets worthwhile. Don‘t miss out on seeing the next unicorn take shape!

Reserve your all-access pass here before they sell out!

Snapchat lenses in Microsoft Teams transform semi-boring meetings into playful connections 🤯

Now, this integration between work software and social media favorite represents a massive shift towards bringing natural human connections into remote collaboration.

By tapping Snapchat‘s developer tools, Microsoft brought 26 animated AR lenses straight into Teams video calls seemingly overnight. We‘re talking the same wacky facial filters that made Snapchat beloved by today‘s youth.

[Insert gif of someone using a lens during Teams call]

Suddenly, you can don a wizard‘s hat, cute animal snout or glowing alien eyes to nonverbally express reactions during online meetings and chats. It‘s no longer communincation boiled down to sterile business needs…there‘s room for laughter, fun and relationship-building!

I don‘t know about you, but I‘d much rather see my coworkers with fox ears or fish faces than default to serious expressions day after day. It helps form bonds when you know your teammate shares your weird sense of humor. 😜

These AR effects even animate around users‘ faces, shoulders and environments for impossibly smooth, lifelike augmentations layered over reality. Much more dynamic than static profile pictures or corporate headshots!

While consumers have enjoyed these anthropomorphic lenses for years on Snapchat, Instagram and more, their integration into Microsoft Teams changes the game. It signals that even traditional business tools realize the need for movements of delight and bursts of spontaneity.

Microsoft‘s partnerships with Snap, Meta and others demonstrate that the future workplace must make room for joy and vulnerability by design. Tools supporting hybrid work and remote collaboration must spark those intrinsic human needs for connection and self-expression.

So while I‘ll be geeking out over the latest data storage solutions and 3D bioprinters at Disrupt 2023, I‘ll admit the AR lenses announcement might be most transformative shift this year.

Of course, Teams‘ Snapchat lenses are only available for now on enterprise-level corporate accounts using the desktop app. But given Microsoft‘s reach with over 280 million users, this has wide implications for the future of work!

I can‘t wait to see you try these effects firsthand at our next meeting! But in the meantime, drop your thoughts in the chat. Do you think tools like Snap lenses belong in the workplace too? I‘m fascinated by this crossover.

Stay tuned here as I report back with full coverage from Disrupt and product reviews of these Snapchat integrations!

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